Quick Monday Updates

Happy Monday! It’s a bit late for my usual Monday post. Not much happening around these parts lately. What I was hoping would be a productive, calm December has ended up being a little crazy. Definitely not too productive, either. I still haven’t even ordered books or paid tuition for spring semester! Woops!

Friday was spent being lazy and cleaning the house. Thankfully, I did get all the floors and bathrooms done and am really hoping that I only have to get down on my hands and knees to do the floors one more time before Jackson is born! It wasn’t really comfortable, but I’m one of those people that feels like that’s the only way to really get things clean…

Saturday and Sunday were workdays in PCU. Very easy days and I loved one of my patients! (I had the same patients both days.) Although I hate working every third weekend, the weekend shifts are just so easy at that job. I also really like my weekend crew and am a bit sad because I don’t know if I can return to that job when the baby is born. My ER job is just way more flexible and maintaining two jobs, grad school, and a brand new baby may not be as doable as I was hoping. I’m going to see what I can work out there, but that job may have to go.

Jon and I cuddled up to watch some murder show on Netflix and he rubbed my feet! I also spent the whole time breathing heavy because laying down is just not as easy these days. Nothing is really as easy these days. I feel so short of breath just laying on the couch or I get back pain or my arms fall asleep since I sleep on my sides every night. 11 more weeks. Not that I’m in a hurry cause I’m not. But 11 weeks till I can breathe again and hopefully until my stomach pain is finally gone!

This morning I had planned on working out at 10am, but I ended up staying in bed and cuddling with Jon. He had a flight today so it was nice to relax with him before I had to go. I was meeting Brianna for brunch at 11:30, so I got up to shower and get ready around 10.

Brianna and I met up downtown for brunch for almost two hours! I haven’t seen Brianna in so long! We’ve actually been friends since high school, but her (now) fiancé was my real estate agent when I bought this condo and we had some issues which put a wedge between us for a bit. In the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve only seen her once for my bachelorette party, so this was our first actual chat. It was so good to catch up and we discussed the condo situation and it’s not a big deal at all. I’m glad it’s all worked out now since we had spent a ton of time together during the year that Jon and I were broken up and I had really missed seeing her!

After that, I went to Whole Foods to grab some eggs. I was going to drop them off and go to the gym, but I lost my motivation. Traffic was just insane this afternoon! I’m assuming it was holiday traffic, but ugh! Awful! I was so irritated and honestly didn’t even want to leave my house after dealing with it!

Instead, I started reading about cloth diapers! I received my first box of cloth diapers from Amazon today and am finally starting to get excited about it. I’ve known all along that we’d be cloth diapering since it’s way more cost effective for multiples (as in, this is our first baby and there will be more to come) and I’m kind of a tree hugger and don’t like how much waste is produced by disposable diapers! But it is so overwhelming to read about! I have a small stash of 10, although I need to get everything for newborns too. I had actually planned on not cloth diapering during the newborn stage, but I’m going to go with prefolds and covers since it’s the most cost effective way. It’ll be under $100 for the entire diapering process for the newborn and I’m assuming we’ll ended up spending about $250 for the other diapers, based on what I spent for the diapers we received today. Not bad for an entire stash that we’ll be able to reuse with baby #2 down the road!

And that was literally my entire Monday! I need to get the invites for my baby shower tonight from Laura and am still considering the gym just for a quick and easy workout (about all I do these days but at least I’m staying in the habit of working out!). I work tomorrow and then Wednesday is my 29 week baby appointment and then our Christmas celebration starts! Unfortunately, we still have to buy ALL of our gifts, but since we went to Tahoe and Jon unexpectedly went out of town on business and I had to work all weekend, we’re a bit behind!

Once our Christmas shopping is done, we’re on a strict budget. For reals. I texted Jon today and told him that our fun is over! Our Tahoe trip is done and it’s time to buckle down. Since our income is about to drastically change (I’m not counting on Jon’s commission and even when that does happen, I hope it’ll go towards a downpayment on a bigger house!), we need to get used to living the cheap life.

Time to go do something… Just not sure what!



One thought on “Quick Monday Updates

  1. We just STARTED gift shopping on Sunday, this is the least organised I’ve ever been but we’ve also had so much on that we haven’t had the time, now the shops are so busy I’m finding it so stressful!!!
    We too are on a strict budget after the festives, Ugh!!!
    Love that you are thinking about baby no2 already 😉

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