Pre 5K Series of Events

Disclaimer: You’re about to get all up close and personal here. Remember, I’m a nurse. I talk about these things. But we’s all women’s and these things just a happen.

Tomorrow morning I’m doing the Color Run in Atlanta with all my work buds (seriously, like 40 of us). We bought t-shirts, tutus, everything! It’ll be my first 5k in quite awhile and I’ve actually been really excited about running it!

After spending all day at work (12 hours… in an emergency department…), I got home, cleaned up the house, researched my upcoming vacation (more on that later), and then decided to relax for an episode of trash TV before hitting the sack early tonight since I have to get up at 5:30 for the run!

Around 10:20, I got up to pee. As I was finishing, I thought to myself, Self, your empty bladder feels a little funny… like, UTI funny. Being the good nurse that I am, I inspected my urine for anything off. It was dark. But I only drank one bottle of water all day at work today, which is like, 10x less than I drink on a typical day at work. Must be my mind. Back to the couch.

Ten minutes later… Maybe I should just try to pee. Just once. See if it’s okay. So I pee. And notice a speck of blood on the toilet paper right after I pee. And maybe the toilet paper was a little more pink than usual. Hmmm… Still no burning when I pee. I’m okay. I always feel like I’m pissing razor blades when I have a UTI.

Another ten minutes later, after tapping on my bladder about 20 times and thinking it felt weird, I peed one more time. Now it was like little bloody pieces fell out of my bladder.

At this point, I convinced myself that I was going to sit quietly and watch Teen Mom OG (stop judging, seriously, you’re reading my blog all about pee… Teen Mom OG is no big deal) until 11, and then I would pee and reassess.

Peed at 11. Totally leaning towards a UTI now. Wonder why in the h-e-double hockey sticks do I get a UTI after I leave work all the time?! I was there with a plethora of doctors for twelve hours and was totally fine. I also have only ever worked days, so I know the day doctors much better and feel more comfortable asking them for prescriptions, rather than calling random night doctors that I barely know.

So I call work… Ah, good, one of the midlevels I know is working. But he says he can’t call me in a script cause he hasn’t worked there for a year. Hm. Okay. Didn’t know that was a rule. Ask for the other midlevel, who I literally never work with, but I know who she is. She clearly doesn’t know me. And then she says she can’t write a script cause the attending has to sign all the scripts. (Odd, since I have definitely had midlevels write me scripts before, but maybe they got strict or something.) Thank the lawd jesus that one of my day doctors was working the late day shift and was still there! He says he’ll call it in!

HALLELUJAH! I call CVS immediately to tell them to please fill it as soon as they hear the message with my life saving Bactrim. And I’m still thinking to myself, Maybe I won’t need it. It’d be good just to have. Just in case. If I need it. Maybe.

I finish my show and try to call CVS at 11:30. On hold for like, 15 minutes. Ridiculous. So I just head to CVS since it’s 5 minutes away and the pharmacist tells me that he never got a message for my prescription, even though the doctor said he’d call immediately after we got off the phone. I go sit in the parking lot and call the doctor back, who of course, is on the phone with another doctor so I was on hold for a full 5 minutes. The doctor informs me that he really did call right away when we hung up but that he’d call again.

I go back to the drive thru window and let them know and lo and behold, they actually did receive the message the first time! Then they ask for my insurance card, which reminds me that even though I’ve paid over $500 for my insurance, I have received absolutely nothing stating that I actually have insurance. Whatever. I tell him I’ll pay cash. I’m tired. It was only $7.65. Thankfully.

All this time, I keep thinking, Man, I really have to pee. I want to get home.

I get to my entrance of my condo and realize I didn’t buy Azo. (Women who have never had a UTI, if you ever get one, Azo will be your BEST FRIEND.) I pray to the high heavens that I still have Azo in my medicine bin and that it’s not too far expired.

I get home, pop a Bactrim and two Azo (no longer in their box, so who knows about an expiration date… but it’s been a few years since I’ve had a UTI so I doubt it’s new), and sit down to finally release my sad little bladder.

Ahaaa, there are the razorblades and bright red blood in my urine. This is more like the UTIs I know. All in under 2 hours from the first symptom, which is actually longer than it usually takes me. And I’m still entirely perplexed as to how this happened, because trust me, I know how to prevent this. And I’ve been taking preventative measures and haven’t had a UTI in quite a long time.

And now it’s 12:42am, and I’m supposed to be up at 5:30am to head down for the run. Great. I have a feeling that my Azo will kick in by about 2, so my sleep will be severely lacking.

I texted the girls I was driving and let them know I may be heading down later. I’m hoping to be able to pick up my race packet closer to 9 (it takes an hour to get down there) so that I can sleep till about 7, but depending on how I sleep and feel tomorrow, I may just head down to cheer them along. Or walk. But who wants to stray far from the portapotties with a UTI?

$60 into a race… Only to get my first UTI in years. Great. But I think the silver lining to all of this is that now that I’m tucked back into my house, it has started pouring cats and dogs.


First Year of Marriage!

I said awhile ago that I was going to recap mine and Jon’s first year of marriage. So far, that hasn’t happened, but I’m feeling a little nostalgic today so why not! If you all missed it, here’s a link to Part 5 of our love story (we had a lot of history), which contains links to the rest of our love story!

We went from this


(Tikrit, Iraq- 2008)

to this


(One year wedding anniversary- 1-24-15)

I think it’s safe to say that after a little over a year of marriage, I love my husband more than I could have thought possible. we have been through so much in our relationship together in the last seven years- dating in Iraq, a break up, long distance, living together, another short break up followed by over a year apart, and then moving back in together and getting married! I almost called off our actual wedding right before it happened (pre-wedding freak out- totally normal, guys)!

But this guy is my absolute best other half imaginable. He has been supportive of me 100%, even when it meant leaving him right after our wedding so that I could do travel nursing! He makes everything in this life seem possible.

It definitely takes an effort to adjust to life together (not that we weren’t working on it while living together before we were married). I can’t just think about breaking up with him over him leaving laundry on the floor every day (I’ve even accepted that I will just always be the one to put his clothes in the hamper). I can’t just get mad at him and try to kick him out of my house. He’s going to be there for the. rest. of. my. life. We have adjusted to each other and we have made things a priority just because of the other person. He helps me clean now almost every time I ask him and he can follow a to-do list like nobody’s business these days. I’ve learned to tolerate football and baseball on TV all the dang time because that’s how he likes to relax.

I enjoy my time with him more than I ever have before. I look forward to spending time with him and love going to get coffee with him and having him to run errands with. I love that he makes me laugh all the time. I married me a funny man who also happens to love my furballs.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have my husband as my partner for life. I love making decisions together about buying new Jeeps or planning trips to Europe together (I’m almost positive that we’re going to go to EUROPE in June! Thank the laaaawwwwd for vacations!) or talking about babies together. I love growing up with him and building our life together. I can’t wait to see what happens next in our life!