Gender Reveal Party and CrossFit

Happy Thursday! I’m off today (obviously) and tomorrow, but it’s back to work this weekend! Sad face.

Monday was another missed workout day. I had my very first case of vertigo that put me out of the gym at 10am due to lack of sleep and fear of the vertigo coming back with changing positions too much. So I spent the majority of my day lazing around and watching trash TV.

Monday evening was my Gender Reveal “Party.” I went in the afternoon to CamiCakes to pick up a random assortment of cupcakes to stuff with colored icing myself.


I had to buy myself a mini one to eat right away and it was SO GOOD. I’ve never had CamiCakes before but I’m sold. I’m not a huge cake person in general, but something about this baby is making me crave sweets nonstop and I’ve been really wanting cupcakes lately. It was like a little piece of heaven. Far better than any other cupcake I’ve ever had.

I spent the afternoon cooking and stuffing the cupcakes with green food coloring (it went fairly well, except one ended up with no green icing inside and Gina was the poor recipient of that one, so she didn’t get the surprise, haha).

Kassie, Gina, and Laura were all here by 6pm! We cut the cake for the reveal and they were all excited about a baby boy! They all thought I was having a girl cause they thought I would have been more depressed if it was a boy, haha. I’m still disappointed about having a boy, but I’m excited too. It’s still going to be my baby. We all ate some chili (yay chili! it’s fall!) and took ridiculous photos. Then we dug into our cupcakes and let me just tell you, if you can get to a CamiCakes, order a cinnamon swirl and a sweet potato cupcake. Those two were out of this world. I told myself like a month ago today that I’d start eating better, but it’s taking all of my willpower not to go get more cupcakes.


Tuesday and Wednesday were work days for me. Unfortunately, my amazing pregnancy took a bit of a turn and I’m now having some horrible lower back pain. I couldn’t figure out what exactly was going on but it was making work absolutely miserable. Last night, Jon massaged my lower back and everything was extremely painful. I woke up with back pain last night (and Jackson going crazy in my belly).

We did make it out to trivia last night, which was a lot of fun but also kind of miserable to sit in a booth for two hours. I’m feeling more comfortable with the trivia group (there are only usually 6 or 7 of us) so it’s more enjoyable to go to now. I’m hoping we start back up with going since it’s nice to have some social time.

This morning I was supposed to go to an 8am CrossFit class via ClassPass, but instead I set my alarm for 8am. Awesome. They seemed laid back last time I went (most CrossFit gyms are), so I went to the 10am class instead. I was still uncomfortable before going (but my back pain wasn’t as bad- it’s usually not until after being on my feet for a few hours during the day and then it just gets miserable) but I will say that this has been one of my harder workouts for sure. Running makes me have to pee with every. single. step. so I rowed for my 2nd and 3rd rounds (800m each) and that was miserable too. I have to row at a pace of 2:35-2:55/500m in order to breathe enough where I feel like Jackson gets some Os too, and then I can’t lean forward cause it feels like I have a watermelon in my pelvis and I can’t lean back cause it strains my abs. And my back pain started up during the workout and yeah, rough. But I’m not quitting the gym if I can avoid it. I’ll just suffer and waddle through workouts if I have to.

I did read today that this is the time where my ligaments loosen up and your center of gravity really starts shifting, so lower back pain is a common complaint now. I was relieved to read that cause I really felt like it was way too early to be having back pain (I’ve only gained 10lbs) and everybody at work seemed so surprised when I told them how I was feeling. The stuff I read didn’t mention if it gets better though. I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to discuss it with my doctor.

Today will be spent doing schoolwork and heading over to my parent’s house. I’m spending the night there since I haven’t seen them in awhile and they’ll be going out of town soon. My doctor is closer to their house anyway. I need to finish up a book too cause Monday is our next book club meeting and I’m only 14 pages into our book. Oops.

I’ll leave you all with a picture of me today (excuse everything but my belly- I just got home from the gym). I’m finally at the point of feeling like I actually look like I’m pregnant instead of just looking like I drink too many beers. I also felt like my belly was stuck at the same size for weeks on end and these last two days I’ve felt bigger. (I’ll be 18 weeks on Saturday.)

18wks pregnant

6 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Party and CrossFit

  1. Those are really cute pictures! You look cute coming from the gym and I always feel like I look like a hot mess fest. I definitely noticed the belly a lot more in recent pictures, but I hope the lower back pain eases up a bit so that you can get back to working out and also work at your job relatively comfortably. Looks like you guys had fun at the gender reveal and with the cupcakes!

  2. I came here after seeing a link to your “Adjusting to Pregnancy” post, and I’ve read a couple posts but couldn’t comment–looks like I can here. I’ve been having glitches with WordPress lately. Anyway, I like the way initially finding out your baby’s sex was just one of lots of things you were doing! It’s not really all THAT important. I always wanted a little girl, but for various reasons we thought we’d only have one child; since there was no medical need for 20-week ultrasound, we didn’t know until birth that he was a boy. I did feel some disappointment, but it faded within the first couple hours as I got to know him, and he soon became my little buddy! He is not the most boyish boy–he likes trains but also flowers; he’s very artistic and not into fighting–so it’s been easy to see him as an individual person more so than A Boy. And I was surprised how much I liked the cute blue clothes with dinosaurs and stuff. I hope you will enjoy your little boy, too!

    Our second child came NINE years later, so I was getting old and had the genetic blood test as well as ultrasound, so we knew she was a girl at 15 weeks. I’m very glad to have a daughter! But I’m also grateful that I learned to enjoy being the mother of a boy first.

    Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy! Have you tried chiropractic adjustment for that back pain?

    • The back pain just started on Wednesday, so I haven’t.even thought about it yet. I’m hoping it’ll get better but if not, I may consider it! I think I’m still excited now about just having a baby so I’m starting to care less and less that it’s a boy. Every time I feel him move or think of him, I’m just glad he’s MY baby (and Jon’s). I am glad we found out ahead of time though because I really thought I was having a girl, so I think I would have been even more disappointed to make it till the end and then find out! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. Aww, I hope that back pain eases soon.
    Those cupcakes look amazing, infact a gender reveal party in general sounds amazing. Baby showers weren’t even a thing here in the UK until a few years ago! You are looking so good, it’s a perfect little baby bump now!! 🙂

  4. You definitely look bigger than the last picture you posted. Hopefully the back pain will go away. My cousin had bad back pain through out the rest of her pregnancy, it doesn’t seem like fun. In my culture, if you have a birth mark, they say it’s because your mom didn’t get to have the craving she was having. Maybe Jackson will have a cupcake shaped birth mark haha.

  5. Ahhhh you look so freaking adorable in those pics!

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