Mary Mac’s, Gender Reveal, Taste of Atlanta, Trainwreck, and Cat Cuddles

What a crazy weekend already and it’s not even over yet (thankfully!). Yesterday was another no gym day. I haven’t gone since Tuesday, but I guess after starting back at CrossFit regularly, maybe my body just needed a break. I haven’t really felt like working out so I figure I should take a few days off. Instead, I managed to finally clean our entire house- bathrooms and floors included! About dang time. I also may have had the Whole Foods hot bar for breakfast, consisting of French toast and quiche. And bacon. I also may have spooned with FatCat while catching up on trashy TV.


Jon got home from work around 5 and we finished a few things around the house. We had been planning on a fancy date night last night for quite some time, but we lost the gift card we were going to use. We decided we might as well go out somewhere else in hopes of finding the gift card later on, but then I decided I didn’t feel like getting super fancy. Instead, I showered and threw on a dress and we headed out the door.

16 weeks pregnant

16 weeks 6 days pregnant.


I was really in the mood for Mary Mac’s, which is a famous southern restaurant in Atlanta. We definitely didn’t even need to be in dresses to go there, but it was still fun to get somewhat dressed up (since I usually live in Target v-necks). Jon has never been there and I’ve only gone twice, but it was better than I remembered! I stuffed my face and felt so incredibly full afterwards (I used to never eat to the point of being full before getting pregnant- I need to stop because it is such an awful feeling).

mary macs

Sweet potato soufflé on the left there was AMAZING. Also, chicken pot pie, fried green tomatoes, and mac & cheese. All so freaking delicious.

We talked about going out and doing something after since our date literally lasted a whole 45 minutes, but one of us (not me) had a bathroom emergency so we went home. Totally fine with me though. We’ve already talked about how much I love sleeping lately.

Turns out, I did a lot of tossing and turning last night in anticipation of our gender reveal ultrasound this morning! I was up at 7am and wanting to sleep! I thought about going to the gym, but instead cuddled with Tom and Jon and I tried to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty sick from eating so unhealthy yesterday. Jon and I decided to go get coffee before our appointment, so we got ready and left.

I decided there was no way I could drink any coffee with how disgusting I was feeling, but then I ended up getting a quiche at a new French place we decided to try, Douceur de France. The quiche was delicious and I’d definitely go back, but I left feeling even worse (surprise).

We got to our appointment for our gender reveal a few minutes early. We read some horrible reviews about the place on Yelp, but it was totally great! We were in and out within 20 minutes. Once we got back to the room, I took my seat on the table. They have the ultrasound screen projected up onto the wall so it’s huge. Of course, I was pretty much just dying to hear that this baby is a girl! The ultrasound tech (who was fantastic) started out by finding the head and showing us the spine. The baby was laying on its side. She played the heartbeat for us and it made me cry! I cried hearing the heartbeat at the last ultrasound too, and even just listening to it at the doctor’s office for 15 seconds got me all choked up. I don’t know what it is about hearing the heartbeat! Anyway, she had to poke and prod the baby around to get it to spread its legs. I had no idea what was on the screen, but Jon said, “I think I see what I need to see!” I was totally hoping he was wrong about that cause he wanted a boy! After another minute or so, the ultrasound tech said, “Well, that’s a boy! There’s one leg and there’s the other, and there’s the tip of the penis!” AH NO! Not even going to lie, I was totally disappointed! I was so sure it was a girl! I’m still mourning the loss of my future mother/daughter relationship too! We didn’t get any pictures (you had to pay another $20 so we decided to wait until we get them for free at the doctor’s office) and we weren’t allowed to take any, so it was completely an undocumented experience. Fine by me. I don’t think I’ll forget it. We left and made some calls and sent some texts and went on with our day, with our new baby boy in my belly! His name is Jackson, but we have yet to pick out a middle name. But we may just go with the first name only. We’re considering skipping the middle name. Also, I have determined that I definitely can feel Jackson moving. I’ve felt what feels like a rolling down in my lower abdomen when I lay flat at times, but it usually happens once and not again for a few days. Tonight, I felt it like crazy. I could even feel little blubs on the outside which is surprising, but I’m so thin that I’m guessing it’s not as hard to feel big movements on the outside.

After we left, we swung by the house to grab ponchos and headed to Atlanta for Taste of Atlanta. You basically pay the entrance fee and then can load points onto an armband to get food samples from restaurants in Atlanta. I was feeling somewhat decent at that point (still not great) so at least I got to enjoy some food. I didn’t try everything that I wanted, but I had an amazing pumpkin soup there from a cafe just near our house, Egg Harbor Cafe. I will definitely be going there for that soup again. So good! Unfortunately, it rained on us the entire time we were there, but we didn’t let it ruin our moods! Also, as soon as we walked up to the entrance, my flip flop broke! What a bummer, but thankfully I had thrown boots in the Jeep just in case my feet got cold!

taste of atlanta

We finally decided to go see Trainwreck since I’ve been wanting to see it for so long and we always think of it way too late at night to go! Since we waited so long, we had to drive kind of far to go see it, but it was worth it! I really enjoyed the movie!

We got home around 8pm and we were planning on going downtown to a barbecue place to watch bluegrass, but I bailed. I had Jon invite his friend, Andrew, to go so I could finish up my paper that’s due tomorrow and relax on the couch with Tom.


He’s taking his cuddles very seriously.

I’m still feeling super sick, so I think tomorrow will be spent eating all fruit and veggies to get me back on track. My body isn’t  anywhere used to eating how I’ve been eating the last two days and I’m paying for it big time. Yuck. Have a good night and I’m sure I’ll check back in later!


7 thoughts on “Mary Mac’s, Gender Reveal, Taste of Atlanta, Trainwreck, and Cat Cuddles

  1. Ah you’re having a little boy! Congratulations! If I have kids, I kind of want my first one to be a boy even though baby girls are so cute, I just want a boy haha. I like the name Jackson, it’s cute! I don’t have a middle name, people are always surprised by it, it’s kind of a hassle having to go through all of their reactions every single time I tell them that I don’t have one haha. But then some people don’t like having a middle name. The little boy’s clothing got cuter, so you’ll have fun dressing him up! And you never know, he may get attached to his mom and have a great relationship with you.

    • I REALLY like Andrew for a middle name, but that’s what Jon’s brother used as middle names for both of his sons! We will probably come up with one though. I plan on using LOTS of hand me downs for Jackson since we have so many boys in the family! I’ve already been offered stuff! It’s still so weird to think of him as a boy since I’ve been thinking of our baby as a girl all along!

  2. Ahh, it’s a boy lovely! I love the name Jackson also! Maybe the next one will be your girl 😉

  3. Congratulations on the gender reveal even if you didn’t get the news you wanted. Those things always seem a bit weird because when someone says it’s a girl, sometimes the next one they find out it was a boy and the tech just didn’t see the anatomy. When it’s a boy, at least you know there’s no mistake. As for the mother/daughter relationship, Jackson might not be your only kid so you might still get to have it, or one day have a niece or something?

    I’m glad you and Jon had a nice date and your food looks tasty. I love sweet potatoes in general and mac and cheese. Taste of Atlanta sounds fun too and like a great deal with the wristbands. Ours was this weekend but ridiculously expensive, then you had to pay for samples.

    • Taste of Atlanta is a cheaper version of another Restaurant Week type thing. $25 isn’t too bad (per person), but we paid $10 for parking and ended up having to add points too. So it wasn’t super cheap, but it was worth it! I have a niece, but they live in Florida so it’s not the same! HOPEFULLY our next one will be a girl! I think if people have earlier ultrasounds, it’s more likely that they think it’s a girl when it’s not. The anatomy takes awhile to grow out so the penis isn’t always clear early on.

  4. OMG congrats! I didn’t realize when you commented about your ultrasound being the next day that it was the gender one! I love the name Jackson, but it’s my friend’s fiance’s name so we had to rule it out. And I can’t believe you feel the baby moving! That is so amazing!

    See, this is why I’m thinking about not finding out the sex of the baby! I want a girl so bad, but at least if I wait until the baby is born, I won’t have any time to be disappointed if it’s a boy because I’ll instantly be looking at my son’s face and nothing else will matter! Lol.

    Here are some pics of cute baby boys to pull at your heartstrings. I swear, looking at baby boy pics has helped me feel a bit more excited at the thought of having a boy!

    • Haha, but ALL OF THOSE BOYS COULD BE GIRLS! I mean, all babies look the same pretty much. Our next ultrasound at my doctor’s office was November 4th (it still is), but I was too impatient to wait until then to find out the gender so we just paid for this one at a private clinic! I’m so glad we did. I couldn’t wait any longer! And even though I am disappointed that it’s a boy, it hasn’t changed anything really. I still feel the same about it! I can’t believe that JON can feel it move already! It’s insane how strong the movement are on the outside this early! I even googled it to see if this is early or not and most of them said their husbands couldn’t feel it till 22-24 weeks! Now I just need to see what you’re having, haha. I can’t wait till you deliver!

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