Weekly Updates & Flywheel Review

Well hello everybody! My posts are getting a little more sporadic these days, but I’m fine with that. I’m either busy or don’t feel like blogging on my days off work!

Tom is having serious depression right now because I won’t let him cuddle in my arms like I usually do. He’s just laying his head on my arm (while laying next to me, not in front of me), making depressed eyes at me. What a sad cat.

In other fun and exciting news (not), I had planned on having a productive day of cleaning my house. I have been meaning to do my floors all week now but keep getting busy, and then when I got home from the gym today, my water was off! Apparently I missed that email yesterday so I had no clue… And now all my motivation to clean the floors and bathrooms has gone out the window. This lack of motivation is probably made worse by the fact that my belly is so large and it’s not really comfortable to be down on my hands and knees scrubbing floors… Also, my breakfast dishes are all piled up and once things pile up, I just get overwhelmed by mess and want nothing to do with it.

I tried Flywheel for my first time this week. I was supposed to sign up with Laura on ClassPass, but then I filled the last slot and it was within 12 hours of the class so I couldn’t cancel! I hated every minute of it. First of all, I arrived just on time since I hit so much traffic getting there. Then they wanted me to fill out this whole thing on the computer but the internet crashed while I was doing it so it didn’t even save. Then they took me in to the class that had just started and the lights were all off! I had no idea Flywheel was in the dark! The guy couldn’t clip my shoes into the pedals so I sat there awkwardly for a few minutes while he went to get a flashlight and then he had me switch bikes and finally it worked. Everything from there was even more downhill. The room was so crowded and dark and I was in the very back corner, so I actually got really anxious and claustrophobic for a few minutes until I was able to talk myself out of it. Then I had no idea what the lady was talking about since nothing was ever explained to me, but I figured out how to adjust the torque eventually. My crotch hurt so freaking bad the entire time and every time I pedaled, I felt like I was squashing Jackson in my belly and just had so much pressure in my pelvis. So, not fun… I was thisclose to getting up and leaving but I suffered through it. I was so glad that the class was 45 minutes long and not an hour! But I can pretty much guarantee that my Flywheel days are already over!

Laura took a sick day on Wednesday (my Flywheel day), so we went down to Atlanta and had coffee together and then headed over to Gina’s when she got off work. We made a gingerbread village and just hung out.


I had to work in the ER yesterday. My morning was pretty easy and then I precepted the last 8 hours of the day. It was supposed to be the girl’s last day in orientation (she extended it) so she was self sufficient. I basically just helped everybody out and had a fairly easy afternoon.

I got up this morning and went to MissFits. I’ve been really missing my CrossFit classes at my favorite gym, but they offer early morning or noon classes only. I was supposed to have a coffee date with my friend that never worked out, so I’m a little bummed that I skipped that CF class (and the WOD was good too) for no reason. But MissFits was alright. I’m getting a ton of PVCs now when I work out, so I’ve been having to take a lot of breaks because it throws me off. (My PCP was very concerned about this, but I ended up googling it and it said that it’s common in pregnancy with strenuous exercise, so we’ll see what my OB says about it next week.) My hip was also hurting a ton from my old hip injury, so I majorly scaled the workout… I can’t wait till I can work out like normal again! It’s getting progressively harder to work out these days.

I’ve also gained a ton of weight since my last OB visit. By a ton, I mean 6lbs, but that’s 6lbs in 3 weeks. So, a lot. Especially since she just warned me to watch what I eat. And I may not have done that. By “may not have,” I mean I ate 10 Christmas cookies on Wednesday… And four (very small!) slices of pizza yesterday… And four sugar cookies today… I did eat a lot of healthy stuff in there too, but the sugar is getting insane. I need to cut it out for real. Not even because of my weight gain, but because it’s just disgusting to eat that much sugar, especially while I’m trying to grow a healthy baby! But I feel like my belly has popped a lot in the last two weeks and even everybody at work has been commenting on it. It’s kinda crazy.

Jon comes home tonight after being out of town all week long! He was at training for work and heads out for a night next week too. I’m pretty excited for him to get home! He also got a promotion this past week and is going to be on a commission plan starting in January, so I’m super excited. His commission alone is my entire salary for a year (now that I’ve dropped my hours down), although he may not actually get all of that. Good timing though, with this baby coming and so many bills! However, while it sort of feels like we should finally be able to put money away to move into a bigger house, I also know that my hours are going to take a huge hit when I deliver Jackson, so it’s not like our income will really change a whole lot overall. Still, I’m super proud of him and am so excited that he’s doing so well with this company!

I’m going to go relax on the couch for a bit before our water comes back on and I have to be productive. I need to cook for the upcoming work weekend too 😦 SO tired of working all the dang time on weekends! Uuugh!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Updates & Flywheel Review

  1. I feel like it’s really difficult for anyone NOT to put on some weight during the holidays, pregnant or not. I know I am up from where I was back in the summer, because in the summer you have motivation like beaches, pools, looking good. Nobody is really out to lose weight to look nice in a sweatshirt. Plus, the holidays only come once a year and sometimes that’s the only time we enjoy these foods. I’m trusting that once Christmas ends the weight will drop off of me with training and going back to the healthy diet 80% of the time. I get the sugar thing though because it is ADDICTIVE. Even time I eat sugar, just a little, I want more and more of it. I’ve seen the pattern in my own behavior and it’s scary. But I bet you’ll find it easier to cut out after the holidays too.

    Love your gingerbread village and glad you and Laura got to hang out and make it! Flywheel sounds kinda scary though, I am not a fan of classes in the dark either or spin in general so I don’t think i’d like it much.

    • I have never gained weight around the holidays! The only time I ever gain weight is from putting on muscle! So I also question if I’m really gaining weight from eating sugar or is it really all just from the pregnancy? I used to struggle so much to even gain 1-2lbs no matter what! Then again, I think this is the highest my sugar intake has been in YEARS! It is definitely addictive though! I find myself just wanting to eat more and more and never had this problem before. People are like, “Well you’re pregnant! That’s what your baby wants!” but really, it’s just because I haven’t been “strong enough” to quit eating it! I know once I stop the pattern, it’ll be easy to say no to it again! I definitely wouldn’t recommend Flywheel if you’re not a fan of classes in the dark or spin! I really used to like spin so I thought I would like it!

  2. I never used to gain weight at all either, I was the same weight from around 18 until I turned 30 then I gained 14 pounds in 1 year and now I can’t seem to budge that, it won’t go up or down! Sugar is a killer to kick (it tastes soooo good) but again I ate much more sugar before and my weight didn’t change at all.
    That gingerbread village is awesome!!!
    Is flywheel like spin? The spin classes at my gym are in the dark too with crazy disco lights. I try to avoid it haha!

    • Flywheel was super similar to spin, except your feet clip in and the bike tells you some stats on it. Other than that, I felt like it was pretty much the same. I used to really love a spin class we did in Iraq, but I did try one at my gym here that I was pretty bored with… So maybe I really only liked that one instructor! I don’t really get the working out with the lights off thing. I know it’s to help with intimidation but I thought it was obnoxious! Maybe my problem isn’t just the baby and the sugar, but the fact that I’m also about to turn 30! I’m really hoping my metabolism doesn’t slow down too much though. My mom is in her late 50s and is still less than 120lbs (she’s 4″ taller than I am though!).

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