Eating Unhealthy

Lately, I’ve been totally failing on the eating front. Well, that may be a bit dramatic. I still eat quite a bit of healthy foods, but now I just tend to eat a lot of unhealthy foods too. But I have always been healthy and have always had quite a bit of self control when it comes to eating. Aside from my nightly handful of Enjoy Life chocolate chunks (which I had just recently started eating), I didn’t buy sweets at all. I didn’t bring bread into my house. I stopped eating yogurt because it just is really not friendly to my digestive tract. You know, things like that… Just being in tune with how my body reacted to foods and keeping those things out of the house.

Lately? Well, it’s been quite the eating shit show over here. I used to be able to easily pass up the peppermint bark pretzels and chocolate and peanut butter drizzled popcorn, but now? Those sneaky treats just keep on making their way into my shopping cart, and then I eat them all. Sometimes in one sitting, sometimes in multiple. (Just a side note here: Those peppermint bark pretzels are seriously amazing. I mean, they may be up there as my number one favorite store bought dessert. I can’t even put into words how freaking delicious they are.) I also used to be able to look at the box of Dunkin’ Donuts on the break room table at work and pass them by, but those days are long gone. A donut and three donut holes? Sure. Why not?!

The sad thing about this is that my body is getting accustomed to this type of eating again. I will never forget visiting my sister in Wisconsin a few years back. I had been eating strict Paleo for a solid five months, and I’d say that I ate Paleo 99.9% of the time. I was even eating Paleo at Mexican restaurants, and all I ever want is chips, cheese dip, and a bean burrito. But I stuck to my diet. And I was totally fine with it. I mean, I ate Paleo baked goods occasionally, but I had no problems with eating that way. It became easy. But when I went to visit my sister, we made some muffins and they were so freaking good. I ate three of them. (I could easily kill three muffins now like it’s no big deal.)


I actually just came across this picture of those exact muffins! They were pumpkin cream cheese muffins. No wonder they were so good!

After my muffin gorge, I went to bed. I woke up  in the middle of the night and was miserable. I was sweating, my heart was racing, I was nauseous, and I felt insanely uncomfortable. It was like there was a rock sitting in my stomach and I had literally never felt that before.

(Another random site note: I was a vegetarian for 13 years and expected to feel that way when I started eating meat again because I thought my body wouldn’t be used to it. Oddly enough, I have never had that reaction to any meat product. The fact that it was so severe to bread after just five months of not eating it was crazy to me.)

I’ll really never forget that experience. Clearly, my body doesn’t tolerate bread. I just never knew it because I had never gone without it before I started eating Paleo. If you read about a lot of food intolerances, you won’t even realize you have them because your body is in a constant state of inflammation. Until you cut the foods out, you won’t notice your body react to them. And I had a major unexpected reaction.

Lately, I notice when I binge eat sugary stuff at home and then sit down and relax, my heart is definitely beating faster than usual. It’s that same response that I had to bread, but it’s not nearly as severe because my body is already constantly inflamed from eating these foods on a daily basis. It just gets worse when I eat a bunch at once.

I have no idea why it suddenly became so hard for me to go back to Paleo. It wasn’t a hard transition the first time around. Then again, I was living on my own, not pregnant, living at a CrossFit gym pretty much, and my best friend who I spent all of my time with was eating Paleo too. I know how much better I feel when I cut out certain foods, but it has been so hard to get back on track. And I know it isn’t time. I was working close to 60 hours a week back then and I was working on my bachelor’s degree online, plus going out all the time. Yet I still managed to shred my own sweet potatoes to make hash every week and cook literally every single thing that I ate.

Anyway, so I have no idea what the point of this was. Maybe that I need to somehow find a way to motivate myself to eat healthier. You would think growing a baby would be enough motivation to make sure he’s growing healthy in there (especially since the effects of glyphosates on babies in utero seem like to they could cause some serious health issues- although I think further research needs to be done and I’m sure Monsanto would have a field day trying to hide those studies). Perhaps I’ll just blog about this more frequently until eating healthy becomes more of a habit again as a way to kind of hold myself responsible. We’ll see.

Fun fact: I also maintained my heaviest weight while eating Paleo. I was 105lbs, but also lifting heavy. I easily grew and maintained muscle though and never used protein powders. So I know I was properly fueling my body for muscle gain.


I just scrolled through my mobile uploads and found a picture from that time! So much muscle! Man, I miss those days! Also, I forgot how much fun I had back during that single year (2012- when Jon and I were broken up. I also had some harder times, but overall, it was quite the fun year!) And now I’m having a baby and life will NEVER BE THE SAME! Waaahhhh!

Anyway, time to go relax for a few more minutes before heading off to LA Fitness for a quick and easy workout (I’m doing CrossFit for the next 3 days, so nothing crazy today).




8 thoughts on “Eating Unhealthy

  1. Maybe you can bake healthier options to satisfy the sweet and bread cravings? Like whole wheat protein banana muffins?

    I’m not sure I overall feel better when I eat clean but my digestive track sure thanks me for it. My stomach and intestines work much better when I eat right. It takes sometime at first because I just stop using the bathroom the first two weeks of eating clean, but then everything starts work the way it should.

    If you can’t fight the urges while pregnant, I’d consider altering the food to a healthier combo. Like when I want a snickers from the vending machines at work, I grab these organic fruit gummy things that makes the sweet craving go away. It actually works because the fruit is sweet enough in them.

    • If I’m not eating clean, my bathroom schedule is all messed up! When I do, I go probably 3-4 times a day and that’s normal for me! I actually just bought stuff today to make Paleo pumpkin muffins to replace some of the unhealthy stuff, but I’m still craving my chocolate and peanut butter popcorn! Ah! I just need to eat the whole bag so it’s not in the house 🙂 Haha. But I’m really hoping having the baked goods alternatives will help till I break the habit of eating such horrible stuff!

      • Haha yeah the chocolate and peanutbutter popcorn sounds pretty good! Can you make the popcorn on your own? So that you can use unbuttered and unsalted popcorn and add dark chocolate and peanut butter to it yourself? I’m sure that’s a much healthier popcorn solution than the stuff manufacturers add and be able to control portions more.

        I love baked goods especially in the mornings, it’s just so much easier to grab something and go! I need to make healthy options of it too haha.

      • I always eat a fairly decent breakfast! I make hash browns and eggs or I’ll do pancakes out of sweet potatoes or something. But actually never eat baked goods for breakfast! Those come later in the day, haha. I probably won’t be eating any popcorn after this bag is gone, so I’m just going to try and go back to my old ways! It’ll just be better than trying to make all my unhealthy stuff into something better!

  2. I remember doing a low carb-high protein diet when I first got into working out, I was only 3 weeks in when my sister made me pizza. I had one slice and I was up all night with stomach cramps, I was so bloated and sluggish for days, it was horrible! You’d think that would put me off but no, I still have pizza and bread. It’s a bit like wine, I know I’ll have a sore head in the morning but I drink it anyway!!!
    I really want to get back to eating clean again too, I’ve had no self control recently.
    You look fab in that photo, so toned!!! Xo

    • It’s so crazy how food can affect the body THAT much! Especially in such small amounts! Maybe we all just need to go on a clean eating spree together, haha. And thank you (about the photo). I definitely don’t look like that anymore, but I wish!

  3. That is a great photo of you! It’s interesting that you had so much muscle and weighed more but still look amazing. I definitely wasn’t that toned at 105 because I didn’t work out or lift, it’s amazing at how different weights look on different people (w/ workout/eating habits).

    Have you thought about looking at everything you eat and seeing maybe why you’re craving sugar? Obviously being pregnant maybe that’s a part of it, but if you didn’t eat a whole lot of it before and now want it ravenously, maybe you are deficient in some sort of vitamin or mineral, or just not getting enough of another macronutrient in your diet?

    One thing I’ve done when I really wanted a milkshake was make a protein shake and make it a little more indulgent, like with frozen banana chunks and chocolate chips- so even something like that might work even if it’s not completely paleo.

    • I think the sugar cravings are just out of control because I keep giving in to them. Same with bread. If I don’t eat it, I stop craving it so much. I’ve always been like that. Once I get past giving it up for a few days, if I still crave it, I’ll definitely need to take a closer look into things like the other macronutrients, especially with being pregnant. I’m sure that changes how much I need of certain things.

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