Work Weekends & Bangladeshi Food

Happy Monday! Another Happy Monday cause I’m not working today! I’ll do a quick weekend recap! Friday afternoon, I napped on the couch for about two hours. I woke up when Jon got home from work and thankfully, I was much more energetic! My mornings and evenings are pretty good still, but afternoons are always tough!

Jon and I met up with Crista and Billy at Purnima for some Bangladeshi dinner. I was really nauseated Friday and Crista offered to go somewhere a little more appealing for me, but it was her 30th birthday dinner and I don’t want everybody’s eating plans to be all about me! I ended up ordering a butter chicken dish that was so good! It was bright red when it came out so I was concerned, but it was really good. Unfortunately, I still had to struggle my way through it since I was eating something that my body hadn’t been craving, so it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as I’d hoped for. I actually would like to go back when this nausea is over and have the same dish again so that I can truly enjoy it! It was fun to hang out with Crista and Billy. It’s been awhile since we’ve all hung out, so it was good to catch up for a few hours.

Jon and I watched another episode of Orange Is the New Black before heading to bed early on Friday! (Jon actually doesn’t really watch it this season since he doesn’t like this season, but I still really like it.)

Saturday and Sunday were both work days. Saturday was a rough morning but a nice afternoon. Sunday was a day full of rude family members, patients who didn’t want to talk to me at all or screamed nonstop, patients on their call lights nonstop, and nonstop stuff to do. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary really, but I’ve been working that slow paced life with the kids lately and I was absolutely beat on Sunday. I felt foggy all morning, I thought I was going to cry when the monitor tech called me to say I was getting an ambulance (I don’t normally cry over ambulances- pregnancy hormones), and I was just downright exhausted. I’m really coming to realize how hard it is to work two 12s in a row in the early stages of pregnancy because the exhaustion is literally overwhelming. I have a whole new respect for pregnant working women. The only good thing about Sunday was that my nausea was much more minimal than it has been, so at least I wasn’t exhausted and nauseous.

Last night, I was so happy to get home from work! Jon ended up rubbing my feet like a good husband and then he got up and made dinner! (Hashbrowns and eggs, one of the few things I can almost always eat.) We’ve been watching Naked and Afraid lately, so we cuddled up and watched the new episodes on last night. I’m so thankful for him and am really going to miss him so much over this next 1 1/2 months while we barely get to see each other. I’m going to be living that single life again for awhile (hah, I kid).

Today is going to be a productive. I have a meeting with a new committee from the ER at noon, so I need to eventually get dressed. I’m hoping for a little bit of a pool day, but I have a lot of loose ends I need to tie up for this upcoming semester of school and for my first day of work at the new hospital next week. I’m going back for a leg workout tonight at Elite, which was that new gym I tried the other week from ClassPass and really liked. I’m hoping for a wave of energy cause my arms and legs feel like about 1,000lbs each right now, even though I don’t feel tired! I’m off to get some stuff in the kitchen done before heading out this morning!


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