Seeing Baby on the Ultrasound- 22 weeks.

Yesterday was a day of appointments! I started my day off with LA Fitness since nothing interesting has been showing up on my ClassPass lately. Monday and Fridays always have good classes, but apparently not the other three weekdays. Not sure why, but so many studios are on there that don’t have any available classes, including a lot of the studios I found that I liked. Turns out, I had to get in a quick workout anyway, so after 40 minutes at LA Fitness, I headed out to Whole Foods to grab some groceries before coming home to hop in the shower, eat, and go to my OB appointment.

I was super excited for yesterday’s appointment because it was our anatomy scan! We had our gender scan at 17 weeks (at an outside office), but I didn’t see Jackson moving a ton at that appointment. The ultrasound tech said he was active at that appointment, but since she kept moving the wand around, I never could tell that he was moving too.

My first appointment was with the doctor, where nothing exciting happens other than waiting an hour to see her. It’s a good thing I’m not working a regular full time job, because no way would I go see the doctor every month otherwise. Nothing happens there. I wait forever, hear the fetal heart tones, and leave. They did weigh me there and I was 114 or 115 (but I weigh myself at home a ton too), but the nurse wrote down 125 and my doctor about had a heart attack over my gaining 15lbs since my last visit. I was so confused. I was like, “I’ve only gained about 15lbs the whole pregnancy.” Finally when I said I weighed 114 or 115, she was like, “Oh good! They wrote down that you were 125 today!”

After that appointment, I had about 1 1/2 hours to kill before my ultrasound. I had to basically schedule them apart because of the doctor’s availability and Jon wanting to make it to the ultrasound in the afternoon. I Yelped a coffee shop to go to in my down time and headed over that way, to Mugs on Milton.

mugs on milton

Guys. This biscuit. OMG. Bacon, cheddar, and maple. It was soft and delicious and sweet, but not too sweet, and savory too. It was so insanely good. I probably would have ordered some to go but I got the last one! I also enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte, but honestly, I think vanilla lattes still win out over pumpkin spice for me. Vanilla’s the best. The coffee shop itself was really cute, with lots of different rooms to go hang out in. Perfect for studying, except it’s only open till 4. Bummer. And it’s not that close to me.

Anyway, after my heavenly biscuit, I went back to the OB for my ultrasound. Jon met up with me there and I’m so glad he made that appointment!

That ultrasound was so awesome! Since I feel Jackson move all the time now (and can see his movements from the outside, too, which is super fun and I make Jon stare at my belly all the time now), the ultrasound was extra awesome. (Excuse my lack of words here- imagine how hard it is to write papers these days.) Jackson moved the whole time and he was yawning and sucking his thumb and stretching out his little arms and legs! Every time he would move an arm or a leg, I could feel it at the same time. I loved it! I could have sat there and looked at him all day long. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! It really does amaze me how much I love stuff like this because I just never expected to get this excited over things like watching a gray outline on a screen move! I also love how happy it makes Jon to see Jackson moving on the screen. He’s going to be such a good dad! Whenever we’re laying on the couch and Tom cuddles on Jon’s chest, Jon is always like, “This is going to be Jackson soon.” (Except, I hope Jon still cuddles with Tom too, because I hate it when people have babies and don’t love on their pets anymore.)

Now for his cute baby pictures. Oh, and she verified that he is for sure a boy, but the screen was turned away from me when she said that and I totally forgot to ask her to snap an “It’s a Boy” picture since we never had one done at our gender scan. Oh well. Guess we’ll have to survive without a picture of his developing penis.

baby 22 weeks

This picture I was so confused about. I told Gina and Kassie last night that I had no idea what it was, “Maybe his balls or something. Who knows.” But it’s a frontal shot of his face, haha. His nose is on the right of the screen and you can see his lips. And then his little fingers are next to his face.

baby 22 weeks

Most of our shots were similar to this top one. Some of them he was sucking his thumb, some he wasn’t. That darker spot in his body was his heart beating. He had all his arms and legs and I could see his fingers and toes, so hopefully he comes out like a normal baby! Ah, my precious baby boy! Seeing him on there makes me much more excited to meet him in 17 weeks! And I love that I can picture what he’s doing in my belly now when I feel him moving around all the time! The ultrasound tech said he is just over 1lb (he was 480 grams and 454 are in a pound) and although they can’t measure his length, he should be about 10-11 inches long.

It’s a good thing pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, cause I feel like I need every minute of it to get myself mentally prepared for bringing a baby home and to actually get excited about this whole thing. My feelings have definitely grown, and while I would be devastated if anything happened to Jackson at this point, I can’t quite say I’m there with loving him. I don’t know that I’ll be there the minute I see him either. I don’t have any expectations of when that will happen, but this is all definitely growing on me and I know I’ll get there eventually!

After that, I sat in Atlanta traffic to get down to Kassie’s. Gina and I decided we wanted another chill hangout time, which I am totally loving lately. I felt like I had gone so long without seeing them, and for awhile, I was only seeing them maybe once every other month or so. We’ve definitely increased our hangout time lately and nothing makes me happier than time with my best friends (well, and seeing my baby, apparently). We just sat on Kassie’s porch and talked. They got to see my belly move and feel some good kicks from Jackson. Next Tuesday, we’re going to go try food from a catering company for Gina’s wedding, so I’m excited about that! And we decided after Christmas that we’re going to go to my parent’s cabin for one or two nights since they’re both off work for that week! Can’t wait!

Jon snapped a cute picture last night of Tom cuddling on me. (By “Jon snapped,” I really mean that I had to beg him to take this picture because I think Tom is the cutest thing ever and despite taking a million selfies of Tom cuddling with me, it just never really looks as cute. And when Jon ignored me so that he could scroll through Facebook, I had to be like, “No, REALLY, take this dang photo of Tom being cute RIGHT NOW!”)

orange cats

He’s such a ridiculous cat. He’s just a momma’s boy lately. Maybe he senses the baby in there cause he was never ever this snuggly with me before. Orange cats are the best. Except for Kitty. Cause she’s really my favorite out of the two cats, but still, Tom is awfully cute.

I’m off to go work on my paper. I skipped the gym first thing this morning since I wanted to get started on my paper. I ended up having to do two hours worth of discussion postings and then I was hungry, so I just ate and am about to work on my paper till about 3 and then hopefully head to the gym for a bit. I’m supposed to go to a stroke conference tomorrow, but I feel like I need to make more progress on my schoolwork so I don’t know yet! Can’t wait for this semester to be OVER! I also have to work this weekend and don’t know that I feel like waking up early three days in a row. I’m too tired and pregnant for that these days.

I’m sure I’ll check back in later! Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Seeing Baby on the Ultrasound- 22 weeks.

  1. I don’t know if your feelings have changed now that you’re closer to delivering, but I totally feel you on the not loving the baby yet! I get happy when I feel it moving and I’m excited for when it’ll finally arrive, but there is still an unemotional attachment that kind of worries me.

    I’m hoping that it’ll be like when I first got my old dog: I didn’t want a dog, but my ex did, so he found a breeder and picked him out. We picked the dog up from the airport, and from the moment I saw him and was petting him I fell COMPLETELY in love with him (I never loved anything as much as I loved that dog – including my ex!). So I’m praying for that type of experience when the baby arrives!

    • Haha, yes, my feelings have changed! I still worry that I won’t necessarily LIKE him when we get home and I have to deal with him all the time, but I honestly have already grown to love him a ton. However, I don’t know how that feeling will translate to seeing him for the first time. I have a feeling I’ll just be so excited to meet him that I won’t even think about it when it happens! But it will definitely be an adjustment still!

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