CrossFit in Pregnancy, OB Visit, Sleepover at the Padres.

I’d say happy Friday, but I have to work all weekend so I’m not feeling too happy about this day! Impending doom. And I have an entire paper to write between today and Monday, but I work all weekend and have plans Monday night, so today needs to be my bulk day for the paper (which I clearly am doing a great job at- NOT).

I spent the night over at my mom and dad’s last night! I don’t know why, but I always really enjoy spending the night there! Maybe cause it’s always a throwback and I always tend to look through old photos (I looked at a bunch last night- I’m so glad I’ve grown up) and it’s fun sleeping in my old room, even if it’s completely different. When I was younger, we always moved every three years. This house is the first house that has been “home” for so many years (15 years- we moved there in 2000). It was nice to sit and chat with my mom and dad too! And I did some grooming to Sam, our 18 year old cat who is still alive and thriving over there! His fur is in sad shape though!

Unfortunately, I woke up with a ton of ear pain last night from all the fluid in my ear, but it must have shifted and it felt fine this morning. I woke up with ligament pain in my abdomen this morning though, so all around, it just wasn’t a great night of sleep. I also just felt drained waking up and I think the fluid in my ears is causing some nausea and lack of appetite. Isn’t being pregnant fun?!

I got up to go to my OB appointment this morning to check on Baby Jackson. His heartbeat is still in the 130s. Really and truly, these monthly appointments seem like a bit of a waste. I just saw the baby last week on the ultrasound and I listened to his heartbeat at work the other day, so I know he’s still kickin’. I feel like monthly prenatal visits are just some way for doctors to make more money off insurance companies. They check my urine and fetal heart tones and that’s it. Good thing I have so many days off during the week or I’d probably be irritated about taking so many days off for these appointments!

I ran to Whole Foods afterwards to grab a few things to make for work this weekend and got home in time to lay down before the gym for a few. It was really rough getting off the couch to go work out. I was still feeling really blah and lazy, but I didn’t want to pay a fee at the gym so I got my butt of the couch and went to CrossFit.

I had a bum workout again since it included running today and I really wanted nothing to do with running or rowing after yesterday. I have no back pain today and I’m trying to keep it that way since I know it’s coming back tomorrow with a 12 hour workday! So I just walked 200m with 15lb dumbbells in each hand instead, and I have to do my pushups with my hands on a box or else I feel way too much pressure in my abs. We were also working on handstand pushups (which I am awesome at), but I’ve been dizzy with all this fluid in my ears so I didn’t want to go upside down at all. So I just did push presses instead. I worked up a sweat though and that’s really all that matters right now! I just feel bad being difficult since I’m just a ClassPasser, but the coaches have been great! I’m sticking with the same gyms though for the most part, so the coaches are used to working with me at least, even if I don’t “belong” to that gym.

I got home and started on my paper briefly (as in, I wrote about five sentences all afternoon). I cleaned up a bit, threw some chili in the crockpot, made a spaghetti squash, and now I’m drinking some chai tea that smells just like fall! I also opened all the doors to let this cool air into the house and it’s just a nice, dreary afternoon! I’m excited for Jon to get home tonight, but he won’t get home till around 10:30 (he went to New Orleans for work last night, which was why I went to my parent’s house)! I’ll probably be in bed by then!

I’m sure I’ll check back on Monday, but I hope you all have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “CrossFit in Pregnancy, OB Visit, Sleepover at the Padres.

  1. Pregnant & working out like a boss? You are really putting me to shame, girl…

    • Haha, well I only made it to the gym twice this past week, and that was after taking 1 1/2 weeks off. So, it’s not as much as it sounds like!

  2. Do you still squat and deadlift? I’ve seen women in their pregnancy doing it. How much difficuly it is?

    • I’ve squatted a lot, but lately I haven’t deadlifted. Squatting has been completely fine, actually. Since you stay upright, it’s fairly comfortable and doesn’t cause me to feel like everything in my abdomen is being squashed. I think I could comfortably deadlift also (it just hasn’t happened to fall on a day when I’m working out), since the positioning seems like it would be fine. I probably wouldn’t go super heavy just to avoid straining my abs at all, but I don’t go heavy with anything really now since I tend to feel the pressure in my abs when I do. It really is totally different keeping your core tight when your abs are being stretched out over your whole belly, and I’m not even big! It makes me feel like my back is a lot more compromised on presses, so I really keep it way lighter for things like that. Anything that really involves the core gets me… (I know you didn’t specifically ask about that.) I honestly am shocked at what some women do throughout pregnancy! After reading about diastasis recti, I am way more concerned about straining my abs since I don’t want them to separate!

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