Weekend in Florida!

Well, I just spent 40 minutes writing a post and then accidentally closed out the tab. When did wordpress quit saving drafts? To sum this up much more quickly now because I’m not typing everything out twice, Jon and I had a great weekend in Florida this past weekend! We got down last Friday night and spent the weekend at his mom and dad’s house. On Saturday morning we had brunch with his parents. That afternoon, I decided to go swimming while Jon and his brother set out corn at the hunting club. My sister-in-law and nephew showed up, so I ended up staying out way longer than planned and got a miserable sun burn on my left shoulder. I don’t even know the last time I got this burnt (I’m usually really careful about it).


We had a family dinner Saturday evening with the whole family, minus Jon’s twin sister (her family lives in Iowa, but they’re moving to Florida next month) and his brother’s wife and kid. It was so nice to see the kids again and spend time with them! After everybody left that night, I stayed up talking to Jon’s mom and dad for a few hours. We headed out Saturday morning (Jon’s parents and his sister’s family) to go to Silver Springs State Park. I don’t know that I’d ever recommend that park, since you can only kayak there for the day or take a glass bottom boat for 30 minutes, which we did. Not much to do there other than that! We had a picnic outside for lunch, and then Jon and I headed home!

silver springs state park 11141157_10100294587845902_1714009322387273904_n

I’m the short one.

Since yesterday was Father’s Day, I thought I’d also throw together this little picture collage of my dad back in the day! I stole all of these pictures out of his Facebook album he put up of when he went to the Philippines with the Air Force back when he was in his early 20s, I believe. My brother looks so much like him! It’s crazy!


Today was supposed to be my first day back to the gym, but I can’t even fathom putting a sports bra on this shoulder! I actually woke up wanting to go work out and this is the first time that has happened in awhile. I’ve been waking up in the mornings feeling completely drained! So, I’ll be back at it whenever this sunburn stops hurting so bad! At this point, it’s been a full month off (aside from two workouts before I hurt my hip again), but I think my body needed it after that trip and working so much. So, I’m fine with it. Although, I do feel like my arms are getting smaller and I need to work on that. I’ll be running errands today! I think I’ll eat a quick breakfast and then head out the door to go grocery shopping! I’m having a birthday dinner with Laura tonight since I missed her get together on Saturday night!

Okay, time to go be productive! I’m back to work a bunch this week and have my interview Thursday too! After Saturday, my work schedule eases off for two weeks- lots of 8 hours shifts! I can’t wait! I think I’ll take the next month easy too, although I do have tuition coming up and I need to buy my books!


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Florida!

  1. The kayaks look fun but it stinks you could only use them for 30 minutes. That’s not long at all and you can’t go super far or really enjoy it because you’d be stressing about getting it back on time. Looks like you had fun with Jon’s family even if they are all tall (that’s my world too… what is it about short people being attracted to big guys who also have super tall families?). Good luck in getting back to the gym and I bet that sunburn does hurt on the shoulders! Yikes!

    • Well, the kayaks you rent longer. We did a glass bottom boat, but it was a short ride! Also, no air conditioning so we were all ready to get off the boat! But it was pretty cool to look down into the springs. Just not much to do overall there!

  2. Looks like you had a great time!! I’m short too and Kevin is 6ft3 so when I’m in his family photos they look almost exact the same as yours.Haha!
    My Aunt, uncle and their kids are moving to Florida next month for 2 years, hopefully I’ll get to visit at some point!! Hope that sunburn calms down soon. Ouch!! Xo

    • I like being in Florida, but this time of the year is just SO HOT! It’s beautiful in the winter though! I love going out to the beach then and just sitting outside! Our wedding photos looked a bit ridiculous because it was a big family and a small family, haha.

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