Random Updates

I don’t have too much to say this morning, except I haven’t been called in yet! Although, after paying our car insurance (Jon’s new Jeep increased his insurance by $400 a year!), I’m feeling like I could use a couple extra hours at work! And our AMEX bill is crazy high, but once I looked at our spending, a ton of it was hotels and the car rental for our trip. However, we’ve definitely been spending too frivolously. We’re going to have to get that in check because our summer is not going to be cheap (Europe, a beach trip for Crista’s 30th birthday, Kassie’s bachelorette party, and Kassie’s wedding), and we’re following that with tuition for both of us! I may just have a heart attack now.

In good news, Jon may be getting hired on at his his per diem job full time. It’ll be a few more weeks until we hear anything, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! The only issue is that he doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, but he’s already working for them without one and he’s received really good feedback from the rest of the staff there. If not, he did get a huge raise at his hospital job, so at least that’ll give us some extra money every month. I’m not too worried since it’ll all work out, and my job is super consistent too. I also have a couple of leads for new jobs for me as well, so we’ll see! (I don’t want to leave my job now- just do something different part time as well).

On the baby front, I still don’t have my period yet. According to my ovulation pee stick, I had an LH surge on the 9th (so I ovulated on the 9th or 10th, most likely). I took a pregnancy test on Saturday and it was negative. Jon did make the comment that I was clearly PMSing so I couldn’t be pregnant (I guess I’ve been mean), but that comment didn’t go over well, haha. I’ve read a ton of things saying that you may test negative for a good 7-10 days after a missed period (which would have been on Thursday, if I’m going off my last two cycles). So, we’ll see. This is definitely harder to do after being on the pill for so long and not really knowing what normal really is still. I’ll probably wait until Thursday to test again so we don’t go broke on pregnancy tests.

Anyway, I’m going to head over the pool for a few to enjoy some sunshine before heading into work at 3pm. I plan to hit up the gym on my way home for a quick and easy workout.


3 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. I’m scared of having my insurance go up after a new car, I hope it’s not awful! Good luck to Jon and getting the new job!

    A pregnancy test can fail taking too early and it’s recommended to take it again a week later if you think you’re pregnant. The short time I was on the shot I took pregnacy tests because I wasn’t getting my period on it and I wanted to make sure it was working, peeing on those things are never fun. Pregnancy can cause a change in hormone too though I don’t think it’s noticeable the first month lol. Depends on the person.

    • I read that too, to wait until one week after your missed period! But I get so curious and I know so many people who test positive before they even miss their period! I’m too impatient!!!

      • Haha, yeah most test say to wait one week after. And I was watching something where if it tests negative even then, try again in another week because that may still be too soon. I’m impatient too, I know how you feel. They can still test negative cause I think that with pregnancy tests they are faulty negatives but no faulty positives. If I remember that correctly lol.

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