Pregnancy Hormones & 4-day Recap

Happy Monday! It’s been a busy few days since I’m in the middle of a 60 hour work week! Thankfully, today is my day off! I worked last Thursday and then I was off on Friday. Friday was an emotionally draining day, however. I had a decent afternoon, full of a work meeting, seeing my friend Jim, and working out. And then it just took a turn for the worst! I think my pregnancy hormones are still just all over the place and I have been really dreading the change in lifestyle once this baby gets here. I think I also started freaking out about how I’ve never really wanted to have kids and what I big sacrifice I feel like having a baby was, and I don’t feel like Jon is always appreciative of that fact (although he has been really fantastic overall during this pregnancy). All of those feelings must have been building up for a good breaking point on Friday! Jon and I were arguing over unrelated stuff that led into all of the stuff above, and I think I cried nonstop for far too long (but again, I cry at everything these days! Happy, sad, angry, whatever). We ended up just fine and then I had the night and weekend to myself since Jon was at a friend’s house for a football game. Maybe the time away was good! I feel much better now and not emotional at all. Being pregnant is definitely not easy! And compound those hormones with my constant back pain and it just gets to be too much for me sometimes! Then again, I love watching my belly move now and feeling Jackson move around and I am excited to meet him, but still…

As for today, I’m relaxing after a long work weekend! I actually can’t believe it’s already 3pm! I went to bed at 11pm last night and decided not to set an alarm. I woke up at 9:50! So many hours of sleep! I laid in bed and cuddled my cats before getting up to eat breakfast and watch the season (1) finale of Jane the Virgin. Unfortunately, right after it ended, I got incredibly nauseous. I spent some time deciding whether or not the gym should happen, but the workout looked fun so I wanted to go.

Despite a total lack of motivation, I managed to get through clean and jerks (I made it to 80# and stopped adding weight because it was hurting my back) and then some modified muscle ups, cleans, and kettle bell swings. I did light cleans (55#) because of my back, again.

Speaking of my back, this back pain is definitely not pleasant. It’s mostly on my left side and makes it difficult to go from sitting to standing or really, just about any position changes, including walking. It was pretty obnoxious all weekend at work. All the other pregnant girls always mention sciatica, which I also have, although it hasn’t been present during this pregnancy (it’s usually with long car rides) and this pain feels totally different than sciatica. And I’m sure working isn’t helping it any either and this is a 60 hour work week. Ah, pregnancy woes.

I ran to The Fresh Market after the gym since traffic looked awful on 285, so my plans for Whole Foods were kaboshed. While there, I found this Popcorn Indiana brand chocolate peanut butter drizzle popcorn and I have now eaten almost the whole bag (over 60 grams of sugar in one bag- fantastic!). (Edit: This blog post is now complete and so is my bag of popcorn.)

Aside from that, I’ll be having a lazy day. I don’t think I’m even going to open school stuff today. I just need to make it through this work week! Jon and I are going to our homeowner’s association meeting tonight at 6:30. We’ve been to one before and it was really boring, but I guess it is nice to see how much we have in our condo funds and where it’s being allocated.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are my workdays (Tuesday in the ER and Wednesday in PCU) and then I’ll just be working on school stuff again and hopefully relaxing. Jon and I are off this weekend together for the first time in awhile and I’m pretty excited about it! These are our only two days off together in the entire month of November! The weekend is already sounding kind of packed, but I’m hoping for some gym time on Saturday morning with Laura and some time over at my mom and dad’s at some point too.

Alrighty, time to head off of here so I can clean up the kitchen and be lazy on the couch since that is literally all I want to do right now.




5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Hormones & 4-day Recap

  1. I love your honesty about pregnancy! It really shows what it’s like behind everyone’s pregnancy is so magical views!

    • Thank you! I told myself that if I was going to write about it, I was going to keep it real! I hate reading blogs that make life out to sound perfect, especially with something as emotional as pregnancy is! So that was one of my goals for sure 🙂

  2. I never thought pregnancy sounded magical, mostly miserable haha. And then the women in my family swell pretty bad which just seems even more miserable to have swollen feet, back aches, and raging hormones. Not to mention I have a fear of child birth haha.

    I still think you’re a lot more active than a lot of pregnant women haha. Not many would work 60 hours a week AND go to the gym. Most would just sit on the couch. When is your due date?

    • March 5th! I am definitely not going to the gym today, after my 60 hours! This body needs a break! I thought pregnancy seemed kind of cool cause I think pregnant women look cute and I was hoping to be a cute pregnant woman, but it’s definitely way different than I thought! Oddly enough, I really haven’t given the whole birthing part any thought. I guess once you’re already pregnant, you know the baby is going to come out somehow. No use in worrying about it!

      • March 5th was my father’s birthday, that’s funny. But you do look cute, just that being pregnant you don’t feel that way always. Haha that is true, I would still be afraid of it though cause I already have a fear of birthing haha.

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