Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Village, & Virginia City

Hey-o from Lake Tahoe! Friday was a busy day preparing to leave! I had to work in the morning, went to CrossFit at noon, picked up some books at the library (which I have yet to even open one), and started getting ready for Lake Tahoe. I don’t remember what else happened, but something must have because I was up until 11:30 packing and it’s not even like it took me that long!

Saturday morning was a 4:15 wake up to finish packing and get ready before heading to the airport! For those of you that don’t know this, I am terrified of flying. I absolutely hate taking off and I prefer to take Ambien to make it through a flight, but Jon isn’t that comfortable with me taking it while I’m pregnant. Instead, I just had to suffer through two take offs in one day (also, since we live in Atlanta, I almost never have layovers and we seriously almost didn’t go to Tahoe because I was so terrified of having to take off twice in the same day). I cried almost as soon as we got on the plane and then while taking off the first time, but the rest of the flight was totally smooth and I managed to calm down (thankfully, since it was 4 hours!). Our second flight was totally fine but I was still nervous since flying over the mountains usually means a bumpier flight. It was all good though!

After we landed in Reno, we had to take a bus to Heavenly Village. The bus was late arriving and it was miserably hot. Like, everybody on the bus was stripping and the driver was in his jacket and hat. And I had to pee because I’m pregnant and always have to pee. I was getting so irritated after such a long and stressful travel morning (for me) and then I had to sweat my ass off on a bus when it was like, 30 degrees outside?! I don’t think I have ever been so happy to get off a bus in my entire life. (That’s actually not true. I once rode on a bus for almost three hours in the military and literally almost peed on myself because I had to go so bad.)

We checked in to our hotel, The Grand Residence Marriott, which is super duper nice. For some reason, when I read what the price was for the week, I felt like it was so cheap and such a deal. Then when Jon actually told me what it cost per night, I was like, “Oh, well no wonder this place is so nice.” I don’t understand how I never did the math in my head before we got here.

Jon was dying to watch a football game when we got here and I was exhausted, so I crashed while he watched football. Then we went out and walked around and had dinner at a sushi place (The Naked Fish). The sushi was so-so. I’m reminded every time we travel how good food in Atlanta is, so nothing ever really compares to our regular restaurants. They do make their own soy sauce there which was phenomenal though. For the price of the sushi though, meh. I could have passed. Jon thought his was good though.

After that, we came back to the room and Jon crashed at 7pm and I made it till 8 watching Forensic Files. And we slept all night long (although we woke up a ton) till Sunday morning!


Yesterday we had a date morning at The Ridge Tahoe Resort. You basically get $100 for going to talk to them about buying a timeshare there. The grounds were beautiful and we were almost sold on buying a timeshare, but with a baby coming, we decided the timing was off. We did end up buying a 4 night, 5 day trip back sometime within the next year though, so I think we’ll be heading out next September to come back to Tahoe. It also freezes our offer on the timeshare, so we’re going to look into it some more and think about it. Also, when we had back next year, we plan on hitting up Yosemite since it’s only 2 1/2 hours from South Lake Tahoe and the weather will be much nicer!


The view from The Ridge Tahoe.

That basically ate up our morning. Once we got back down to Heavenly Village, we went to get some groceries and then walked over a mile to get coffee. Then we decided not to get coffee there since it ended up being in a smokey casino and we went to Starbuck’s and sat outside. It was another early night in, which I’m kind of loving. Jon had pizza and I ate a ton of cream cheese and crackers (Way Better crackers- OMG- I have to find them in Atlanta), salad, and yogurt. We watched Forensic Files together again (I love having Forensic Files marathons while I’m vacationing! Jon’s not a big fan) and I passed out at 8pm.


Fountain and gondolas at Heavenly Village.

Today we woke up at 7am and I hit the gym for 20 minutes. Literally. It was sort of pathetic. But at the same time, my stomach has been cramping up so much lately on the lower right side, so the elliptical made me cramp up and then I did a super quick but intense arm workout. I wanted to get back to the room to shower and get ready though and I just barely made my timeline!

Jon and I headed out to rent a car for the day. We wanted to drive around Lake Tahoe since we heard it was so awesome. It was really pretty but so much is closed at this time of the year! Honestly though, I was totally unmotivated to do any hiking or cool sightseeing today anyway. Jackson has been sitting on my bladder all day long, causing me to have to pee nonstop and it’s just so ridiculously uncomfortable to have all of that weight so low in my pelvis. I also tend to have a ton of discomfort right in my stomach area for some reason, and today was no exception and probably worse than usual. I was actually kind of grumpy for a lot of the day because of all these pregnancy related complaints. My bad.


The view near Heavenly Village of Lake Tahoe. Frozen beach!


The above two photos are Emerald Bay.

We did have a fantastic breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito at The Dam Cafe in Tahoe City. That thing was loaded with crispy bacon and I loved it.


After our lake viewing was done, we headed to Carson City for my Dutch Bros coffee! I got a large decaf kicker and was in absolute heaven. Dutch Bros is like, the number one thing I miss about living in Portland! I’m hoping we can get it again while we’re here but without our own car, it makes things difficult! Coffee in hand, we headed to Virginia City.

Virginia City was cute, but again, a ton of stuff was closed. We walked around a bit and Jon had some drinks at Bucket of Blood Saloon. The saloon was cute, but not much happening. Also, I came in and went right to the restroom, and when I sat down next to Jon at the bar, the bartender never asked if I wanted anything. I felt like it was pretty poor service since there was only one table of people in the entire place and then Jon and me at the bar.


We left Virginia City after that and went to Safeway to see if they had Tillamook Fireside Smores ice cream, but they didn’t! SAD FACE! That is the best freaking ice cream in this entire world, but I haven’t ever seen it outside of Oregon and Washington! I check pretty much every time I see a Safeway though!

Jon and I came back to the room and I just talked him in to taking the car back without me. We had talked about going out and exploring some more, but instead we rented Fifty Shades of Grey and I think we’re going to settle in and watch that and have another early night in bed. We have dinner to eat in the room again so no need to even head out of the hotel for anything! We’re trying to stay in Georgia time to make this coming Friday easier!



14 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Village, & Virginia City

  1. It looks so beautiful and peaceful, your pictures are gorgeous!!! I really wanted to take a trip to Lake Tahoe when we were in San Francisco but we ended up running short of time. I am also not very good at flying but usually I’ve got myself so worked up that I make it seem worse than it actually is!!

    • I think maybe getting myself so worked up is the key, because once I start crying I feel like a fool and try to hide it from everybody else on the plane, so that distracts me from the actual flying! I definitely recommend coming out here! I think it’d be better in the summer if you’re not into winter activities though for sure. I’m looking forward to coming back when hiking will be easier and the weather will be permitting too!

  2. That looks so gorgeous and peaceful! I love the Western mountains!

    I’ve never been to Atlanta, I would like to go sometime. The best sushi in the US from all the places I have tried from coast to coast is hands down in California. A proper sushi place in CA is amazing. I won’t touch Italian food outside of the Northeast, everyone from the Northeast who travels as well also says that the Italian food is never any good beyond NY. I’ve had conversations with strangers about it haha. I like all the cute cafes you post about in Atlanta, they seem so good!

    You have three months until Jackson is born? The third trimester seems more miserable because you’re running out of room and just want them out. At least that’s what people tell me.

    • I don’t know that we tried sushi in California! I’m curious for you to come to Atlanta and try it! Also, I only ate Italian once in Mass and it was AWFUL! It was in Plymouth though, so it probably would have been better to try it in Boston. But I’m not a big Italian person at all because I try to limit my pasta/pizza intake… It just feels too heavy for me. I was going to say that if you come visit, you have a place to stay, except our guest bedroom is about to turn into our baby room! I keep forgetting about that! And yep, only 3 more months! Well, 12 1/2 weeks now. It’s crazy! I definitely feel like I’m running out of room but I don’t think I’m getting any bigger anymore! He’s just taking up more space inside!

      • Yeah there are the bad places of Italian food here. I don’t think Plymouth would have good ones, no Italians really settled there, it was more Boston, north of Boston, and a small section in Western Mass. The North End has yummy food and real Italian food is not about the pasta and pizza. A way to tell that it’s not authentic is if they serve chicken parm, that’s not Italian food.

        Haha, have you started on the nursery? Baby’s room always so cute! You’ll grow more when he runs out of space haha. Girls belly always seem bigger, my cousin is pregnant with her second child and it’s a girl and she’s already showing at like 3-4 month, it’s crazy! She wasn’t showing so much with her son.

      • I don’t even like chicken parm! I’m not a big meat eater when I go out to eat, so maybe that’s why Italian and I don’t really mesh well. I feel like it’s either pasta or it’s a meat dish and meat just isn’t my thing. I didn’t even really enjoy the food when I went to Italy either time. The first time I was a vegetarian, so I ate a ton of pasta there and it was decent, but the second time I went, I was eating a lot more veggies and meats (at home) so I didn’t enjoy it then either. Maybe I’m just weird.

        We haven’t started on the nursery. We’re going to move the bed to my parent’s house when we get home from Tahoe, but we’re just using an old dresser that I have in there, buying a cheap wooden crib, and we’re going to buy some sort of chair. I’m not going all out with decorating cause we plan on moving in the next year or so, hopefully. We had painted it gray last year so that color is staying! And babies don’t really know what their room looks like anyway so what’s the point of spending all that money?!

      • Haha yeah they do have meat dishes. But they can also fish due to the peninsula. A lot of seafood! Which I hate haha. Except for sushi I seem to like.

        Yeah there isn’t much of a reason to. My cousin doesn’t have a lot in her nursery (though she did buy an expensive grib that no one understands why) but she did add his name, painted it on the wall and it looks super cute. I just think all the tiny human stuff is cute haha.

      • Tiny human stuff is cute till you have to buy it and realize how ridiculously expensive it is and how much space it is going to take up in your small condo, haha. We are going to be overrun with baby stuff and I’m really trying not to buy a lot of stuff! I thought about buying those block letters and painting them, but there $3 each and I’m like, “Do I really need to spend over $20 on this?” That’s terrible. It’s only $20ish. But still…

      • Yeah it is expensive, I usually spend like $100 per babyshower and what I tend to get them is like clothing and bottles, the small stuff. I wonder Baby R Us and it’s pricey. But if you hit the goodsales there you can get polo onesies for $0.98! You can always print out on harder paper the font you want, cut out the letters and you have a stencil, and just paint over that. That’s far cheaper. Or you can buy wooden letters for $1/each and paint them and that way you can take the letters with you to your new place.

      • Babies R Us is probably not the cheapest, but we figured it had pretty much everything we needed in one place and we didn’t want to register more than once. We already didn’t like registering!

  3. Lake Tahoe looks beautiful! It does sound like such a nice and quiet place to get away!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I’m glad the flights went okay- stinks about a layover (which is probably not common if you’re flying from ATL but it’s pretty common here). The snow pictures are nice and I’m glad y’all can have a fun getaway before Jackson gets here.

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