Saturdays Off Work!

I’m so bummed about not having anymore weekends off till the end of June! This one has been so fantastic already!

I didn’t sleep very well last night since Jon is out of town, so I stayed in bed till close to 11. I contemplated going to the gym but decided to take a rest day. I’m very rarely not in the mood to work out, so when I’m not, I typically don’t go.

Crista and I had plans to hang out, which I was really looking forward to! It has been so long since we’ve spent a day hanging out without the guys around! I headed down there and she took me to Krog Street Market for breakfast!


I got cheddar waffles and bacon and a mocha! I’ll be honest- the mocha wasn’t that great and the waffle came with honey. I didn’t realize it till I poured it all over my waffle- but I’m 100% a maple syrup girl! The waffle was actually really good though. Super soft and fluffy! And the bacon was good too and good bacon is hard to come by!

We ended up going down to the pool with about 7-8 other people that Crista knows. I’m realizing in my old age that I don’t really enjoy hanging out with random people. I’m much more of a quality time person, and spending my precious time off (I say that a bit jokingly, but really and truly- I don’t get much weekend time off and like to spend it wisely) with people I don’t really know isn’t exactly my cup of tea. After about an hour, I decided to head out to clean my car. Crista still wanted to hang for a bit, so we went to the park that I’ve been wanting to go to!


I love that park, right in the middle of downtown! Atlanta has actually gotten a lot nicer in the last few years, with building places like that and making it a little more active, and that kind of draws me in. The traffic and lack of parking keeps me from wanting to live downtown and the cost of living has been increasing quite a bit lately, but I do wish I could be closer to all this stuff to do all the time.

Anyway, after the park, I decided to head out. I went to my mom and dad’s to finally clean my car! I dropped off a ton of my clothes at Goodwill and then got right down to business! I haven’t cleaned the inside of my car out in over a year. Entirely too long. Especially since I traveled across the country in that thing for so long! The cleaning took far longer than expected because my parents decided to change out the porch light while I was trying to vacuum and turned off the breaker to the exterior, so I couldn’t vacuum until they were finished. Silly parents. I definitely got all in there and cleaned it hardcore! I do love me a clean car! Maybe as a goal for 29, I’ll keep my car cleaner. I did tell myself a few weeks ago that my car should be an extension of how I keep the house, and my house would never look like my car did!

After my car was spotless, I stopped by Whole Foods and came home and make dinner since I hadn’t eaten since my waffles and I was starving!


I decided to cut up baby bellas and some onion and sauté it in a pan with some garlic. I added some spinach and made me a little veggie side that was so good. I haven’t been cooking many different things lately at all cause I’ve been lazy and just throwing together that was a nice change. I really need to get some creativity back in the kitchen. I’ve been a little boring lately.

By the time I finished eating and showered, it was 10pm. I had planned on cleaning the house, but instead I left it a mess and will have to do it tomorrow evening! I’m hoping to do a deep cleaning one last time before heading out to Europe since I think this will be my last chance before we go!

I’m off again tomorrow (YAY!) and I just stayed up later than I have in quite some time (1am). I cancelled my ClassPass workout again in the morning since I’m just not feeling ClassPass this weekend for some reason, but I hope to wake up in time to get to LA Fitness before the day starts! I’m hanging out with Kassie tomorrow for some sort of outdoor activity so it’ll be another good day! Looking forward to it before heading back to work on Monday!

One thought on “Saturdays Off Work!

  1. That waffle looks really good! That park looks so pretty. I don’t clean my car during the winter because it’s so cold and I don’t want to freeze my hands or loose my fingers. Now that we’re hitting 70 deg weather again (the warmth has taken longer than usual to come back) I can finally clean it.

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