Vino Venue and Gym Time

I never got called in yesterday, so I’ve had two days off work in a row! Woohoo! I’m actually off all weekend too for my birthday celebration weekend! My birthday is May 1st, but Jon and I were supposed to be going to Florida for our friend’s college graduation. Come to find out (since apparently Jon doesn’t think asking this sort of stuff in advance is necessary), his graduation is at 2pm on Sunday! I don’t know that I’ll be able to swap my Monday shift, so I may be spending my birthday weekend at home by myself.

Yesterday I was really unproductive. Aside from loading the dishwasher, I didn’t get anything else around the house done. It was sunny and warm so I broke the “CLOSED- No Sunbathing Please” sign that was on our pool and enjoyed a little warmth! Seriously, I pay $265 a month in condo fees- I’m going to sit on the pool chairs if I want to. In this fine state of Georgia, sunny days are hard to come by. I’m not passing one up when I’m off work!


I also had a fantastic full body workout at LA Fitness and then finished up some leftovers when I got home. I haven’t been going to LA Fitness nearly as much since I’ve been doing mostly ClassPass stuff, but I do miss doing my own stuff too. My hip hasn’t been hurting necessarily, but it seems like it’s stuck in its healing phase with just feeling uncomfortable still, so maybe I’ll end up needing to back off for awhile again. Also, I hit my thumb (the one that I had in a splint for three months) on the cabinet the other day and ever since, my thumb has been bothering me more. The particular injury I had has a high rate of reinjury, so I’m paranoid that this is going to get worse even though I’m really trying to be careful. I hit right in the same spot that was really irritated before though, so that’s what worries me…

Last night, I met up with a girl from work at Vino Venue, which is a wine school just down the street from our house than Jon and I had been talking about trying for the last two years. It was a good time to spend some time with a work friend and we had a red dessert wine, Brachetto d’Acqui, Banfi “Rosa Regale”, Piedmont, Italy 2013 (per the website- I don’t remember that exactly) and it was so freaking good. I’ll be honest, that may be my new favorite wine, even over the La Fantasia that Jon and I found in Napa Valley. We had a moscato too which was fantastic! Although, for $9 a glass (and $39 a bottle), the wine should be good. Regardless of the price tag, I’m actually really excited to go back there at some point and get some more wine! I wish I had snapped some pictures, but I’m not that hardcore where I’ll be snapping blog pictures with work friends. Awkward.

I got home around 8 and then Jon said he’d go get some ice cream with me. We ended up walking around the town center for awhile and then stopped into this gastropub that we’ve been talking about trying. I was full, so I didn’t eat anything. It was still fun to get out of the house for a bit with him though.

We hung out on the couch last night watching Nashville and then I headed to bed after. I woke up for Gravity this morning (via ClassPass) and was really happy to be back! I called out for my third class last month on ClassPass, so I haven’t been in over 2 weeks. The trainer said he’d add a session to this month for me though since it’s my birthday month! Woohoo! I actually love this class, so I’m glad!

Also, this morning I accidentally sent this picture to the girl from work that I hung out with last night instead of Jon:


I’m sure she was thrilled to get a cat picture from me, but I told her it was supposed to be to Jon and thankfully, it wasn’t some inappropriate naked picture of me or something (not that I typically do that first thing in the morning anyway). The cats sho’ do look cute though. I love me a sink cat.

After a stop at the grocery store and some breakfast, Jon walked in! He’s done with work early today, so hopefully we’ll get to spend a little time together this afternoon! I need to finally go get my toenails done since it’s getting warmer out and clean up our disastrous house.


4 thoughts on “Vino Venue and Gym Time

  1. I’m glad you found a class you like and the trainer is even giving you a free one for your birthday :). I miss my gym classes because they changed instructors and the new one has a really bad attitude! Hope your thumb heals soon, I hate it when I seem to reinjure something or if any problem ever creeps back up (after my stress reaction, my foot would occasionally hurt on rainy/stormy days and it would really scare me!).

  2. Aw I hope you can switch your work schedule around so you don’t have to spend it by yourself!

    That really sucks about your injuries, hopefully your thumb is nothing serious. Sprains are such a bitch, they never really heal.

    I love moscato, it almost tastes like juice. It’s like the perfect after dinner desert wine.

  3. I guess it makes sense that a pool is closed but you should at least be able to lay out by the pool. I would have been seriously annoyed LOL. I hope you don’t have to spend your birthday by yourself…I’ve had to do that as well and it’s no bueno.

  4. runninginscrubs

    I was in Atlanta this weekend and we almost went to Vino Venue! We opted for drinking by my friend’s pool instead though

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