WIAW & CrossFit.

I should have finished up my Wyoming post last night while I sat on my couch and caught up on TV after work, but it didn’t even cross my mind! Maybe this evening I will finish it up! I really just need to add photos to it.

I’m off this Friday but have to work all weekend and Labor Day long! Such a bummer!

I’ll do a quick little WIAW since I randomly started taking pictures of my food that day.

Wednesday morning I got up at 9am to start getting some work done before the gym. Instead, I ate breakfast (strawberries, scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese) and read blogs, but I did get on my CourseDen to respond to some discussions.

IMG_0954That afternoon, I finally tried out the CrossFit class near my house via ClassPass. I do wish more gyms had a good “get to know you” type approach, especially CrossFit. The best part of CrossFit was the community for such a long time, but I feel like gyms have sort of gotten away from that. You’ll obviously form relationships over time if you stick with a gym, but I like the ones where everybody introduces themselves and makes newcomers feel welcome! I thought there was a good mix of people at this gym though. My last CrossFit gym in the area was pretty competitive, but this wasn’t quite like that and that’s the perfect type of gym for me right now. We did front squats with a 3 second pause at the bottom (I managed to get to 85# with some hip tightness, but no pain during or after!) and then we did a 15 minute every-minute-on-the-minute (EMOM) of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 air squats. I skipped three rounds total to let my heart rate come back down below 140, so I completed 12 rounds. And I am SO SORE! I haven’t done anything like that in months, even though I’ve definitely stayed active. Just not to the level of CrossFit. Forgot how much I loved it! It’s definitely different having to watch my heart rate because I feel like I really get in the zone the more tired I get, but now I have to back down and take a minute or two off. Thankfully my heart rate recovers quickly but I definitely maintain in the 130s easily with workouts. I also don’t have a heart rate monitor, so I have to stop and count my pulse during workouts. Not a huge deal, but I do miss being able to do whatever I want!

When I got home, I had no idea what I felt like eating so I threw together a bunch of canned goods and called it lunch. This was roasted tomatoes, black olives, ranchero beans, cheese, and avocados, plus a side of 6 pieces of salami. I feel like salami is kind of disgusting, but I can’t help but love it.

IMG_0959My afternoon was spent relaxing since I couldn’t search for articles on the school website to get any work done. Jon got off work around 3, so we went to Whole Foods together and then when we got home, I decided to eat dinner. We were feeling way too lazy to actually cook something real, so I had arugula with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and a gala apple cause I love gala apples!


After that, we ran out to World Market to try and find a necklace rack but we had no luck. I was feeling super lazy and wanted to come home, so we did. We caught up on Naked and Afraid and I made those no bake oatmeal cookies which are so good and I have no idea why I haven’t made them before! (My sister used to make them when we were younger.) Not the best picture, but they have oats, brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips, and peanut butter in there. I ate so much of this last night after work. It’s like chocolaty heaven. I also ate a handful of sour cream and onion chips since I realized they were GMO free and they looked good when Jon was eating them. And they were also delicious. I never really eat chips.


After Naked and Afraid was over, I worked on my paper for about an hour and then Jon said he was going to sleep (at 10pm, that never ever happens). I was going to head to bed also, but realized I wasn’t that tired so watched more TV till 11 and then got in bed.

I have watched far more TV since being pregnant than I think I ever have before. I don’t feel drained all the time, but I definitely have less energy than I used to. I enjoy just sitting at home on my couch now and being lazy. Or maybe I just feel like I need to enjoy this quiet time before a screaming child enters my life. Not sure. But I don’t feel guilty about it.

I wanted to go another ClassPass class today but I’m just so insanely sore. I feel like I should let my body heal up a little more. I’m going to try and head to LA Fitness since I need to make a Costco run anyway and get in some cardio and maybe loosen everything up a bit. Get some stretching in. Then it’ll be time to prepare some meals for work this weekend and I have to finish this paper up since it’s due Sunday and I’ll be working!

Have a good weekend, everybody!


5 thoughts on “WIAW & CrossFit.

  1. I also like it when gyms have a nice “get to know you” process. I am not a huge fan of my gym but they’ve recently hired some new instructors who at least get to know everyone’s name. I feel like group fitness classes can have the same participants for years and everyone goes in and does their workout and people even have specific “places” on the floor or certain bikes they use.

    Your breakfast looks really good! I love some strawberries and you can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs either, so good. I have been watching more TV lately myself, it’s just a nice way to unwind.

  2. I’ve wanted to try Crossfit but always talked myself out of it. I think I’d like it but I can’t justify paying for a membership! Thankfully, the HIT class that I’ve been doing through the Y is kind of “dumbed down” version of Crossfit, haha. The trainers basically come up with WODs but there just isn’t enough space or heavier weights to use. I like when instructors try to get to know you too– I’ve been doing Body Pump for about a year now & the instructors have never asked who I am :P. Those no-bake cookies look good! Mainly since anything with peanut butter is good!

    • I LOVE CrossFit! You could try a class or just go in to check it out and watch them do it. Typically the first class is free. They tend to run you through the basic movements and do a quick WOD with you there. It is expensive, but some places will work with you on a price. I used to pay $80 to go three times a week cause I said that’s all I could go. All the gyms were pretty much fine with that. I’ve gone to BodyPump near me and the instructors definitely seem to know some of the people there. They’ve used their names during classes but maybe they always go! You go a lot too though! You should make the no-bake cookies! SO GOOD! I made more last night 🙂

  3. I’m glad you don’t feel guilty about being a little less active…you’re obviously not throwing in the towel but there’s nothing wrong with a little more couch time now that you’re, oh, you know, creating a human being 😉 also I’m with ya on the gym thing…it’s always so awkward when gyms/studios just hop right into things and everyone obviously knows each other and exactly what to do while you’re the odd one out. Hopefully it gets better!

    • I’m definitely not feeling guilty about couch time, but I may be starting to feel guilty about the amount of desserts I kill on a nightly basis! Moderation isn’t really key for me these days, haha. With couch time or desserts!

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