Life Updates & Baby Bumps

Happy Wednesday! Any day off work is a happy day for me! I thought I’d feel like I was working less hours, but I don’t lately. I’ve still been working a fair amount because of orientation at my new job, plus having to get in hours in the ER still. The new job is going well though. I’m feeling like I’m getting the hang of things, but I’ve only taken three patients so far and it’s hard to imagine taking 5 or 6. I believe I have another four orientation days, but one of those should be getting certified with the IV team and doing admissions. I’m actually nervous about having to get certified with the IV team because I really hate being watched when I’m in that “orientation” role, if that makes sense. I’ve had plenty of nurses watch me start IVs, but when I know they’re judging how I do it, I just feel shy! And I haven’t worked with adults in the ER in awhile, so my IV starts have been much fewer than usual so I’m worried I’ll miss a bunch of easy IVs. (Probably all ridiculous thoughts since I’ve been starting IVs regularly for 5 years now.) So, the job is going well. I should probably check my mail and see if I have my first paycheck yet since it’s not direct deposited till the second check!

The pregnancy is going well. My food aversions are still gone, thankfully, but I do tend to get cravings for stuff easily, especially if I smell something or see somebody else eating something. Then that’s all I think about. I had an EKG class last week and saw a guy eating a sandwich that looked like a tuna melt, and I literally craved tuna with cheese melted on it for the next hour. I couldn’t even focus on the class because I was so focused on getting tuna for lunch. Then I ate it and spent the next hour wondering if it was albacore or white fish tuna and how much mercury I just consumed. I also have a serious case of pregnancy brain. I always thought this started later in pregnancy, but I assure you that it’s in full swing. Last night I found yogurt in my fridge and couldn’t find the lid anywhere. I get up at work and walk somewhere and then have absolutely no idea what I was doing. I open a tab at work and can’t remember what I wanted to chart. I have conversations and then can’t remember anything the person said, even when I need to know (like at work). It’s crazy. All these things used to happen before I was pregnant too (not the yogurt), but it’s just one after another. All day long I feel like I’m wandering around lost. I also spend a ridiculous amount of time convincing people that I’m not showing and that I’m just bloated. I was supposed to have genetic testing done Friday, but somebody from the office called today and said I’d owe $900 out of pocket. No thanks! I don’t really care about genetic testing anyway! Neither of our families have any history of genetic abnormalities so no way am I paying that, especially when it won’t even apply to the deductible for the delivery (since I deliver next year).

baby bump

Good example here! Left photo is at 9wks2days, first thing in the morning. The second photo was first thing in the morning, but on Monday (11wks2days) right after being insanely bloated all weekend from the food at Kassie’s wedding. The third photo was also first thing in the morning, but on Tuesday after eating much better all day Monday. No baby yet. That’s all bloat in the second picture, and the other ones are how I usually look!

I’ve still been working out! I get out of breath way more easily and I also get completely exhausted way more easily, but it has been good to stay active. I was actually super excited to try the CrossFit gym close by and the WOD today looked great, but when I just went to sign up, it didn’t show up. They may close their registration early, but all the other noon classes are available every other day. Doesn’t make sense. So I’m going to one of my favorites tonight, Elite Edge, for my first arm night there.

Laura and I are leaving this Saturday morning for a trip to Wyoming. We’re driving out, so we’re spending a night in Kansas City so we can see the Power and Light District, and then heading out to do an afternoon at Medicine Bow (WY) and we’ll be staying just outside Grand Tetons. We’ll go into Yellowstone as well, so this afternoon I need to spend a little time figuring out how to get the most out of the parks in just a few short days! I can’t wait for the trip and really wish we could go for longer, but it’s going to be so fun! After this, I’ll be saving money again for spring tuition, baby items, and delivery bills. So I better make the most of this trip! I am loving that I’m going with Laura though, so all bills are split between us. For any of you single folk, enjoy your vacations with friends! It is much harder to see the cost of a two person trip to come out of one bank account!

Well, that’s about all! I’ll be spending my day cleaning the house (one last deep clean before school starts- the floors don’t get cleaned nearly as much when I’m in school!) and finishing up my online orientation for grad school! I need to make sure I have all my books ready since school starts Monday (while I’m on vacation, bummer)! I also need to run to the grocery store for a few small things (I want to eat all the gala apples!!!!!!). Perhaps I’ll buy a new crockpot too, since mine leaks dirty food water all over the place (how is that even possible?!) so I finally threw it out after it leaked all over onto my floor last time… So, nothing exciting in my future. Just a much needed productive day so that I can spend Friday packing, getting food prepared for our trip, and having dinner with Crista before Jon gets home!

Everybody enjoy your day!


8 thoughts on “Life Updates & Baby Bumps

  1. I like the bump pictures but you still don’t look very pregnant! Maybe I’m just bloated all the time but I kinda always look like the first pic ;). I can definitely tell in pic 3, though, and I know you’ll start showing more later. Geez, genetic testing is crazy expensive…. don’t really blame you to opt out. I hope you guys have a great trip and can’t wait to see your pics from it, I looked at all the Europe ones today on FB 🙂

    • No no, I’m not showing haha. That was the point of those pictures. It’s really just bloating. I’ve been having to convince people all the time that I’m just bloated and not really showing! Maybe I should make that more clear, haha! I have about 2500 more Europe pictures to go through to pick ones to post! More to come!

  2. Wow $900! Especially when there’s other expenses for the baby! I just went to a baby shower for a friend, and just two outfits, a blanket, bottle, mittens, socks, and this lamp thing that sings was at least $100. Never mind everything else! Things add up haha. I was walking around Baby R Us and was like I shouldn’t have babies because I would want everything ha.

    Enjoy your trip! Yellowstone sounds gorgeous!

    • I already told Jon we’re not going crazy and buying a bunch of baby stuff! I’m going to put most of it on a registry but we went to the store the other night and he said he wanted those hooded towels for babies! They’re $20 EACH! I can see us getting into arguments over this, haha. NO WAY am I spending $20 on a TOWEL!

      • Go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls! See what you can find at them and then go to like Baby R Us after the shower for whatever is missing haha. Baby stuff is expensive, it’s not cheap! It’s also good to hit the sales. I got my cousin’s baby cute little polo onesies for $0.98 each from the clearance section! So yeah, sales, outlets, and discount stores. I go to sooo many babyshowers, I search everywhere to make-up a care package for them.

      • I know if you don’t get items off your registry, you get 10% off. So I may do that for big items that I want new (like the car seat). I will definitely be going to TJ Maxx and Marshalls for stuff too! I don’t believe in spending tons of baby stuff! They don’t even remember it and it’s not used for that long!

  3. Pregnancy brain sounds fun, haha. Did the lid to your yogurt ever show up?! I love Kansas City, especially Power & Light. Just don’t spend $80 at Howl At The Moon like I did one time… if you like piano bars. PBR Big Sky is probably my favorite bar there– it’s a country bar but they play other music too. Have fun in Yellowstone too! Sounds like it will be a fun trip!

  4. Pregnancy brain sounds like my normal brain! Ha!
    Your trip sounds awesome, I love a girly trip! Have a great time xo

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