Florida Weekend & Grad School Fun

Hello everybody! I’m just getting settled back into the school routine after being out of town all weekend. Jon and I went down to Jacksonville for Slade’s (our nephews) 3rd birthday party. We’ve managed to miss all birthday parties for all 8 of our nieces of nephews up until this past weekend. We like to keep it equal and never go! Actually, it’s always because other things are happening, but might as well not make one kid feel like the favorite!

Friday morning was spent at home. There was supposed to be a huge Fuk Yo Flag rally at Stone Mountain that was supposed to be violent, so Jon had asked me to stay home all day. Normally I would probably not listen, but I try to be more respectful since I’m carrying his baby. Although I was bummed to miss out on gym time on a day off, I took it as time to finally clean up our house! I ended up cleaning and packing until right up until Jon got home in the afternoon!

We made our loooong drive to Jacksonville in Atlanta traffic on Friday night. When we got in around 11pm, we hung out for a few with his parents before heading to bed. Since his twin sister and her family is living back with his parents temporarily, we slept out in the motor home. We slept so good out there! I think I need a motor home to sleep in now!

Saturday was a big family day! We spent the morning with his parents and then the rest of his family showed up to start party planning. I ended up taking a nap for a bit before helping out with the preparations. It was really nice to be back down there and hanging out with the family. I missed all the kids too! They’re all at such a fun age right now (11 months-5 years old)!

Around 4pm, all the other kids started showing up! I can definitely see why parents aren’t fans of birthday parties! All those kids running around was too much for us! I don’t think we’ll be having birthday parties in our future! Maybe family get togethers, but nothing else! I never had parties when I was little and I don’t feel like I missed out. I mostly just hung out with my in-laws and Jon during the party. Around 7pm, everybody headed out and I crashed on the couch for a bit. I don’t know why I was so tired this past weekend, but it was serious! I could barely stay awake on Saturday! Guess I did too much last week.

Saturday night was spent with Jon’s parents and his twin’s family. They played cards while I watched and we taught his mom how to use Instragram. Important things in life. We went to bed around midnight and again, slept so good out in that motor home!

Sunday morning we got up early. Everybody else headed out to church while Jon and I tried to go to our favorite biscuit place, Maple Street Biscuit Company! We had enough time to eat and walk on the beach before meeting up with the family for lunch. Unfortunately, the Maple Street by the beach was reserved, so we had to drive all the way to another one. That one ended up being closed on Sundays! I think that’s a new thing for them because Jon and I were sure we’ve been on Sundays before, but we were so bummed! Instead, we ate at this Taverna place and had a pretty decent hash, but it was no biscuit.

We had to leave right from there to go to Cracker Barrel to meet up with the family. After lunch with them, Jon and I made our way back to Atlanta.

I ended up with a terrible headache on our ride home, which has lasted until this morning! I had orientation yesterday again and it was a busy day. Not horrible, but with a headache nonstop, it was not pleasant.

Tom woke me up to cuddle around 4am and my head was killing me, so it was really hard to get back to sleep. I eventually made it back to sleep, only to wake up for my medical exam for my life insurance at 8:30 this morning. It was quick and I was hoping to get a good start on some homework this morning, but I believe all I have left this week is a writing assignment and I am waiting for the librarian to call me back to help me search for articles.

Grad school is frustrating. This assignment has me at a loss and I’ve been trying to work on it for the last four days I’ve been off. So far, I’ve gotten nowhere. I’m hoping for some success when the librarian finally calls back. It says they’re available from 11am-5pm, so I’m waiting to schedule a gym time until I know that the call is completed. I’d hate to be unavailable when somebody finally calls since I only have two more days to finish this assignment.

It’s also a beautiful fall day today, so I think once I finish at the gym, I’ll pack up my school stuff and head to a coffee shop to sit outside and get some work done! But first, time to get make some breakfast! I’m hoping my headache stays how it is so I can enjoy the day. It’s still here (thanks pregnancy, for the longest headache of my entire life), but it’s not nearly as bad as yesterday.


One thought on “Florida Weekend & Grad School Fun

  1. The weather here is beautiful too and I just want to be outside and work outside myself! Good luck with the grad school research and everything as well as orientation. I’m glad you guys got to go to Florida for the party too!

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