Lists: Athleta, Atlanta, Interviews, and Cats.

1. I have an interview next Friday! It’s a FOUR HOUR interview (holy smokes), but I think it might include some shadowing. If not, that’s insanely long. Surprisingly, the job is at the children’s hospital for a general med-surg floor. They typically don’t hire new people for day positions, but apparently the manager said she could right now. The big downfall right now is that it’s a full time position, which means I’m tied to three days a week and having to get PTO to take vacations again. We have a lot of prior engagements this summer, so I’m not sure how that would work. However, I actually really do want to work there since people love their jobs at Children’s, but we’ll see… I really don’t want to leave my ER job and taking on a full time job elsewhere would make it hard to be there as much as I’d like, but I figure it can’t hurt to interview.

2. I bought these new capris (I was also excited about having access to a full length mirror when I went to my parent’s house):


I have a few pairs of capris but I don’t really like any of them. They hit at a weird spot (I have big calves so it looks weird if they don’t go past my mid-calf) or the crotch comes down too far or they’re just weird. I really wanted a pair for our Eurotrip so I planned on hitting up Lululemon for a pair. Well, no Lulu at the mall I went to (I had the wrong mall) but they had an Athleta. I tried on this pair and I was in love. Seriously. These things are freaking awesome. I’ll be honest, I tried to look them up on the website and they all look the same. They were “on sale” for $59 and I think when the next sale rolls around, I’ll buy another pair. They make my butt look good too. Win. (Side note: When I got home from the store, Jon saw the bag. I put them on for him and he asked if they were Lulu. I said no , that they’re from Athleta and he goes, “Good. That place [Lulu] is way too expensive.” Haha.)

3. Jon and I made a 7 layer chip dip the other night.


I used to make this all the time in middle school (it was one of the three recipes I knew- the other two were cheesy spaghetti noodles and pink stuff), but with not ever eating chips these days, I just don’t make dips anymore. I had a few bites at a baby shower I went to the other week and had a serious urge to make some! It was seriously so good. Beans, taco seasoning, guacamole, salsa, sour cream/cream cheese, green onions, cheese, and olives. Mmm Mmm.

4. I got my period this morning. A full week late. No babies here! I was disappointed and I’m still feeling impatient. Everybody who had problems getting pregnant at work swore by using the ovulation predictors and said how fast they got pregnant once they used those. Nope. It just makes me wonder if we’ll be able to do this naturally, but I know that realistically, it’s still only two months in.

5. Waking up was hard to do this morning with Fat Cat laying on my bed. (I know it looks like it’s night time, but it was just 5:30 in the morning.)


Love his fat belly and little face. Kitty normally sleeps on the bed too if Jon sleeps on the couch, but she ditched me last night for the window seat.

6. Tuesday night, Crista and I had plans to meet for dinner. She somehow talked me into driving downtown for a 7pm yoga class in the park. First of all, I hate yoga, and second of all, driving to Atlanta in traffic sucks. (She works near my house, so I assumed dinner would be close by!) After sitting in traffic for an hour, I gave up and decided since I was already downtown, I’d go to Kassie’s house. We made some dinner and then went on a nice walk in Piedmont Park. I sure do love this city (minus rush hour traffic on a Braves night).


Well, time to go. I’m enjoying a nice leg/foot massage while I type this. Jon is treating me to one willingly since tomorrow is my birthday and we most likely won’t spend it together (I think I’m going to stay home while he goes to Florida). I picked up at work tomorrow, so I’ll be there for at least 8 hours! Boo! But my supervisor agreed to let me work with the kids all day instead of having to deal with adults.


6 thoughts on “Lists: Athleta, Atlanta, Interviews, and Cats.

  1. I really like your pants! We are getting an Athleta here (well, in Mt. Pleasant) in a few weeks so I will have to check it out. I’ve only been in Lululemon once, I think the stuff is ridiculously overpriced too but if they fit nicely (especially when you’re short like us) $59 is well worth it. Good luck with your job interview, I bet a children’s hospital would be a neat place to work despite the schedule craziness.

    • I used to always think spending $70 for a a long sleeved shirt or $60 on capris was too much, but the quality makes SUCH a difference! My expensive items are the ones I keep going back to buy because I love them THAT much, and the cheaper ones I wear a few times and then never again because I don’t feel comfortable working out in them. Athleta has XXS pants which is nice too!

  2. I agree that the quality makes such a difference. Now I normally only buy leggings from lululemon. They are so nice and such high quality.

    I hope your interview involves shadowing because that is insanely long!

  3. Good luck on the interview! That’s so long haha!

    I like the pants! I also like the capris to be longer because if they’re not, they’re too tight on my calf and ride up constantly and is just annoying. I’ve never bought from Lululemon, I always thought it was too expensive and I can buy just as good quality from the Nike Outlet. I do like their sport bras because they’re so pretty but now that I have big boobs, the Lulu bras offer no protection for them since they’re mostly for low-medium impact. Never bought from Athleta but I’ve gotten from GAP which is the same owner, was not impress with GAP haha. But Athleta could be better made.

    Have you only been two months off the pill? It takes usually three months for birth control to be out of your system. For me, it took so much longer for my body to regulate itself off the shot, got off it ’cause the side effects were bad. Give it time, some people it takes a year to get pregnant, everyone’s different. Of course the best time is during ovulation but that is just the most ideal for the uterus. I know it’s hard to be patient haha, but the stress doesn’t help. It’s too early to tell now!

    • I went off the pill the first week in November! My periods have been fairly regular aside from just a few days off, but really not bad at all. Athleta really is awesome. I like Nike spandex shorts but I don’t like their capris and leggings at all. I’ve tried a bunch of pairs on and am just never happy with them. I tried a pair of Lulu pants once and they were WAY too tight on my legs. Banana Republic is in the Gap/Athleta line too and BR is awesome 🙂 My favorite sports bras are the Champion ones from Tare, but I definitely don’t need anything THAT sturdy!

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