CrossFit in Pregnancy & Potluck Night

Ohhhh Wednesday! It’s been a few days since my last post (grad school will probably mean less posting in general) and I still haven’t done anything with my trip updates. I’m always kind of a failure at doing those anyway.

This past weekend was all work and no play! I was happy to spend 24/32 hours working with the kids though! Only 8 hours of adult time! We had a really steady weekend at work and a super busy Monday, but I don’t see any other 3-in-a-row work weeks like that in my future now! Thankfully!

I was off work yesterday and got some schoolwork done in the morning. I also decided to clean my kitchen, scrub the floors, and clean our bathroom real quick. Our house is a disaster these days. Jon has received tons of shipments from his new job, so we have boxes piled in the guest bedroom. Our kitchen has been full of dirty dishes because we have been cooking way too much. We took the mirror off our bathroom wall to make a new frame for it, so it’s sitting in the middle of our living room (we still have to sand and paint it). We’ve had clean clothes laying all over. We had to get rid of my desk in our guest bedroom at the end of nursing school to make more room in our guest bedroom, so my grad school stuff lives on our dining room table (I hate stuff on our table all the time!). And our floors? Don’t even want to talk about how dirty our floors feel. It’s been over a month since I scrubbed them and there’s cat fur all over. We sweep, but there’s nothing like freshly scrubbed floors! I feel like I’m going to go crazy because I need a clean house, but my motivation to clean it is lacking and I’ve just been working too much lately. My work schedule really opens up again on the 21st since my orientation at the new job is finally done, so I plan on cleaning the house on day one! Like, deep clean. Baseboards and all.

I went to Hard Exercise Works yesterday at noon and did a bunch of power cleans, push press, and front squats and then had to run some errands because I had to head out around 4pm to make it to Gina’s. Last night, Kass and I went to Gina’s for a potluck! I haven’t cooked anything big in awhile (minus all my Blue Apron meals last week which I definitely need to review) so I was really excited to find a new recipe! I made this enchilada recipe and it was so good! I used about 2lbs of chicken for the recipe, and I also used 1/2 can of salsa verde, 1/2 packet of taco seasoning, and added 1 can of refried beans to the mixture, plus poured the rest of the salsa verde on top with the cheese to bake on top. And I used 6 tortillas. It really didn’t matter, because you couldn’t really scoop just one enchilada out very well. It was definitely a success. Not very clean eating, but a success anyway! I also made a fruit salad and then made some rice crispy treats out of cornflakes (Whole Foods didn’t have organic rice crispies). I have to say that I pretty much killed all the rice crispy treats last night and then finished the last block off this morning. I have to stop eating so much sugar. Holy smokes.

We had a really good time last night though. Gina just got engaged on Labor Day (YAY!) so we get to plan another wedding and I’m so excited to be in another best friend’s wedding! I think they’re looking at a June wedding and we’re talking about going to Vegas for the Bachelorette party! Woohoo! I can’t wait. I really enjoy having relaxing nights with my friends like that and we decided we definitely need to do more potlucks in the future. I left around 9pm and came home to catch up on some Real Housewives.


The aftermath. Should have gotten one of our food before this hungry lady chowed down.

This morning was spent doing more schoolwork! I went to CrossFit this afternoon and we did “Angie” (100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats). I ended up doing 50 pull ups and then going to ring rows, did push ups on a box, did hollow rocks and not sit ups (my ligaments and uterus are feeling angry lately- I’ve been having a lot of lower abdominal discomfort), and then regular old squats. I decided when I got home to do some research one what I can do in pregnancy and found that keeping your heart rate under 140 is outdated and no longer recommended (multiple sources said that and even a Cochrane review). The new recommendation is basically not to push yourself to where you can’t have a conversation. So I’m really glad I found that because I was getting tired of counting my heart rate. I mean, I still get out of breath way more easily, so I tend to go way easier these days anyway, but I’m just glad I can stop obsessing over a number. I also read to avoid push ups, sit ups, and any exercise that causes you abdomen to “bulge” because it can cause your abdominal muscles to separate (diastasis recti), but then when I did more research, I found a lot of contradictory stuff. I basically told Jon tonight that he needs to do some research too and let me know what he thinks. Because of round ligament pain, I find that doing a lot of heavy ab work isn’t comfortable anyway and actually, even doing regular push ups is a bit uncomfortable. Doing them with my hands on a box is a lot better for me, so I’ll probably stick with that. It’s a pain to try and stay in shape while pregnant! I just feel like I don’t really know what’s okay and what’s not!

I caught up on the last Real Housewives while eating brunch after the gym, cleaned up some (during the episode), and I’m about to start on a paper. I’m so over school. But I suppose this $1,232,032,190 will open more doors in the future, so it’s worth it (it is not really that much… this degree will probably cost around $20,000, or about 4 really awesome trips to Europe with Jon).


Off to be productive again. But I left you all with that picture of Tom today while I enjoyed my brunch. This cat does not leave my side during the day. And if I sit on the couch, he’s usually right on top of me (he tried to sit on my plate about five times before he settled on that spot). If I’m in the kitchen, he lays down so his paws touch my feet. Nonstop. He’s grown attached to his mama.


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