Pre-trip Preparing!

Happy Friday! And it really is, because it’s my last day at home before Laura and I leave for Wyoming! Also, Jon gets home tonight after being out of town for two weeks training for his new job! While I may have missed him a little bit, I slept so good with him gone and having a dark, silent house when I went to bed every night, and I also think we needed some time apart since I’ve been so irritable in my first trimester! I could totally live in solitude right now. Everybody gets on my nerves these day. And I have really serious road rage. I even thought about getting out of my car to tell the guy who honked at me in the parking lot at Whole Foods this morning that there is no way I can see if cars are coming when I back up when two big SUVs are surrounding my car and that it’s really not necessary to honk at me like a jackass. Just slow your roll in a parking lot and realize that people are going to be backing out. Cheesus, dude. But I didn’t. Clearly I’m not over it yet though. Anyway, so Jon lands around 9pm, so I’m heading to the airport to get him at 9:15 and then we’ll be downloading Microsoft Office to my Mac in preparation for grad school on Monday and spending some quality time together!

After I posted my blog post on Wednesday where I dreamt of all the productive things I was going to do, I literally laid on the couch, took two naps, ate every two hours, and had the laziest day of my life. I was so insanely tired. I couldn’t even move my arms and legs without a real struggle. I guess working so much surrounding the big wedding weekend was enough to exhaust my body with this baby in there, so I just soaked it in. I did manage to clean my bathrooms (except the floors) and I made it to Elite Edge for a really great arm workout at 6:30pm. But I really should have gotten way more done because that was all that I did for the entire day.

I had a really good day at work yesterday (in the ER). Busy day, but most of it was with the kiddos so I still didn’t have to work that hard. I do really appreciate going into a work environment where I know how to do everything and I know all the doctors and our flow.

I had planned on being productive last night, but I mostly just finished up a school assignment and then watched trashy TV shows. I need to soak up the trash TV before Jon gets home and gives me a hard time about watching Teen Mom. (Don’t judge.) Tom was a sweet boy and cuddled with his Mama. (Tom has also been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for the last hour purring up a storm. I’m not even acknowledging him. He’s just that happy.)


Also, to note since that picture made me think of it, we just got our new vision insurance cards and I’m super excited to get a new pair of glasses! I went last year to get a new pair, but they were going to be about $350 so I decided against it for another year. Luckily, this year we have insurance! Once my eyes quit changing for good, I plan on getting my Lasik redone (I have a lifetime guarantee.) I thought they’d be done by now, but they continue to get worse every year!

This morning I was exhausted again, but luckily I already booked my MissFits class on ClassPass so I had to drag myself out of bed by 9:15 this morning! We had a good workout, but my heart rate got close to 160 and I need to stay under 140. The coach told me I really need to get a heart rate monitor, so I ended up buying a FitBit Charge today and already hate it. I just want something simple! So I may return it and look on amazon for something easier to use! And cheaper too.

I just ate a huge breakfast (roasted potatoes, eggs, ranchero beans, colby jack cheese, sour cream, and avocado) and am about to prepare all my food for the road trip and pack. I’m meeting Crista for dinner at 6pm (so I’ll be leaving nice and early to make it through Friday rush hour in Atlanta during the school year) before I head out to pick up Jon. I’m really hoping for some time to get in some cleaning of the house, but who knows. If not, I’ll just let the man handle it while I’m vacationing!


I’ll check in when I get home from my trip! I’ll be busy with grad school work during the trip, so that’ll eat up all my computer time while I’m gone!


One thought on “Pre-trip Preparing!

  1. I hate when people are such asses like that. I sometimes start fighting with them in the car, me and an old man started screaming at each other assholes. Despite me having the right of way of on a highway.

    You’re a third of the way through it! The baby will be out before you know it!

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