A Little Cabin In the Woods.

Happy Wednesday night! It’s been a good few days but I think I’m reaching a total meltdown phase. I don’t really know how to word that. I thought December would be so relaxing since school is out for the semester, but we really just packed the month full and I feel like I’ve been ruin ragged, despite a lot of our travels having a lot of down time. But after getting in super late Saturday night, working Sunday till 11pm, and leaving early Monday for the cabin, I need a break. I have periods of extreme fatigue. Sunday morning was horrible for this. I went to LA Fitness to get in a quick 30 minutes workout and left feeling completely defeated and terrible. I didn’t want to do anything other than lay on my couch and not move for the rest of the afternoon. I felt drained going into work and was tired all day, but made it through. Thankfully, the day wasn’t too insane aside from one sick baby that I transferred to Children’s Hospital.

Anyway, so Monday morning, Kassie and Gina came over at 10:45 for our cabin adventure! Laura was supposed to come too but had come down with something so she had to cancel. The three of us girls went to try on bridesmaids dresses for Gina’s wedding which was totally ridiculous! I need to upload my camera photos for sure! I had no idea how large a pregnant belly really is! Most of the dresses were a size 16 and we weren’t even able to zip them over my belly (I wear a size 0 or 00). It was pretty entertaining! Luckily, we got an idea of what sort of dress we want and then found them online, so we’re going to order them and hopefully that’ll fit me! (Gina’s wedding is mid-June, so hopefully I’ll be mostly back to normal other than some big ol’ boobies from breastfeeding).

We headed up to the cabin afterwards. We made a quick lunch stop in Dahlonega to get sandwiches and some coffee and then spent the entire afternoon lazing around at the cabin.


Kassie brought stuff for a quinoa and turkey chili, so we didn’t have to go anywhere. I was pretty thankful for that because it was drizzly and gloomy all afternoon! We played some games that night, did lots of chatting, and Gina and Kassie finally got to watch Jackson’s nightly activity time! I always sit and watch my belly at home because it’s really one of my favorite things ever to watch Jackson move in there, but Jon is just never as impressed as I am! It was so fun having them be as into it as I am!


They were loving every moment of it! And they finally got over the fear of pushing him around in there and trying to get him to move back! I always tell people that he’s surrounded by fluid, but most people barely even want to apply pressure to my belly!

We woke up Tuesday morning and went to breakfast together! I enjoyed some French toast, eggs, bacon, and hash browns! No holding back! It was a beautiful day out (70s and sunny) so we went for a walk at a park with a little river running through it. Then we grabbed some groceries, dropped them off at the cabin, and went to a coffee shop to work on some baby shower and wedding stuff. Unfortunately, Kassie’s computer started downloading updates as soon as we started, but we managed to entertain ourselves by talking to each other! We also went in search of this sign that Jon and I saw the last time we were at the cabin but he refused to take a picture of me with it!


We had another lazy cabin night with games and girl talk! I loved every little bit of it! We haven’t had sleepovers with each other in so long! I guess those are the things that just sort of fade away as you get older and have husbands to go home to, but it was definitely fun to stay up late (well, till midnight) talking and then have them there for porch and coffee time in the mornings!

This morning we all slept in till around 9:30 and then made breakfast at the cabin before cleaning up and heading home! I was definitely getting tired by the time I got home around 1:30 so I guess it’s a good thing our cabin weekend wasn’t too long!

I had to run to Whole Foods when I got home and clean up some of the mess we have going on here. With being away so much, the house is turning into a disaster! I still have tons to pick up but no energy! Wah! I considered going to the gym for about 1/2 a second but decided against it. I’m at a point where the gym wears me out for hours afterwards and knew I didn’t need that today. Instead I did a bunch of cooking for work and preparing some ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions for omelets. After I finished that, I had another period of really extreme fatigue so Jon cooked us up some beef for taco salad for dinner. Once I started eating, I just felt really off… So I ate a few bites of that and then went for the hash brown soup that I was making since it seemed like it’d sit better! We watched an episode of Making a Murderer and then Jon had to run to Andrew’s to let his dog out (he lives like 30 minutes away so it’s not exactly a quick task) and I’m about to clean up so we can watch one more episode when Jon gets home and then I think I’m going to try to get some extra sleep to prepare for two days of work over New Years!

I’ll be back sometime this weekend or Monday! Jon and I are both off and HOME this weekend for the first time in forever! (I had two weekends off in December but we were in Tahoe and then in Florida.) I think the last time we were off together at home was back in late October or early November! We’re having Christmas brunch at my mom and dad’s house on Saturday morning and then the whole weekend is ours! Can’t wait! I’m thinking we’ll be hitting up some coffee shops together and doing some relaxing!



3 thoughts on “A Little Cabin In the Woods.

  1. that traveling nurse

    I love the “bump” photo! Also, the cabin-time seems so relaxing. you needed it.

  2. I love the bump photo! That’s the kind of picture Clay and I would take too. I hope you have a relaxing NYE and weekend because it sounds like you need it.

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