First Trimester Working Out Woes

Last night I had another great workout at Elite Edge. Monday nights are leg workouts (if you go to the Strength class). I really like their workouts because the stuff they do there is easily stuff I could do at any gym. So I’m keeping these exercises in mind for LA Fitness days in the future! I’m bummed that I only get to go to three of these classes per month because I love the legs so much, but I’m dying to try Wednesday nights (arms). I’m super sore today and it feels so good!

Workouts really take it out of me though. I really hope this post-workout exhaustion is going to pass, but I leave feeling utterly drained. It actually leaves me wondering if it’s better to work out now or to skip it if I get that tired, but I’m only working out a few days a week (last week, I worked out twice). I’m not entirely sure if it’s the activity or just getting so hot while I’m working out. I also don’t feel like I’m eating what I should be to fuel workouts, so I’m trying to fix that. Luckily, my food aversions aren’t nearly as bad this week (hallelujah!!!!!) as they were last week, so last night I was able to get some rice, broccoli, and some protein powder and milk in me after the gym. I’ve always been positive that I want to continue working out throughout my entire pregnancy, but these are really things I didn’t even think about.

Since I was beat after the gym last night, I laid on the couch watching The Bachelorette and listening to the storm. I had an extremely sleepless night and woke up feeling just as exhausted as when I got in bed last night.

I made myself some eggs and hash browns first thing this morning, but was again super tired while eating. I decided to catch up on Real Housewives in hopes of getting up some more energy and I cleaned during all the commercials since the house is a mess. Afterwards, I decided to head to the pool. I never spend more than 45 minutes at the pool, but again, I leave feeling wiped out (which is why I think maybe it’s the heat that kills me during workouts). So, now I’m drinking a tall glass of water and eating dates and cream cheese to try and get some energy up to go run errands! I’m finally going to get my toenails painted and run to Costco and Whole Foods.

I scheduled another workout at 5:30 today, but it’s one I can skip if I’m not feeling it (they don’t check anybody in, so ClassPass never knows). I need to study for my med test for my new job tonight too. I thought about seeing if Laura wants to meet up, but we’ll see how I feel this evening. I’m feeling like I have cabin fever since I don’t get much social time in and am so beat that I sit on my couch most of the time, but at the same time, I’m just too tired to do much else!

Second trimester, I’m looking forward to your renewed energy! Only 3.5 more weeks to go! Then my blog can stop being about how tired I am all the time!


6 thoughts on “First Trimester Working Out Woes

  1. Hey, at least you were able to get a workout in! I am sure things will be better once the weird food aversions stop too. Pre-and-post workout nutrition make a big difference so that could be a part of it; obviously getting food or a smoothie or something after a workout is important but if you just don’t want it or it makes you sick, that makes it tough (heat makes it tough too, all I want is smoothies or salads right now…). It’s awesome you found some workouts that you like too!

    Have fun at Costco and Whole Foods! I’ve only been to WF a few times but Costco has some new items as of last week and my shopping trips have been fun!

    • I tried to do a smoothie the other morning and couldn’t take it! I think I may just need to quit putting greens in it and just stick with fruit, but I’m actually not enjoying fruit much either lately. It definitely does make it hard when I barely want to eat anything nutritious! Even eggs this morning weren’t good at all and I’m worried my only tolerable source of protein is about to become something I can’t handle since I can’t bring myself to eat hardly any meat. I just ran in and out of Costco! They keep switching the layout around and it’s throwing me off! I do love Costco though!

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but the first trimester is the easiest one of all. The food queziness doesn’t always stop in the first trimester too, sometimes it follows you for the whole pregnancy. The energy keeps on going down. But once the second trimester hits, you’re one third there! I wouldn’t stop working out, it’s going to make delivery a lot easier for you and make post pardum recovery easier to get your body back. Plus the health of you and your baby a lot better. Overall, exercising during pregnancy is beneficial. I know you’re tired, but just think of the overall outcome! And the food thing may pass, every pregnancy is different, hopefully it will because that sounds annoying.

    • Actually, everything I have read, including everybody at work (we have LOTS of new moms and pregnant people) all say that once the second trimester hits, you get a lot more energy, and that it isn’t until the last few weeks of your pregnancy that your energy goes again! And then you’re huge too, so that’s a miserable time again, but at least it ends with giving birth! Almost everybody has told me that the second trimester is smooth sailing compared to the first! So, I’m staying hopeful! And food aversions are supposed to decrease with nausea, which TYPICALLY gets better come the second trimester. And when I’m not nauseated, I don’t have the food aversions! I just happen to be nauseated most of the time now! So, crossing my fingers that the second trimester is the magic that everybody talks about!

      • Ah, then the women in my family must have crappy luck haha! The women in my family all really swell too, boo! Hahaha I would too! It must be the flux in hormone that the body is getting used to at first. You’re almost into your second trimester so things will start to shift soon! And you’ll get to know the sex of the baby if you want to know!

      • My sister swelled SO BAD! Her doctor said she was the most swollen patient at their office, hah. She was completely miserable. But I take after my mom and my sister takes after my dad, so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen with me! I definitely want to know what I’m having! There’s a lab test they can do to determine the sex now, but I don’t know if they’ll do it for me since I’m not high risk. Otherwise I think it might be 16 or 20 weeks when I find out? Not sure. I’m read for my first appointment so I can figure out what to expect with my office!

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