Mid-week Ramblings!

Hello! It’s another beautiful fall day! Loving this weather!

Monday night, Jon and I went out to a Texmex place for drinks (we made dinner together at home), where Andrew met up with us to get his phone that he left at our house. Jon snapped this picture before we left:


After a quick four hour shift at work yesterday from 11-3 (3:30, I got out late), I headed over to Hard Exercise Works for an afternoon workout. I was totally not feeling it at all, as I had been starving once I got out of work and had to shove my face before going to the gym. Pregnancy likes to cause blood sugar crashes really unexpectedly, despite eating a substantial breakfast at 9:45am.

We did a fairly easy workout with a plate. I went light and did an easy one. I still lift heavy if I’m just lifting, but if I use weights for an actual workout, I tend to go way lighter these days. While I miss heavier workouts, I don’t actually care enough to try them and with all this shortness of breath, I just stick with something simple. Works for me.

Last night I ended up working on school stuff since Jon was at a business dinner. I’m trying to write an article critique but I’m not all that great at it. Ah well. I also caught up on Real Housewives. Once Jon got home, we had our evening chats and watched some HGTV before I called it a night!

I had a work class from 10-12 today and ended up leaving at noon, even though it wasn’t technically over. I wanted to preregister for delivery since I’m always at the hospital super early or super late and I thought it’d be a good opportunity!

After I left the hospital, I went over to Andreina’s house for lunch! I picked up some Atlanta Bread Company and they had their butternut squash soup! My favorite soup ever! Also, I had a pumpkin spice latte. Delicious. And so fall-like. I took lunch to her house since she has two kids and we caught up for awhile. I met her new baby boy (well, he’s 4 months now)! We also talked houses since she’ll be our next real estate agent and we want to start looking.

I came home after that and started on my paper again. Jon is home now, but I’m waiting for him to finish up some work so we can go on a walk since it’s so nice out!

And the last bit of news! I talked to a girl at work the other day who told me about Baby’s First Images! You pay $40 and they’ll do a gender reveal for you! I was so impatient about having to wait until our Nov 4th ultrasound to find out the sex so I’m super excited about this! I’ve read either really great or really horrible reviews of the place, so I hope it goes well. I can’t imagine a 10 minute gender scan can be all that horrible. Keep your fingers crossed that this baby cooperates and that it’s a girl! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE A GIRL!) It is a little crazy cause it’s still just an “it” and once we know if it’s a boy or girl, I think it’ll all be more real! Jon and I were both expecting to have 5 more weeks to prepare for that! But I’m really excited to know NOW! Ahhh! We’re going to do a gender reveal for the girls (my friends) on Monday night since they want to be surprised. I’ll already know, but if that’s what they want, haha!


11 thoughts on “Mid-week Ramblings!

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will have a girl! 🙂 Any particular reason why you feel so strongly about having a girl? I felt the same about having a boy! When will you find out?

    • I find out TOMORROW!!!! I mostly want a girl for the adult life (since I’m not big on kids- I feel like the adult stage will be my favorite). My sisters and I are so much closer with my parents than my brothers and I really want that relationship with a daughter one day! I don’t think these earlier years would make any difference really, but boys tend to stay more distanced from their parents as they get older.

  2. I love the pic! You look so cute and definitely looking more pregnant than some of the previous pics. Glad that you’re preregistered for L&D and getting the gender reveal and everything, sounds like you’re making a lot of progress on the pregnancy front ;).

    I love the Panera butternut squash soup! I haven’t had ABC’s because that’s in Mt. Pleasant and too far for me to drive. Still waiting on cooler temps to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, though.

    • Well if you ever go by ABC, get their soup! They don’t have it every day, but I actually call them in the fall to find out if they have it before I waste my time going there. I’ve had Panera’s, but to me, it doesn’t even compare. I feel like I’m at that stage where some days, I look really big and other days, I still look really small! But I’m 17 weeks tomorrow, so I think I’ll just keep on getting bigger for real from here on out!

      • I don’t know if ABC does this but Panera lists the daily soups on their website so I check it to make sure they have the autumn squash soup. I want to try ABC’s now so I will get it the next time I’m in Mt. Pleasant.

        Also I do the online ordering and pick up at Panera (and any restaurant like that that offers it), then pick it up and sit outside and eat so I don’t have to wait in line or wait on my food ;).

  3. A bump! Yay! And that’s exciting about being able to find out the gender that soon. I had a friend that had her gender reveal party around Christmas so she had everyone wear either red or green (boy or girl) on what they thought it was. It was a fun party!

    • That’s a cute idea with the red or green! I didn’t want to do a gender reveal party but my friends really wanted one! So it’s just a small get together with a few of them so that they can be surprised together!

  4. You have got the cutest bump ever! Mine, not so much! lol :-*

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