Welcome Home From Europe!

WELCOME HOME TO ME! Mine and Jon’s trip to Europe was awesome. I’ll do some recaps throughout the next few days/weeks, but I’ll just briefly tell you guys what an awesome time it was. It was our first really big trip together alone (aside from some road trips), and while I’m pretty sure we decided that we didn’t even like each other one morning (#marriedlife), the rest of the trip was fantastic! I absolutely freaking looooved Holland and Bruges, but I think Holland may be an overall winner in my book because I think I could live anywhere inside of the Netherlands and it’s really rare that I feel like I could live in another country (as in, it has never happened before). But I would be freaking ecstatic to be able to live in the Netherlands for a bit, and if I’m not pregnant within the year, that’ll be our next goal. (I’m still not pregnant, for anybody wondering. And I promise you, I did not get pregnant while on our trip, because you can’t make a baby at all times.)

I guess I never noticed how far north Amsterdam is, because when Jon and I landed and it was in the low 40s, we were shocked. Cold and rainy for sure! Forget all the tank tops that I brought! I’m so thankful that at the last minute, I realized I had a lot of free space in my suitcase and threw in an extra workout jacket! We still made a trip by H&M to get two basic long sleeved shirts for layering, and I lived in a tank top, long sleeved shirt, my workout jacket, and a really thin windbreaker type jacket for 98% of the trip (we had two warm days, but one of those was spent at almost 10,000 feet so that didn’t even count). I also was glad that I decided to fly in my capri leggings because I also wore those under my jeans about 75% of the time. It was definitely better than being hot so I’m not complaining, but I really wish that when I checked the weather, I remembered what 50s felt like. I guess I was in denial since it’s summer here in Atlanta! I might have picked a little more appropriately!

I forgot how much I hate eating while traveling. My diet hasn’t been as clean as usual at home over the last 2 months or so. I still eat fairly clean while I’m in the house, but when I’m out, I’ve been eating much more bread and Jon and I have even been making rice or macaroni and cheese occasionally for dinner. I’ve also enjoyed a lot of pizza at work lately. So my gut was a little more used to eating that kind of stuff, but I think I shocked it with bread intake at every meal while I was there! I had a lot of random abdominal pains, nausea, feeling more constipated than usual, a lot more zits, and just generally not feeling well. We even had to just stay in bed till 10am our first morning in Munich and I ended up barely eating for a full day because I was so nauseous and had such bad back and abdominal pain. I’ll never forgot going to the Grand Canyon a few years ago after eating 98% paleo though and literally feeling like I was dying on that trip when I had to eat whatever was available (which is not readily available paleo food on the road). So, this was not nearly as bad, but I was so freaking excited to get home to my own food again!


I ate that same thing for lunch today pretty much, but with a side of tuna. I already feel so much better. It’s crazy what healthy food does for your body! Now, if all these zits would just go away! I want absolutely nothing to do with bread, which is really nice. Somebody’s family member ordered us pizzas for lunch today at work and I wasn’t even tempted to eat a piece. Maybe that trip was the kick I needed to go back to eating mostly paleo.

It was strange not to work out for so long. I had planned on going to the gym after work today, but our lovely Tomcat decided he wanted to pee on our bed while we were gone. The grossest part about that is that Jon and I crashed so hard last night that neither of us even noticed that our bed reeked of cat urine. I noticed the minute I woke up today though! Anyway, so when I got off work, I had to come home and make sure to wash our bedding. I’m so glad we got a waterproof pad for our bed when we bought our mattress or our mattress would be ruined! Also, I’m really at a loss as to what I’m going to do when Jon and I sell our condo. Unless we get a house with absolutely no carpet, Tom will ruin whatever flooring we have. Unfortunately, we can’t do much in the way of moving our litter box in this condo or providing another one (since we have two cats) because of how limited our space is, so I can’t troubleshoot and see if I can get him to always go in his box. I scoop it daily while I’m home and he has never peed on anything when we’re home and scooping daily, but whenever I go out of town and his litter box isn’t up to his standards, he finds anything fabric to pee on.

Somehow this ended up being about cat pee. Sorry guys. Regardless of my disgusting Tomcat (who remained fatter than ever and clearly didn’t miss us enough to stop eating), I was still so excited to see my cats and have some company on the counter while I got ready for work today!

Our flight yesterday was switched from a flight with a layover to a nonstop flight, which was fantastic because I hate taking off so much! I guess our plane had a technical difficulty so it was cancelled all together, but Delta emailed us three hours before our flight to let us know. And we got home two hours earlier than planned, so I was more than happy! Once we got home, we went grocery shopping, did laundry, cleaned floors/bathrooms, made dinner, and then I started on The Bachelorette while Jon crashed at 8:30pm. Let me just tell you all how amazed I was with my productivity yesterday, especially with the time change. I had absolutely no jet lag on either leg of the trip. Today I had to work and then I came home and promptly sat on the couch and watched some more Bachelorette. It was a seriously hellacious day at work though (thank the lawd for 8 hour shifts!) and after being off for 3 weeks, my brain was frazzled! I was all sorts of not a good nurse today.

Alrighty, well I’m off to go put tons of laundry away and put some clothes on our naked bed. I have to work tomorrow and Friday and I’m already exhausted just thinking about having to be in that place for the next two days. I wasn’t ready to go back to work!

If any of you are just dying to see some trip photos, my Instagram feed is linked on the right side of this page. I don’t care at all if you follow me on there or not, but I did see some amazing things! Otherwise, I’ll eventually upload my photos. Not tonight. And probably not tomorrow or Friday. But eventually…

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home From Europe!

  1. that traveling nurse

    can’t wait to hear your stories!

  2. Oomph what a vacation! I cannot wait to hear more.

    When I had off for so long from the wedding, it was weird to get back to work and on track. Glad you had such a great time.

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