Happy Wednesday! I’m on call right now, but haven’t been called in and am hoping not to! I think I’ll go enjoy the pool and then the gym before getting dinner with a girl from work!

I haven’t done a WIA-Monday or daily post in awhile, so I decided to go ahead and do one again.

I was off on Monday and started my day off with MissFits at 10am. I planned on getting up around 8:45 and eating a banana, but I rolled out of bed at 9:20, changed, and left by 9:30 to get to the gym.

We did: 800m run, 50 kettlebell swings, 100 single unders, 50 russian twists, 600m run, 40 kettlebell swings, 80 single unders, 40 russian twists, 400m run, 20 kettlebell swings, 60 single unders, 20 russian twists, 200m run, 10 kettlebell swings, 40 single unders, 10 russian twists. I finished in just under 13 minutes. I only did 20# for my KB swings since I had done a ton of them last Thursday and Friday (like, well over 100) and thought I’d get too tired doing a heavier weight… But 20# was probably too light. And I did 15# for the russian twists, which was also too light.

I came home and threw together some breakfast:


Protein pancakes made with two scoops of chocolate Orgain protein powder, three eggs, and about 1/2 baked sweet potato. Covered in pure, organic maple syrup. Smoothie made with a large handful of spinach, carrot juice, two oranges, about 3/4c of strawberries, and 1/2 frozen banana. I finished all of it.


Keurig coffee, sweetened with maple syrup and I use AtlantaFresh grassfed heavy whipping cream as my creamer. Also take note of my creepy reflection in the computer.

I had planned on heading out to the pool and running errands after, but the weather was looking a bit gloomy even though it was supposed to be 75 and sunny! I cleaned up a bit and started laundry and dishes, took a short nap (like, 10 minutes), and then Jon called and told me there was a tornado watch. I decided to watch some TV to wait out the storm, and then Jon got home around 4, just as my trash TV show was ending. I was itching to get out of the house since I spent almost all day inside and I can’t spend an entire day in the house. I have to get out at some point during the day!

We both headed out to Target to run some errands. The weather really cleared up nicely, so we went to a park near Jon’s hospital to find a running trail somebody at work had told him about! While the trail was rained out, we did discover an awesome fitness area made out of wood and metal poles! They had dip bars, pull up bars, a sit up area, and all this other stuff set up in a circuit. We went for a run of a little under a mile on the street since some 420 celebrators wanted to come hang out on our fitness equipment.

I went from not being hungry at all to starving during our run! We got home at 8 and started dinner. Also, I tend not to go from 11:30 until 8 without eating, but my days off are usually all over the place with eating. I tend to always eat a bigger meal right after working out, but then I don’t eat a ton otherwise. (Keep in mind, I’m super small and 100lbs, so I don’t really require as much food as normal people.)


Some whole wheat tortilla and AtlantaFresh tzatziki sauce. I know this picture is a mess. It was in the middle of my prep area for dinner.

I was beyond hungry, so I ate a snack while Jon and I made dinner. I actually never buy bread products, but on Sunday night after work, I was having a serious craving for tzatziki sauce, so we bought this sauce and I got some pitas and carrots to dip into it. Honestly, not that good at all. I don’t actually enjoy eating bread much and the sauce was nowhere near as good as the tzatziki at Greek restaurants!


Stir fry made with chicken, a green and yellow pepper, broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts. All organic. I cooked it in coconut oil and coconut aminos- no other seasoning.

I used to eat stir fry a ton, but Jon has never had mine. That was also our first time using coconut aminos and while we used 1/2 bottle of it, it was actually really good! Very nice flavor, especially in the broccoli!

I was still hungry after that…


Orange. Not organic. I don’t typically buy organic if it has a thick skin.

I finally hopped in the shower after dinner. And then, while we watched House of Cards, I had my nightly snack.


I literally eat a handful or two of these every night. I love them and I’m so used to this chocolate that I don’t really enjoy other chocolate much anymore.

I was in bed by 11 and asleep by 1 to get up the next morning at 5:20 for work! I was actually kind of hungry while I was trying to fall asleep, so I guess going so long without eating during the day probably wasn’t the best. Oh well. I don’t like eating when I’m not hungry and I wasn’t hungry all day.


5 thoughts on “WIA-Monday!

  1. I’m always interested to see what “normal” people are eating, thanks for sharing! I have a big sweet tooth so I always like to have something at night.

  2. Like you I’m small and don’t require as much food as say, my husband (lol), but I am active so yeah, it takes food when you’re working out every day and some days twice a day. Your pancakes look delicious- I have never thought to make pancakes with my chocolate protein powder but now I might have to try that. My Costco got it back and also Vitamin Shoppe has vanilla on sale for 34.99 and free shipping right now. Bread in restaurants is good and that’s mostly when I eat it too.

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