Paris: To Go or Not to Go?

Happy Wednesday! It’s finally sunny in Atlanta, but I haven’t even been outside to enjoy it! Shame on me. Monday afternoon I had a pretty good CrossFit workout. We did some squat cleans and I hadn’t done those in forever. Most of the class was lifting, which I loved! Then we did a quick toes to bar and double under WOD (I did singles and had to pee with every jump). I’m actually considering giving up ClassPass and my LA Fitness membership to go to CrossFit Chamblee full time. It’s close to my house and I’m happy with the environment. But it’s expensive. I mean, $135 for the “early bird” program, which includes the noon classes. Technically, now that ClassPass is increasing, I will spend over that between my two gym memberships anyway. I’m hesitant to give up LA Fitness because of their childcare and once I have a baby, I may need that. Then again, if that happens, I can always rejoin later on. They won’t take kids in the childcare area until 3 months anyway, so that wouldn’t be till June of next year. I may be able to work out my schedule at CrossFit Chamblee for that long anyway.

One of the other reasons I’m considering is that ClassPass has basically turned into a yoga/barre thing. There are way more CrossFit studios lately, however, all but a few CrossFit studios have glitches in the sign up process. Most of the gyms don’t have any classes available. One of the gyms near my house does have evening classes available, but then every time I try to sign up, it says the classes are being updated so I can’t sign up. It doesn’t seem like ClassPass removes inactive gyms from their queue, so I’m constantly trying to search by gym with no results. It’s getting highly irritating, especially with the price increase in ClassPass. I’m totally fine with paying $100 a month, but they need to stay on top of the studios available then. You can’t really claim to have 200 studios in the Atlanta area (that number is made up, because I don’t care to look) if only 100 of those studios actually participate regularly and post classes.

Anyway, end side note. Monday was a lazy day, I believe. I feel like they all are. I had big plans of schoolwork and then ended up doing small amounts of schoolwork and watching large amounts of Jane the Virgin. Whatevs.

Tuesday was my “busy” day. I was tired all day long after staying up till 1am watching Jane the Virgin and I had to get up for a 10am haircut. I was so happy to get my hair cut! FINALLY! It was just getting so long and the last few times I’ve had it cut, the back just still seems far too long and unruly. We got in short enough to make me happy and I ended up cutting my bangs shorter (they’re still long).

After that, Jon and I went to check out a daycare. When we got there, the lady told me she texted and emailed me that she had a family emergency and her assistants were coming in and we’d have to reschedule (she didn’t text or email me, but she did confirm the correct phone number). Since Jon didn’t have any cases yesterday, we ran to Whole Foods and then came home. I watched more Jane the Virgin until I had to go downtown for a catering even with Gina, Kassie, and Brian.

Gina’s mom had set up for her to have a catering sampling for her wedding and Gina wanted us to go instead of her parents. I was pretty excited because free food is always fun and the food was delicious! Kassie and I loved the whole thing but I think Gina is just underwhelmed by all wedding planning things, so she didn’t really enjoy it. But really, it was awesome. I wish I could do stuff like that all the time!


Gina, Me, Kassie


Brian (as shown on his name tag) and Gina.

After our little catering event, we decided to head to Kassie’s to hang out for a bit since we all sat in so much traffic to get to that area! It was obviously fun hanging out on Kassie’s porch, which is really all we seem to do lately. Fine by me though!

I headed home to find Jon asleep on the couch (he has been asleep almost every night when I get home), so I retired to the bedroom to watch even more Jane the Virgin.

This morning I stayed in bed till 11:30. I’m like the laziest person alive these days. I woke up at 10ish but watched more Jane the Virgin (there are 23 episodes in the first season! it’s never ending) before actually getting out of bed.

I cleaned up the house a bit, ate some breakfast, and did some schoolwork. I took yesterday off from the gym and considered taking today off cause I’m just not really in the mood for gym time, but now I’m considering going. Or I’m considering throwing on some clothes and heading out for a walk and maybe some quick bodyweight stuff. I really want to enjoy some of this weather! Jon and I bought stuff to make stir fry tonight, so I think we’ll do that, and I need to finalize my paper tonight and turn it in. Two assignments left for the semester.

And last, Jon has decided we can go to Paris. But now I’m freaking out, guys! I will just preface this by saying we have plenty of money in savings to pay tuition, go to Paris, and for me to take unpaid maternity leave. However, we really want to buy a new house and we need more money for a downpayment on a house. Since I’ll be taking unpaid maternity leave and then we’ll be paying childcare, my income will be significantly decreased again, especially for those 12 weeks of maternity leave. So, I’m really just freaking out because the thought of only have one income plus spending a few thousand buckaroos on Paris makes me nervous. We would get one plane ticket for $330 (we had to pay $330 to transfer Jon’s Skymiles to my account, giving me enough to purchase one full ticket on Skymiles), and the other ticket is $1249. We found some hotels for $70ish a night, which is great! And we would only be in Paris, so we wouldn’t have the expenses of car rentals, traveling all over, eating so many meals out, etc. Right now, we’re just waiting for my credit card payment to process (tomorrow) so we can buy the tickets to Paris. But I’m totally having cold feet (I typically do before dropping a few grand, though, this is just intensified by the fact that we’re having a BABY).

I know I just need to man up and go on this trip. We won’t regret it and really, we’ve been putting money away every month. Yeah, we’ll take a hit since my tuition will be due right at trip time and I’ll technically be taking a few weeks off work (I won’t actually be- since I would work my days around that). I would be missing a weekend requirement at my ER job, so I will get written up for that, unless I come home from Florida on Christmas day so I can work that weekend after, which is not ideal since it’s our last trip to Florida before the baby will be born and we also want to see Adam and Jessie while we’re down there (our friends who lived in Italy and now live in Seattle). Uh. Who knows. I would love to go to Paris, but I also get stressed thinking about how much I’ll have to pack into my schedule after that just to be able to go. But it’d be worth it, I’m sure. I mean, last trip before the baby!

Okay, I need to go. I actually realized in typing this that I probably need to register for classes in the Spring, so I should figure that out!


13 thoughts on “Paris: To Go or Not to Go?

  1. Go to Paris! You won’t get a chance later in the pregnancy and you definitely won’t want to fly with a baby (or leave your child to go overseas). I wish I had the opportunity to go somewhere cool like that but I don’t. Gotta love mine and the hubs’ jobs.

    I would keep the gym membership with childcare. I feel like the lack of childcare is what stops most people from a CrossFit gym because I don’t know of any that offer that. Most ladies I know love leaving their kids in childcare at the gym and taking that time for themselves. 3 months isn’t very long and you won’t be able to work out for awhile after having the baby anyway. I’m honestly surprised they take kids that young because here it’s 6 months. Also you have to stay onsite at the gym but my last gym had a cafe and the women would drop their kids off in childcare and eat lunch together in the cafe.

    We don’t have classpass here but I could see where it would be fun to try but get old. With the same gym people seem to have more of a community feeling especially at a CrossFit. Classpass people come and go. I get that it’s pricey though, the CrossFit in Florence was so cheap like $60 a month but was still the most expensive gym in town. I miss those gym prices there…

    • A lot of the CrossFit gyms north of here have childcare or rooms where the younger kids can hang out! Or it’s totally normal to bring your babies in and leave them in the carseat or something while you work out, if they’re babies. But that area is way more soccer-mom and down here is a much younger crowd, so it’s not so common where I’m living right now. I could probably go early in the mornings though since Jon doesn’t usually leave that early for work and the gym is so close by. Such a dilemma! I was going to hold out and see how it went with a baby before switching, since ClassPass has plenty of early morning classes to try out! I just need to figure something out that will really work for us with a kid, since I’m REALLY not wanting to give up my gym time! I think all gyms needs a cafe for moms while their kids are in childcare. I could just do homework there instead of have lunch with other moms, haha.

  2. I considered joining Class Pass but after hearing you talk about it, maybe it’s not such a great idea! That does kind of stink!
    I have been loving Jane the Virgin too! It is so addicting and it just gets better!

    • I still have really enjoyed it so far! A lot of the gyms are closer down 75 that look good to me, so maybe it’d work better for you since you live over that way? I would still give it a shot! I really have enjoyed it a lot, but lately I think I’m just back into CrossFit again and want those types of classes instead of the other ones available. But there really are a lot of good options on there!

  3. Yeah I freak out too before a trip because everything costs so much and you can really put that money away. But in the end it’s worth it. I know JetBlue has the option to group a family together and earn and use points as a family. Delta doesn’t have that?

    Is ClassPass something just in the south?

    • Nope, Boston has ClassPass! A lot of major cities have it, but it’s basically just a big city thing. Jon and I NORMALLY use one credit card, so our sky miles are always on one card. However, because we used up all of our sky miles to go to Amsterdam, we had to open a credit card under Jon’s name to get the additional 30,000 points for this ticket. So that’s why we had to transfer them. I don’t know about their family options though! We’ve just always done it from my credit card!

      • Oooh, I looked at the Boston one and they have it for this one hot power yoga studio that I like. It’s a fast paced yoga and they do classes with weights. It’s pricy but with ClassPass it may be more manegeable. There’s few ClassPass in my area though.

        Yeah I would totally check if Delta has the grouping family together thing! Especially now with kids, you can rack up everyone’s points together. I wanted to get an airline credit card either with Delta or JetBlue but both are with American Express and have annual fees.

      • I pay $95 annually for my Skymiles, but since this year we’ll have bought almost 3 full plane tickets with Skymiles (to Europe), I’d say it’s worth it. Also, you get free bags when you fly, so if I take two domestic flights, that’s covered.

        Just remember with ClassPass you can only go to each studio 3 times in a month. So if only one studio looks good, it may not be that worth it!

  4. I really wish Omaha would jump on this whole Class Pass thing. I love the YMCA but they just don’t offer a variety of classes, especially in the evenings. Or kickboxing, which I love! But, we also don’t have a ton of gyms like Atlanta does so it might not even be worth it if they did Class Pass.

    I definitely think you guys should go to Paris! At least I hope you can go with all of the craziness that happened today. 😦

    • Jon doesn’t want to go now! He said he would if I really want to, but we’re going to talk about Costa Rica too once I make it through my work weekend! There really are TONS of gyms in this area, but I live a little north of downtown and most of the gyms are really downtown, so my options are still slightly limited, especially since rush hour is SO bad in Atlanta.

  5. I’d say go with the one with childcare. I love the idea of Classpass I wish they did it here!

    I’ve been up all night watching the news on Paris. Absolutely devastating. I don’t want to believe it’s really happened. I’m heartbroken.

    You could relive your last Europe trip by sharing it with us instead ❤️

    • I really should do some posts about my last trip! It was so awesome, but having to go through pictures to add them to the blog seems like so much work! I can’t believe what happened in Paris! It may have botched our plans since Jon isn’t too keen on the idea of going there now, so it may end up being Costa Rica! We got some planning to do!

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