Randoms & Baby Bellies

This is what my table looks like right now.


It should look a lot more productive than that, whatever that means. But I’m having serious problems getting into schoolwork today. After working all weekend and getting 10 hours of sleep, I’m still just way too tired for my own good. I attempted an hour long nap, but mostly just laid in bed awake. Now I’m a little more awake, but still have zero motivation to type up any silly stuff for grad school.

So this post will just be a random smattering of things, since I have nothing worthwhile to report.


Although I have actually been taking occasional belly pictures, they’re all on my camera and I have yet to upload anything off my camera lately (including all of my Yellowstone/Grand Teton pictures). Also, please ignore the gigantic mirror on the table. That was a waste of money project to build a new mirror frame that did not work because gorilla glue expands EVERYWHERE, including onto your wood floors and is then impossible to get off. But anyway, this was my belly a few days ago, so just under 16 weeks. (I’m now 16 weeks, 2 days.) I feel like my belly hasn’t changed sizes in weeks because I was so bloated before, but now it has turned into baby. I’ve gained 8lbs and am just over 106lbs now. I’m really amazed at this whole growing belly thing. Jon doesn’t get it. My belly button is flattening out already and it is just so strange to have a belly now. And it’s because there’s a whole baby in there! A whole, 4.5-5 inch baby! I still feel great and have been having great workouts (especially since reading that the heart rate under 140 thing isn’t real). This past weekend and today have been some really tired days for me, but most have been excellent.

I’m definitely struggling a bit with this whole “our life is changing completely” concept. I’ve totally accepted being pregnant, but the fact that this ends with a lifelong child is still a little crazy to me. I’m not sure if it’ll become easier to grasp once we know if we’re having a boy or girl, but it’s just such a huge change that I can’t even fathom it.

Jon has been out a lot more during the week and we barely see each other weekends. We finally decided to try and plan nights together each week since I feel this panicky need to spend as much time with just us before the baby is born! As a matter of fact, he finally got me a surprise (he gets so many boxes for work and I always joke that I’m always disappointed that they’re never for me) and he did a great job- a sushi making kit! I keep telling him how much I love cooking with him and want to spend time with him, so it was perfect! Once I go back to the grocery store, we can have a sushi-making date night!

This was not meant to be all about being pregnant.


So there’s my wound from one rope climb the other day! I usually wear my compression sleeves to rope climb but didn’t know we’d be working on that, so I left them at home (I used to keep them in my gym bag but now I live in those things at work!). I already had a scar there from rope climbing in the past, but I think I’ll have a nice new one too.


I made enchiladas again! This time with 2.8lbs of ground beef (Whole Foods had a sale on grass-fed ground beef) and they were delicious again! I took some to my parent’s house on Friday night because there were so many and I ate them for three meals in a row. We still have some left, so tomorrow I’ll have another enchilada day tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Randoms & Baby Bellies

  1. Oh wow! You have a baby bump! It has grown from the last pictures that I saw you posted. Haha, I don’t think that guys would understand.

    I think it’ll feel real once you have the baby home with you haha. That’s the moment it hits you that you have a child life commitment, at least that’s what I heard. I’d be freaking out too, there would go all my sleep haha.

    The enchiladas look good!

  2. Your baby bump looks great on you! Just wait as it continues to grow and grow and grow. Watching my body change this last year was crazy… and it’s still changing post-baby! I completely understand your worries and struggles surrounding the “baby changing your life.” I am learning more and more every day how much my life has changed in just the two weeks since my son has been with us. It’s a beautiful change, I promise you. And there are so many women who can relate, understand, and who will support you through ups and downs. Thank goodness for instincts and nurture!

    • I’m not even worried about actually taking care of the baby (thankfully I started working in our pediatric ER and have learned a lot about babies since then, cause I feel MUCH better now about what to do with a baby, haha), but it’s just the changes in our life! I can’t even imagine how our life is going to be after this baby comes! It’s just so good right now! And isn’t the bump so crazy?! I make Jon look at and touch it all the time and talk about how crazy it is, but he doesn’t get it at all. He’s like, “You’re pregnant, why is that weird?” but it’s because my belly is bigger than it ever has been and there’s a BABY in there! Weird. Anyway, so glad I found your blog! I really seeing how others are doing with a new baby and can only hope I do it 1/2 as gracefully as you!

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