Friday Favorites

I don’t ever do Friday Favorites because I’m really just not cool enough to keep up with blogging fads. But today I feel like I actually have some favorites that I should share. Not because you can buy them. They’re experiences. But just because I have a lot of favorites, okay?!

Coffee Shops:

I’ve really been enjoying exploring newer coffee shops in Atlanta lately! I went to Amelie’s French Bakery and loved sitting there drinking my coffee (even if I couldn’t get my Wifi to work so I wasn’t able to get my schoolwork done). I really like sitting outside and enjoying coffee too. Unfortunately, I tend to have my free time in the afternoons and the coffee shops I want to try are scattered all over Atlanta, so I haven’t been going as much as I’d like due to rush hour.


Fall Weather:

My days off have been beautiful this week! This is the hardest time of the year to get schoolwork done because I’d much rather be galavanting around the great outdoors, but alas, most of my time is spent inside at the table. I have had the windows open nonstop lately though, so the cool weather is still making its way inside!


A Clean House:

finally cleaned my entire house on Tuesday! Top to bottom! The only room left to tackle is our guest bedroom/future baby room, but we’ll get to that! I have been cleaning up every night to make sure the clean house doesn’t escape me, which is what has been happening lately. One night of being lazy turns into not picking anything up for days. So for now, the house is still spotless.

Old Photos:

I just logged back into Facebook after quite some time off of it. While I really haven’t been on much, I still scrolled through some old photos and even went through some more Europe photos to upload finally. I came across this one below of my old powerlifting coach on the left and one of my gym buddies on the right. This was definitely during some of the fun times in my single time (the whole year of 2012, Jon and I were broken up). I really got to kind of find myself as an adult and seeing all of those photos brought back so many good memories!


Morning Tea:

Instead of coffee, I’ve been drinking tea lately. I decided it’s probably better for me than coffee so unless I go to a coffee shop, my daily cup of joe has become a daily cup of tea. Since I had gone a few months without my morning coffee too (after getting pregnant), it has been so nice to just sit and drink tea, or drink it in the car on cold mornings on my way to work.

My Cats:

My cats are definitely my buddies. I spend a lot of time at home by myself (which I love!), but I always have my constant companions close by! While Kitty usually hangs out on the porch or by a window, Tom is always right by me. (He’s actually pressed up against the back of my laptop right now.) I actually just found this photo in my media library on the blog, too. Tom always cuddles with me and comes and lays in my arms while I’m on the computer. They keep me entertained all day long and I really do look forward to seeing my cats every time I come home!

photo 1-7

Okay, time to go work on some grad school stuff! I’m off to CrossFit at noon and then I’ll be back to work on my paper some more this afternoon! I need to start making progress since the end of the semester is full of a bunch of different assignments and I’ve kind of lost my motivation! Woops!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love coffee shops! Real coffee shops that takes the time to do your drink properly unlike Starbucks. So good!

    The temperature there seems like the one here haha, except we’re not going to be getting anymore 70 deg weather for a few months ha.

  2. Hi Liz! First of all, my brother lives in Atlanta, and yet I’ve never been to visit him. I’ve only visited the City back when I was in high school for an event. But, 52 is a great temperature, so I can see why you’d rather be outside. As far as tea — I’m with you. I don’t drink coffee and don’t miss it (I used to drink it). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy that clean house!

    • You should visit! Atlanta is a nice city, although you have to go to the right parts! I still miss my morning coffee sometimes, but tea seems to do the trick! And I still have my occasional cup when I’m out, so it evens out 🙂 Thanks for replying!

  3. That is crazy that Atlanta has been colder than Omaha! I am sure that won’t last much longer though. I’ve definitely been wanting to spend more time outside too since it’s not so ridiculously humid. Coffee is a must have for me, mainly in the mornings. I’ve really struggled to like drinking tea but I definitely agree that it’s way better for you than coffee! 🙂 Tom is so funny.. you post the cutest pictures!

  4. Love this post!! That photo with your cat is too cute! I’m loving fall this year think it’s my favourite time of year for running!!

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