Post-Vacation Updates

Hello again! It’s been awhile, thanks to my trip to Wyoming (AMAZING!). I am actually about halfway through a trip update for you guys because Wyoming was absolutely beautiful, but I’m not done yet and haven’t really been working too hard on it. But it’s coming.

I got home Sunday afternoon and it was nice to be home and out of the car! I put probably 4,500 miles on my car in the week span, so my butt was feeling those car seats! Also, over the last three weeks away from Jon, my hormones really seem to have evened out so I was actually ecstatic to see him! (I was totally the uber b*tch wife, as I depicted here on a few occasions). After a quick shower in my own house and just relaxing with Jon for a bit, we headed to have dinner at my parent’s house on Sunday night! Much needed relaxing evening over there, followed by hours of organizing due dates and projects for grad school.


That’s right. Grad school started while I was on vacation! I’ve spent hours working on schoolwork again this past week and can I just tell you all how less than excited I am about this! Also, I’m realizing what a challenge working and grad school will be with a baby at home! I’m hoping to get through the newborn phase okay since it’s a lot of sleeping, but after that? Who knows. I think my dad may retire at the end of this year, so if he does, I have a feeling the baby and I will be having a lot of hangouts at their house during the week while Grandpa entertains Baby and I get papers done!

I made it back to the gym on Monday. I decided to go with Gravity, which I haven’t done in a long time. I forgot how much I love going there, but there was a lot of oblique work which really didn’t work well for me right now. It caused a lot of nausea, but thankfully that passed not long after the workout.

I had planned a workout yesterday but those plans never happened. Instead of being productive in the morning, I spent four hours at my parent’s house waiting for my oil to get changed unexpectedly. After two doctor’s appointments yesterday and needing to start a paper, I decided to give my body a day of rest. I’m going to CrossFit at noon today, and after a full body workout on Monday, I figured it couldn’t hurt to rest more!

I did get to have breakfast with my dad yesterday though! I had my baby appointment at 8:30, which went fine! I heard the heartbeat and had all my labs drawn. I go back on October 2nd and then November 4th is my anatomy scan! I can’t wait until November to find out the sex of the baby! It better cooperate at that appointment! But after that, I decided I better get my oil changed while I was up near the place I like going to. So my dad picked me up after I dropped my car off and took me to breakfast (it’s right near their house, so I always drop my car off and they pick me up while it’s getting changed). It was really nice! I spend hardly any one on one time with my dad, so it was good to just go eat with him for about an hour and chat. We got back to their house and I decided to catch up on Bachelor in Paradise and take a nap until my car was ready!

Last bit of sad workout news: I think MissFits came off ClassPass! My favorite class! I’m super bummed, but if I want to go back to MissFits, they only charge $50 a month, which is great. However, between LA Fitness and ClassPass, that’s not doable right now. And once the baby comes, there’s no childcare there, so I think the MissFits days might be over! That’s the big bummer about ClassPass- finding something you like and then they get rid of it (like my CrossFit class at AdrenalineGX in the evenings).

Jon and I have mostly been spending time together. Monday night, we cooked a delicious mashed potato and pork chop dinner on his new cast iron pans. It was possibly the best pork chop I’ve ever had. When Jon makes good pork, it’s fantastic. It can be a crapshoot though cause sometimes he really overcooks them. We’ve also been watching documentaries on Netflix. We watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Monday and last night we watched The Dark Matter of Love. I recommend both of them, but especially The Dark Matter of Love if you or anybody you know is adopting an older child. My sister-in-law is in the process of adopting a 3-5 year old special needs kid from Ethiopia (I believe that’s the age) and it’s really eye opening about how difficult it can be to bring these kids home. I have two adopted cousins, but from birth, so none of those issues really arose.

We also spent the evening cleaning up our house last night. Hopefully we can magically keep it clean, because with school, I just don’t have tons of time! I also have a fairly heavy workweek coming up and am not really excited about balancing work and school over that time. I also work three days in a row in the ER and I’ve been reading tons of statuses online about how awful work has been over the last few days! Ah! Not excited!

I’m off to start on my paper before heading to the gym this morning! I need to go to Whole Foods this afternoon to pick something up for dinner and for work lunches, and I want to find a necklace rack at World Market or Michael’s. Other than that, my day will look a lot like this: