Busy Week: New Jobs, Feeling Sick, and Family & Gym Time!

I’ve had a lot going on these last few days! I finally went back to my first ClassPass class on Monday night! It was basically all tabata style work for legs and abs, and it was a killer! I really loved it! The gym was sort of CrossFit style but it was a totally different type of workout. I really enjoyed it a lot! My hip definitely started hurting and I was really feeling horrible on Monday with the whole pregnancy thing, but I felt great for most of the workout and then got nauseous. My legs and butt were so sore though! And afterwards, it just felt like the muscles up in my hip were sore (not normally how it hurts) and I spent awhile massaging it out and haven’t had any problems with it since.

Jon and I made an amazing dinner on Monday night!


We used chicken breasts (thighs are just too fatty for me) and I used a whole jar of sun-dried tomatoes. I also used Italian seasoning instead of all the other spices. It was so good and so easy to make! There was plenty of sauce left over too, so I think I could probably spriralize some zucchini and add it to the dish too!

Tuesday was a 7a-3p workday, and then that night I had the clinic I volunteer at. I was really not feeling well. I was having a lot of hot flashes and I was absolutely exhausted. I felt sick. Clinic is at 5:30 right by work, so I wasn’t going to fight traffic to go back after going home for a nap. I ended up trying to nap in my car in the 90 degree weather and I had a bagel at Panera (bagels were the only thing that sounded good to me- everything else I thought would make me sick). I ended up feeling okay for clinic that night and it was a good and quick two hours at the clinic. I really enjoy volunteering there (it’s a “free” clinic for low income residents of certain cities that can come in for basic medication refills and labs), it’s just so inconveniently located so it’s a pain to get to at that time! That’s the main reason I don’t go to every clinic.

I spent the night at my parents’ again on Tuesday. My sister and nephew are finally leaving tomorrow so we were going to have a movie night. I was way too tired to stay up and watch a movie once my nephew got to sleep, so we decided to have a movie day on Wednesday!

I woke up feeling sick again on Wednesday and really tired. Tuesday and Wednesday were hands down the worst I have felt so far. I ate two fried eggs and got back in bed. I decided to go to the gym and did a really easy 12 minutes on the elliptical and about 15 really easy minutes of weights. I still felt pretty horrible, so I stretched and headed back to my parents’. They had nothing really to eat, so I ate two pieces of toast with jelly and then watched a movie with my sister. I headed to Whole Foods after and came home to clean up the house.

I continued to feel miserable, and Jon got home when I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up or both. I asked him to make me a smoothie- maybe it was from not eating? So he did and I felt a little better after having that. I showered and then Jon and Jessica got here!

Jessica was my travel buddy in Massachusetts! They’re headed down to Pensacola for two years while Jon does flight school for the Marines.


It was so good to see her! I really wish we had continued to traveling together, but she met Jon on our first assignment and stayed with him!

We went out for Mexican last night! I was worried about how it’d do on my stomach, but I was feeling okay when we got there. I ended up feeling fine after eating, thankfully! We came back home and watched a bunch of random YouTube clips of Jimmy Fallon and then headed to bed around midnight.

I slept pretty terrible again last night, but I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in awhile! I made Jon and Jessica breakfast before they left, and now I have a day off! This is my last time of having two days off in a row until the last two days in July! I really didn’t mean to do that on my schedule, but I accidentally scheduled myself for two days that I wanted off, messing up two stretches of three days off!

I think I’ll head to the gym this morning, cook my food for the week, and then go over to my parents’ for dinner since Annie and Tank leave tomorrow. I feel the need to have a bit of couch time today to recharge. I work three 12s this weekend and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make it with the way I’ve been sleeping lately!

In the last bit of news over the last few days, Jon got a full time job as a clinical rep! He starts the week after next and he’s super excited about it! I am too, because $$$! I kid! That’s really not the reason at all, I promise! This is what he has been wanting to do and he’s excited about the company and it sounds like they want him to grow within the company, which is really awesome! But it definitely came at a good time, because grad school starts at the end of August and with having to drop my hours down so much (especially feeling so exhausted now), it helps with not having to stress to overdo it with work, school, and being pregnant. I don’t get paid for maternity leave since I’m PRN at work, so I was feeling the stress of needing to save but not really having the means right now! Also, I think he’ll have a lot of shorter days too, so we should get to spend time together in the evenings more often too, especially if I work fewer days! Another big bonus- insurance with them is only $40 a month ($60 for family once the baby comes)! Um, we pay $521 a month now for insurance so that is huge! And the coverage is way better than what we have now, especially for all the prenatal coverage!

Oh, and the last thing I was going to say (and then this really long post will end), is that I switched my first appointment to August 3rd because of the insurance, so no baby check for a few more weeks!


4 thoughts on “Busy Week: New Jobs, Feeling Sick, and Family & Gym Time!

  1. Congrats to Jon for scoring the new job and insurance! That is an amazing price for insurance as we pay like $300 a month for ours (mine and Clay’s is together through my job). Ours is actually way cheap for just the employee but I added Clay on since his job’s insurance is pretty sucky. I hope you feel better soon and it stinks that you laid around and stayed in bed, but I think all the 12 hour shifts and volunteering would be exhausting for anyone not just being preggers!

    Your dinner looks good even though I don’t eat chicken. We’ve been spiralizing zucchini noodles and they are really good… I like them a lot and honestly more than pasta.

    • I really like the spiralized zucchini too, and I rarely eat pasta so it’s a nice change! I was tired of eating plain old sliced zucchini too so it’s a nice change from that! My work insurance is the same way as yours. For just the employee, it’s about $50 a month, but to add a spouse, it’s about $400 a month. I don’t get why it’s like that!

  2. That chicken looks so good! I love sundried tomatoes. You’re always experimenting and it looks so good!

    That’s crazy, she met him in Mass and they made it and spending two years in FL. That’s great for them!

    That’s awesome for Jon and the insurance! I pay $166 a month for meself and it blows! Worse insurance for government work!

    • I was surprised too, especially cause he lied about his age and is 5 years younger than him (which is a lot if you’re a 21 year old guy). I can’t believe how good my insurance is! Also, Pinterest. You need to look at Pinterest. Such easy recipes on there!

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