Kassie’s Wedding Weekend!

What a fun/busy week! I’ll update you guys on just the weekend and maybe tomorrow I’ll do a random updates post! It was Kassie’s wedding weekend this past weekend! FINALLY! I don’t have many married friends and I haven’t ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding before (I won’t count my sister’s when I was 11- I just showed up and wore a hideous dress with equally hideous hair). I’m really loving going to weddings lately but was even more excited about actually getting to be in one! Considering I don’t have many friends (and especially not close friends), I know this will only happen one or two more times!

The wedding was an all weekend affair! It started on Friday, when I picked Gina up around 3:30 to head down to the lake where the wedding was being held. Kassie basically found a huge rental house on VRBO with another little house on the property, all on the lake. So the wedding party was able to stay at the house and there was plenty of room!

Once we arrived, we had some down time until we did a quick rehearsal followed by a Mexican buffet! Having Mexican catered was the way to go! I’d seriously consider doing that for a wedding too! The food was so good and oddly enough, from a place right near my house that I have always thought looked really sketchy (Kassie’s now-husband grew up not even a few miles from my house, and they catered the dinner so I guess they know the good spots nearby!). We spent our evening making bouquets and having some girl time.


Gina and me.


Awesome view from the deck.

Saturday was wedding day! We started off with a little breakfast and then did a few random wedding set-up tasks. Around 10:30, we all started getting ready. We were all doing our own hair and make-up, and my hair pretty much looked like my usual from the front, but I used all bobby pins in the back. I got a ton of compliments on it, so I guess I did okay! Kassie and Billy did their first look photos at 2pm and then we started our photos, so it was a totally different feel than my wedding. I only had the girls get ready with me on my wedding day and then Jon and I didn’t see each other before the wedding. My guests weren’t allowed to come into the reception area where we were, so it was a little more formal (despite how ridiculously casual our wedding was). We had tons of girls there for Kassie’s wedding throughout the day and then guests showed up in the house before the ceremony.

IMG_4009 11111

Me, Kassie, Gina

IMG_4022 111111

IMG_4024 11111

The ceremony was really nice and Kassie had her matron-of-honor’s husband marry them. During the ceremony, a huge bee landed on the bouquet that Hallie (matron-of-honor) was holding! We were laughing so hard during the ceremony and come to find out, Kass thought I was crying like a mess from pregnancy hormones, so she apparently was laughing too. It was so fun to watch my best friend of 15 years finally get married!

After the ceremony, we had some southern home cooking by the groom’s family and Nothing Bundt Cake cupcakes (my favorite!). We danced the night away next to the lake and had a great time!

nothing bundt cake

LOVE Nothing Bundt Cake!

IMG_4070 111111

IMG_4103 11111

Fun fact: This dress was so insanely tight up top after getting pregnant. These girls did not enjoy fitting into that dress for the night.

The wedding party decided to jump in the pool in our clothes which was a fun ending to the night!

IMG_4110 11111

IMG_4115 11111

Since some couples were camping out and other couples were staying in the house, we were able to have a late night, so it was much different than traditional weddings! Since I have to be a Sober Sally these days, I decided to head home around 2am so I could get a good night of sleep! The party was winding down around then anyway so I didn’t feel like I was missing out! It took about an hour to get home, so I was able to get in bed around 3am and catch some sleep before my Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Kassie’s Wedding Weekend!

  1. Seems like such a cute and fun wedding! I love low key weddings, they seem so much more intimate and personal. I like the bridesmaid dresses! It’s always those sketchy rundown places that has the good food!

  2. Sounds like a great day, you all looked gorgeous in your dresses 🙂

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