Weekly Recap: Dancing Goats, Gym Time, Working

Happy Monday! You all know I love Mondays cause I always work the weekends, so Mondays are my sleep-in and schoolwork days!

Thursday afternoon I must have gone to LA Fitness again. I did mostly LA Fitness workouts last week since I just wasn’t feeling hardcore workouts last week. All of them were under 40 minutes and got me sweating and got my heart rate up, but this pregnant lady just can’t work out like I used to anymore. At least not for right now. Thursday night, Jon and I went to run some errands and made soup together. We were supposed to spend the evening having a “date night” of sorts, but I was being kind of a grump and made it difficult. Around 10pm, I lit some candles and we turned off all the lights and sat on the couch talking about marriage and our expectations of each other and our baby. He rubbed my feet and really, it was just nice. We rarely do that, but it’s nice to just disconnect from everything and spend some one on one time together. It was also nice to reconnect with each other, because I’m not exactly the biggest joy to be married to in the first place and it’s worse now that I’m pregnant. Thankfully, Jon is really fantastic about everything, but I know it wears him down.

Friday morning was spent in my bed till 11am. It was wonderful. It has been rainy for over a week now in this great state of Georgia and I’m still sleeping in like a champ, thanks to creating a new life inside of me. It really amazes me at how many hours I can spend in bed these days. Oddly enough, my sleep schedule has slightly shifted too, from a bedtime of around 10-11, to 12-1. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I guess it’s just the changes in my body messing with my internal clock. I did a quick Gravity workout (the total gym one) that I actually really enjoyed, and it was a 35 minute “lunch crunch” so it was nice and fast! Right on track with how I felt last week. I may have to do more of those coming up!

After the gym, I hung out with Laura. She took a sick day from work, so we finally made it downtown to Dancing Goats for some coffee.

dancing goats

The coffee was so good (decaf vanilla latte) and so were those bacon and cheese pastry things. We also had a really yummy cinnamon roll too. I’m just killing the carbs in this pregnancy. I have to stop (mostly cause they’re all probably GMO-filled and I don’t want to keep feeding my baby glyphosates but I just can’t resist when I’m in a coffee shop). But really, I don’t know that I’ve had Batdorf & Bronson coffee before and it was awesome, plus they did a great job with the latte. I hate it when my lattes taste burnt or are bitter, but this baby was smooth as can be!

That afternoon, Laura and I ran to Goodwill to drop some stuff off and to Nordstrom Rack for a long sleeved white shirt. We finished up around 7pm and I came home since I knew I had to prepare for work on Saturday.

I had a good work weekend at my PCU/tele job this weekend! I had two awesome patients for most of the day on Saturday (I got rid of my other two earlier on) and hung out with one of them and his wife for a good bit. They were retired Army and so much fun to talk to and very encouraging to go to Paris in December no matter what! (Speaking of which, Jon and I should really look into that, since we’d be leaving in about 3 weeks.) I love days where I just get to spend 45 minutes at a time chatting with my patients. Sunday was a super easy day till about 5:30pm, just cause I got an admission which I have no idea how to do, and then there was a code on the floor so there was nobody available to help me.

Last night, Jon had dinner at my parent’s house so I stopped by after I left work. I didn’t get there till 8:15 and we really just ended up Skyping with my sister and nephew for an hour and then we came home.

I’ve had a lot of back pain this weekend, so once we got home, I pretty much got right into bed and started watching Jane the Virgin. I made it through two episodes before I had to fall asleep, but the show was so good! I’m definitely hooked. I’d really prefer to sit on my couch in this very cold, very dreary weather and watch back to back episodes today, but instead I’ll just be going to CrossFit in 45 minutes and then I need to finish my paper and start on my next one. Boring. Jon and I talked about going to a coffee shop together since he’s working on his expense reports today, but I have a hard time focusing unless I’m at my house in silence. So we’ll see. (I also stayed in bed till 10am today. I’m just going to soak in these mornings of staying in bed forever because I have a feeling, once this baby comes, this will never happen again.)

Alrighty guys, time to head off to get ready for the gym! Have a great Monday!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Dancing Goats, Gym Time, Working

  1. The Danish looks really good!

    Most women would just sit on the couch in pregnancy but you’re there getting a workout in and doing school work! I’m super lazy at times so I’d probably be on the couch too haha. You’ll probably be back in shape in no time after the baby!

    • Well, trust me, I am SUPER lazy a lot of times too! Staying in bed till 11am is my new norm and so is sitting on my couch. My productively levels have seriously decreased!

  2. I feel so stupid right now…I didn’t realize you could order a DECAF latte!? You just blew my mind!

    • Hahaha YES! I always do! I’ve only been to ONE place ever that couldn’t make it and I have no idea why they couldn’t? I get a decaf vanilla latte everywhere now that I’m pregnant!

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