Christmas Updates!

Merry late Christmas everybody! This is going to be quick because I want to head out the door to the gym and run to Whole Foods before working from 3-11 today. I also really want to nap again before work! I’ve entered the stage of bad sleep this past week so I’m feeling it today! I finally came to the couch around 3:30 last night and got a few hours at least. The bed just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Jon and I had a great time in Florida these past few days! We ended up leaving on Wednesday evening and getting in pretty late that night. Thursday was spent relaxing around the house with his sisters that stopped by and visiting with Adam and Jessie! Christmas day is always a good day over there with all of his family! It’s always quite the gathering, as he’s one of five and all are married with kids! We didn’t get any pictures this year! I would have grabbed one with the tree like we have the last few years, but my mother-in-law decided against putting up a tree this year.


Our brother-in-law made the best cinnamon rolls EVER that morning and they were seriously the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. So good! Although, my cinnamon roll never really digested so I spent the day kind of full and yucky feeling. That night, Jon and I worked on a puzzle with his mom and dad for awhile. I totally forgot how much I like puzzles and I wish we could set one up at home, but we just don’t have a space in our house where we could keep a puzzle out! Maybe I’ll set one up at my parent’s house for when we go to Sunday dinners!

Yesterday we planned on getting biscuits and going out to the beach, but we never made it to the beach!


We did definitely get our biscuits from Maple Street Biscuit Co because they’re the best biscuits ever! I really wish Atlanta would open one! I’ve never tried their coffee before either and their maple vanilla latte was so delicious! If you ever visit Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, or Gainesville- you must go to this place!

We ended up visiting with Jessica and Ryan (Jon’s oldest sister and brother-in-law) for a few hours afterwards. We rarely get a chance to just sit and chat with them for long periods of time, but both of us really enjoyed it. We talked about cloth diapering, labor, delivery, being a new parent, and all other kinds of random stuff. I was enjoying chatting with them so much that we just kind of skipped the beach, even though I love going to the beach!

We met up with Rebecca and family (another sister) for a super quick maternity photo shoot at the park where Jon and I got engaged.


I love that park! The views of Jacksonville are awesome there! The shoot was quick and Jon and I left by 5pm for our long drive home! I haven’t seen any photos, but whenever Rebecca is finished editing them, I’ll be sure to post a few! I’m hoping there are a few good ones since my hair was blowing all over the place!

While in Florida this weekend, I found out one of my best friends from high school is 13 weeks pregnant! She lives a little farther out of the city and I don’t see hear nearly as much these days, but I’m so excited that somebody else is pregnant with me! It’s kind of lonely being the first one pregnant. Even though my friends are super excited about having a baby around, I don’t know that it’s something you understand until you have one of your own (I’m assuming- I don’t even understand parenthood yet!). Rachel (my pregnant friend) and I texted a ton last night while Jon and I were headed back and I am just so excited about her baby girl! (WHY DOES EVERYBODY ELSE GET A GIRL?!?!?! I’m kidding. Kind of. I’m excited about Jackson.)

Tomorrow I’m off to my parent’s cabin with Kassie, Gina, and Laura for a girls’ trip! We’re staying for two nights and then I come back to work New Years Eve and New Years Day. So, I probably won’t have many updates in the next few days!



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