Working too much, working out too little, and job updates!

Holy exhaustion! Jon and I had really good seats for the Braves game tonight, but I got home off work at 3pm and the very last thing I wanted to do was go to a Braves game! I was going to suck it up and go (and nap in the car on the way there), but Jon was able to get another friend to take the ticket! I literally just watched four trashy TV shows in a row and only got up one time to pee. Glorious.

After working all weekend, I worked from 7-3 on Monday. I had plans to go work on some wedding stuff with Gina and Kassie when I got off work, but Kassie cancelled. Gina and I decided to still meet up (she’s a teacher so it’s her summer break now). We hung out at her house before heading down to Hogdepodge Coffee, which I included a picture of in my last post if you’re just dying to see. I stayed at her house until 7:30, when I was convinced traffic would be good enough to go home.

On Tuesday, both Jon and I were off work. I really love having days off together in the middle of the week, but I’m craving some serious downtime and a day off with him just isn’t the same as a day off alone! I slept in a little and then we headed out to get some coffee! We went to Rev Coffee for the first time! I initially wasn’t too impressed with my vanilla latte, but after two sips, I fell in love. It was actually really good coffee! Jon was impressed with his coffee as well! The only downfall was that for a Tuesday afternoon, it was super crowded in there and the music was kind of loud. Grandma over here prefers quiet coffee shops with less people all over the place. I like the peace and quiet involved in a cup of coffee, ya know? By the way, we’re really contemplating a French press. After how unenvironmentally friendly Keurigs are, I feel like I should get rid of mine… When it dies, of course… I would hate to waste a perfectly good Keurig…

rev coffee smyrna

After coffee, I agreed to go to a gun store with Jon. I had flashbacks to the gun show my dad took me to when my mom left my brother and me home alone with him when I was eight. I literally cried of boredom. Literally. But I actually like guns now.

When we got home from the gun show (and I’m not talking about my biceps, har har), we went to the pool for maybe 30-45 minutes. It was so hot, but it was nice to have somebody to get in the water with! I’ve actually barely been to the pool this summer, but I’m sure my pasty skin is thanking me for keeping the UV rays off of it. The rest of Tuesday was pretty much an errand running/cleaning day and then we caught one episode of Orange is the New Black before going to bed.

Wednesday was back to work for 12 hours. Since I’m working with pediatrics probably 70% of the time now, I’m having small victories! We have a children’s ER, but our actual children’s hospital is downtown, so we don’t accept traumas by EMS and stuff like that. Keeps a lot of the crazy stuff out. But that means my learning is much slower than it was with adults, because I was thrown into plenty of critical situations with adults early on. I was totally pumped because I went to give a two year old Motrin and Benadryl, and I always let the mom give it. The kid spit the Motrin everywhere when the mom tried to give it and then I successfully got her to take Benadryl without spitting any of it out. Small victories, I tell you. Then we had a baby who had been seizing for 30 minutes and it was my first time in our resus room (or our “critical” room for peds)! Thankfully we had an actual peds nurse there, because I had no idea where anything was.

As a quick side note: I still have not heard back from the job I interviewed for with the pediatric hospital. I mean, I did email them and find out they were still interviewing maybe two weeks ago. I reached out again today because I have an interview next week for a per diem job with adult med/surg at a hospital I worked at six years ago (still waiting on another email). It’ll be unlikely that I’ll be offered a per diem position like this again, so I know I need to take it if I get offered, but I’m really wanting to transition to peds as my second job. I’m just kind of over adults. Adults are such trainwrecks. But the adult job is on a telemetry floor, and if I have to do any floor nursing, I’d rather it be cardiology or neurology, so I guess I’d survive.

Anyway, after work on Wednesday, I met up with Jon to play trivia with his group of friends. We lost by a lot, and I was so tired when we got home! I was up for about 30 minutes before heading to bed!

I had another day at work today for eight hours. Thankfully it was a very nice eight hours! I actually went and did a class on this new lab system that we’re getting since I didn’t have any patients this morning! I’m always pleased to see when I work with the kids for my whole shift! And then you guys already read about my evening on the couch, so no need to go over that again!

I’m on call tomorrow so I’m really crossing my fingers not to get called in! I just worked 105 hours in the last two weeks, and that was immediately after getting home from Europe! The good news it that we’re almost positive Jon has a full time job in the bag. He’s the only one going to the final interview and he’s had so much positive feedback, and it’s the company he is already working with. Fingers crossed! If he gets it, I’m not going to work any extra hours for a little while!

Also, when we get the insurance figured out (we have private insurance now, but we may switch if he gets better options for coverage), I think I may have to get an MRI of my hip finally. It has been hurting worse again, after all that time of starting to get better! I do feel like the only thing they’ll tell me is to stay off of it, which I can’t really do at this time… But, I should figure out what’s going on. The hip pain and being tired/busy all the time has kept me out of the gym. I haven’t even wanted to go, so I decided to take a little more time off. I plan on getting back to it this coming week, but I’ll be back to babying my hip again and I’m just so tired of that! I have also been eating awful because everybody keeps bringing cake and unhealthy food to work, and since I’m there, I just keep eating it all. And my motivation to eat better is lacking because my physical activity is down in the dumps (other than the thousand miles I just walked this week at work). The food is definitely taking a toll on how I feel though.

This got really long! Woops, sorry about the information overload! It’ll probably be another few days before I post again though! Time to head to bed… at 9:15pm. Womp womp.


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