21 Weeks Pregnant and Not Loving It

Happy Friday! It’s in the 50s and sunny today and is such a beautiful day! Unfortunately, I think tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, but I’m going to try and get some outside time in today.

I had to work yesterday at my ER job and was kind of irritated all day long. Nobody told me they switched the board, so at 3pm, I went from our children’s ER to the adult ER. I hadn’t planned on that, and since I was feeling sick all day yesterday, I had postponed my lunch and was going to take it around 3pm (easy to do on the children’s side). At 2:55, one of the other nurses informed me that I wasn’t on the board in the children’s side anymore at 3pm. Come to find out, they moved me and I didn’t know, so I never took a real lunch yesterday. Then they gave me a c-diff patient (it’s a bacteria that’s in the gut and causes diarrhea) that had come to the ER after positively testing for it. For some reason, they acted like she had to be brought back immediately, even though the girl surely had been out in the general public for awhile with the infection while she was waiting for three stool cultures to come back positive by her regular doctor. While the bacteria isn’t potentially harmful to the baby, I worry more about the antibiotics it takes to treat it (they’re all Class C) and you know, why risk it if I don’t have to?! She could wait another few minutes for another room. Luckily, the nurse next to me was willing to switch, although I did call to speak to our flow coordinator about it. My very next patient was a woman who came directly from chemo! I mean, come on! Oncology nurses still care for chemo patients while they’re pregnant, but in general, nurses in other departments tend not to care for them if we don’t have to. Chemo kills off healthy, multiplying cells, which is exactly what a baby is. Again, why risk it if I don’t have to? The woman easily could have waited for the next room. I ended up being tied up with a critical patient for over two hours though, so I never even stepped foot into the woman’s room. I’m not somebody who is ever concerned about contracting any sort of illnesses at work. During that whole Ebola thing, I never thought twice about it. I take care of people in the ER who are undiagnosed for communicable infections all the time (HIV, tuberculosis, whatever) and am fine with it. But with being pregnant, I just feel like there is no reason to risk an unborn baby for patients when our department has (literally) 17-18 other available nurses to care for them. I’m really against having to take medications while pregnant unless absolutely necessary, but if you can do things to avoid taking Class C medications, why not take those precautions?

Also, I took out one of my new teas to drink it yesterday and noticed that the package said to speak with your doctor before drinking it if you’re pregnant. I had never even considered that, but when I looked it up, I found that there are a few herbs you shouldn’t consume via teas while pregnant because they’re more concentrated. Who knew?! Then I was paranoid about the tea I’ve been drinking, but I looked them up at work yesterday and the ingredients listed are nothing to be concerned about. However, some sites still said to avoid tea while pregnant in general. Ugh. Who even thinks about all of this?! No deli meat. Limit your fish intake. Don’t even drink tea. WTF. (I’m still going to drink my other teas- they’re non-herbal- I’ll just stay away from the herbal teas.)

Since this whole post is all about pregnancy, I’ll just stick with the theme. I’m still nauseous pretty much all the time now. Still in a different way than morning sickness where I felt super nauseous all the time and had major food aversions. But now, I just feel like I’m going to actually throw up a lot. I had to stop working out this morning after about 18 minutes (luckily the workout was 20 minutes long) because I thought I was going to throw up. Every time I eat a meal, it makes me feel awful. I’ve been having to eat small things more frequently to avoid feeling completely awful, but even then it doesn’t help much. Yesterday I went to eat a snack cause I was hungry, but as soon as I got my lunch box out of the fridge, my mouth started watering like I was going to throw up. I don’t want to drink as much because I feel like it just sits in my stomach. I only peed four times at work yesterday and I’ve been going at least 10 times a day easily at work, and if I drink more, probably over 20 times (I go multiple times an hour a lot of days). So I know my hydration is lacking which isn’t good in pregnancy either. I don’t have heartburn thankfully (common in pregnancy), but I just feel disgusting 24/7 and like I want to throw up multiple times a day. I’m having to sleep with my head elevated again because of it (and that hurts my back and my shoulders hurt if I sleep on my sides but I’m not supposed to sleep on my back but I do anyway, and I wake up every morning with lower abdominal discomfort and I’m just getting tired of mornings in general because I always feel miserable).

Also, I think I have internal hemorrhoids now. Also common in pregnancy and since I just try to keep it real with all of you, I’m just throwing that out there. Today was the first day I noticed a lot of discomfort and a fair amount of blood when I went to the bathroom. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get worse.

Despite all of these pregnancy annoyances, I’m still really liking being pregnant overall. Even though I feel disgusting all the time, I am so glad I don’t have that terrible 24/7 nausea like morning sickness was. Even though I’m mildly uncomfortable in the mornings, I still sleep fine for most of the night. Even if my workouts suck, I can still modify them. And even if I have hemorrhoids, at least I’m not constipated anymore like I was at the beginning of pregnancy. It’s still fun feeling Jackson in there kicking me all day long and I like watching my belly get bigger and bigger. It’s even starting (but just barely) to get more exciting to think about actually having a real baby in 18 more weeks and not just a belly baby.

To end this long, boring (sorry to those who have never been pregnant, these are not fun things to read about, I’m sure) post, I’ll post a picture of my belly now (well, on Wednesday).


21.5 weeks pregnant. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “21 Weeks Pregnant and Not Loving It

  1. Cute bump! Sounds like you had a hell of a time at work this week, sorry to hear about that. Also, I haven’t ever heard of internal hemorrhoids…so I’ll def put that on my radar!!

    • They’re the same thing! They’re just not protruding out of the body so they’re not really irritating except for when using the bathroom! We get tons of people in the ER thinking they have some sort of internal bleeding, but really they just have hemorrhoids that are more internal!

  2. Well, you’re over halfway done with the pregnancy at least, and of course you’ll have other worries when the baby comes but at least you can eat sushi, certain cheeses, drink herbal tea, etc without having to worry so much. It has to be difficult to nurse while pregnant, too because you’re on your feet and on the move all the time, plus it’s just a very physically demanding job!

    • Thankfully I’m working less hours now! And when I work with the kids or work at my other job, I don’t spend as much time on my feet! It’s definitely a challenge though. I had a lot of random pains yesterday and just wanted to sit down but that’s not always possible at work. Ah, the cheeses! I can’t wait to eat all the soft cheeses again! And deli meat, actually! I miss my simple lunches! I can’t believe I’m over halfway done though! I still hope time creeps on by cause I’m not ready for the baby part yet!

  3. Oh man, it sounds like you’ve been having a rough time. At least you’re over halfway there though! I’ve always heard about not eating sushi or tuna while pregnant but never herbal tea? And cheese?? Really?? I don’t have too many friends yet that have kids so I’m learning all these fun facts from your blog, haha :).

    • Any type of raw fish is a no go while pregnant, but I only eat shrimp or veggie rolls so I’m set with sushi still. Tuna has varying levels of mercury per can, so they say a max of 6 oz of tuna per week (I think… or 12, but I only eat 6oz a week). Soft cheeses that aren’t pasteurized can carry listeria, which is really harmful to babies and you’re more prone to things like that while pregnant because your immune system is down. And tea because apparently some of them stimulate the uterus and can cause miscarriages or preterm birth, and I think others have various side effects, but those were the ones I looked up!

  4. Yikes, I am SO sorry your nausea has been so bad. Mine pretty much stopped around 16 weeks and I can’t imagine how hard and exhausting it would be to have it just keep on going, especially when you’re at a job where you’re on your feet all day! That’s crazy you have to work with so many different patients with different issues as well. As a teacher, I feel like I just wash my hands all the time and make my germy students keep their hands to themselves (which unfortunately doesn’t always work). Hopefully the nausea will die down a bit soon 😦

    • It hadn’t kept going, thankfully! It was gone around week 9 and came back recently, although it has eased up a bit! Now it’s just the constant reflux feeling from having this baby smash my insides up! For the most part, I feel like my immune system is pretty awesome since I’m constantly surrounded by sick people and I almost never get sick, but being pregnant definitely makes me more aware of the types of illnesses I’m around!

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