Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday evening! I have really loved having this whole weekend off! I didn’t sleep great again last night (Jon gets back in town tonight- thankfully a good night of sleep should be ahead of me!), so I skipped my morning workout for laying in bed later. Tom has been scratching his ear in the middle of the night, so I guess we’re off to the vet this week to make sure he doesn’t have some sort of fungal infection. His left ear over produces wax, but I try to keep it cleaned out. He never scratches it during the day, but has woken me up the last two nights scratching. I want to make sure to take care of it before we head out of town for 2 weeks though, so poor Tom will have to endure a long car ride to the vet (I like my vet too much back where I used to live to switch).

Anyway, this morning, Kassie and I went out to the Chattahoochee River to take her dog for a walk!


Her dog was pretty pumped and it was a really pretty day for a walk! I love being on the water! Kassie had to head up to her parent’s house, so she dropped me back off at home after about an hour of park time!

I headed downtown to go have coffee with Gina! I felt like I was in heaven getting all this friend time! Gina and I went to get some coffee and then decided to look at some open houses in the area! The houses were all $4-600,000, but still fun to look at! It’s nice to dream! We hung out on her porch for awhile afterwards and then I headed to Laura’s house.

Laura is leaving for China for a work trip tomorrow, and then I leave right when she gets back for mine and Jon’s trip. I don’t usually go so long without seeing her, so I was just stopping to give her a farewell! We chatted for a bit and then I came home to finally clean up the house!

I’m throwing together some dinner now and then I’ll be starting on the bathrooms and floors! Jon should be home in about two hours and I’m excited to see him and hear about his weekend! We only talked for about five minutes this whole weekend and only sent a few texts here and there.

Off to be productive! Have a good night, everybody!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Having a ton of friend time in is always great, reminds you of the old times!

    Haha you never know, maybe one day when John becomes a doctor and you’re an administrative big nurse you can get the big fancy house!

    • Jon isn’t going to med school anymore! He decided to try and go the sales route, so he’s going to do an online business program at one of the universities by our house! He’s trying to get a clinical rep job full time now! It would be hard to justify spending THAT much money on a house for me! I’d rather take trips or get a vacation house!

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