ClassPass, Early Morning Workouts, and Coffee

Happy Thursday guys! For real! Happy freaking FALL Thursday! I am so unbelievably excited about the weather we’ve been having lately in Atlanta! Also, while it may be unfortunate, I just fall more and more in love with the area that we live in all the time. Everything is so accessible and the houses are cute and there’s so much here and I just love it. This is unfortunate because these houses are way out of our price range right now! I’m honestly so tempted so sell my condo while the market is good, move in with my parents, save a ton of money until Jon gets promoted, and then put a huge downpayment down on a house in this area. That’s how much I love it. I don’t want to move any further north of here. I might have to bring this up to Jon to see what he says. He’s itching to get out of this condo so bad that he might be tempted. We’re just really outgrowing this place! With a baby coming and having me back in school and Jon doing work from home a lot (and having TONS of stock equipment from his job that we have to keep in our house), we just need more than 1100 square feet. Our house is always covered in stuff!

In other news, Tuesday ended up being a bit of a bummer afternoon. I went to LA Fitness for a quick 45ish minute workout since Jon was home and I wanted to spend time with him. After the gym, I was so insanely frustrated with finding an appropriate article for a grad school paper that Jon and I just got irritated with each other and we decided to go our separate ways for the afternoon. I decided to go out for coffee to enjoy the weather and read the article that I finally found (after hours of searching)! I decided on my favorite coffee shop for the afternoon.

chattachoochee coffee company

I sat outside for a few hours and read my paper and visited with Jon briefly (he ended up stopping by on his way to dinner- we still love each other). I was still dying to be outside, so I checked with Gina to see what her evening had in store! Her and Kass were having their book club meeting on Kassie’s porch, so I finally joined them for a meeting.

They created the book club maybe a year ago and I assumed I’d be too busy with school to read this semester, but I’ve had plenty of time still in the evenings once I close down the schoolwork. I’m actually really excited to be in the book club now! It’s a group of five girls (now six) that I know fairly well through Kassie. Recently, two of them got engaged (Gina!!!! and Rachel), so this meeting was also an engagement celebration!


I stayed at Kassie’s until about 9:30 and then had to head home to get some sleep for work the next day! Work yesterday was boring. It’s the end of my orientation and I had to wrap up my packet for orientation and then follow an admissions nurse around all day. I should turn in my last thing this Saturday and have Sunday as my first shift on my own! I like orientation (two nurses are better than one!), so I’m not that excited, but it’ll be nice to be forced to learn some things that I’ve been slacking on learning.

I read for awhile last night, and then this morning woke up at 7am to work out! SO EARLY! Actually, Tom has been waking me up around 5 to cuddle lately and my headaches prevent me from falling back to sleep. I had signed up for an 8am CrossFit class on ClassPass so I knew I’d have to wake up and go!

The new gym today was good! I liked the environment and the coach and will definitely be going back! I even liked the 8am workout! It’s nice to be done so early! I was also really happy to be working out and not counting my heart rate to keep it under 140 after reading all those articles about how keeping it under 140 during pregnancy is total BS. Instead, I just focused on making sure I was actually breathing and used that as my indicator! Whenever I get too short of breath, I totally picture my baby curling up into a ball and being starved for oxygen. In other good ClassPass news, MissFits is back on ClassPass! I’ve noticed that sometimes the gyms lag by about a week, so I don’t know if they’re slow to renew their end of the membership with ClassPass or what, but I can’t wait to go back on Monday for a class! The new gym this morning was also right next to a Fresh Market, so I ran in to grab some items for dinner tonight and got a cup of coffee, all by 9:25!


I’m just finishing up breakfast now and will be starting on my paper that’s due this Sunday night. I might go back out to the coffee place to work on my assignment this afternoon since it’s so beautiful out! I hate spending the day inside, especially cause our condo is so dark! But if I do stay at home and work on it, I assure you that my afternoon will look similar to this:


Somebody loves attention!

Alright guys, I hope you all have a great Thursday! I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow since it’s another day off before working the weekend!

7 thoughts on “ClassPass, Early Morning Workouts, and Coffee

  1. This week has gone by so slowly. I seriously feel like it’s never ending!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the new gym…that’s always really important.

  2. Well that is hopeful if you have time for grad school and the book club lol. I hear that grad school isn’t really more difficult, just time consuming.

    I would want a bigger place too with a baby on the way haha. But the market may get even better, you never know.

  3. Gah such a chubby cat! I love it haha. Glad you liked the gym — that’s half the battle 🙂

  4. We’re currently staying with my parents to save up for a deposit for a house….it’s not fun, haha!!
    I’m loving early morning workouts too it sets me up for the day and it feels good knowing you have it over and done with!!

    • I feel like you should do a whole post on living with your parents again as an adult so I can have an eye opening experience, haha. I’m not sure if 8am should REALLY be considered early morning, but for me, anything before 9am usually just doesn’t happen! And honestly, I rarely work out at 9am either because I hate waking up by 8 just to work out. But that feeling was worth it and I’m going to try and make it more of a habit!

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