Orgain Protein Powder

I’m totally not a product reviewer normally. At all. But I’m going to do it because I think this one is worth it.

I have never been a protein powder person in my life. I’ve bought a few here and there (and used mass gainers after breakups cause I always lost a ton of weight) and I’ve tried my fair share of them. However, I’m always really turned off by the long ingredient lists and because I think actually eating real food is important, I tend to stay away from all things prepackaged.

I decided to buy this creamy chocolate fudge Orgain protein powder when I saw it for $29.99 at Costco (after considering it for about a month). I figured that for such a cheap price, it wasn’t a huge loss if I didn’t finish it (I have never ever finished a whole canister before) and if I hated it, I could return it to Costco anyway.


(This image is clearly not mine- it was taken from

I was really not impressed much with my first glass. I had mixed it with milk (I occasionally drink Grassmilk now) and thought it was super chalky and not very good. It reminded me of a disgusting hemp one that I bought a long time ago from Whole Foods that I never finished.

But after having hard gym days and feeling like my post-gym meal wasn’t substantial enough, I decided to try it again. I can stomach it now with just milk (I tend to use very little milk and 1-2 scoops and then just chug it down). I made a smoothie with it the other day with ice and milk and it was actually not bad. And I’ve been mixing it with one baked sweet potato, 2 scoops and protein powder, and 3-4 eggs and then making pancakes with it.

I’m impressed. I’ve always been really turned off of protein because of the bloated feeling I get after them, but this one doesn’t do that. It took me a few tries to be sure of that (I rarely get bloated after my first meal of the day, so I wanted to wait till I had it later on in the day), but I haven’t noticed any bloating or feeling gross (technical term there) after having it and the canister is almost empty. It also makes really delicious pancakes, despite the protein powder not being my favorite.

The only downfall is that it’s $39.99 online (but is sold out on the website) and Costco doesn’t have the vanilla flavor, so I can only have the chocolate. Also, I know the flavor isn’t my favorite, but I actually read a ton of reviews online of people who thought the flavor was great, so it could just be me. I’ll take the chalky flavor though because it has the least amount of ingredients I’ve seen in awhile and I can get it for cheap at Costco. I love that it doesn’t make me feel bloated too. I will definitely be keeping this stocked in my pantry from here on out and I’m so glad there are organic companies out there that want to make products that aren’t so terrible for you.

Check out the website to see other products, ingredients, and where to buy this product. ORGAIN


3 thoughts on “Orgain Protein Powder

  1. I love this powder! It is sold out everywhere right now and it’s a company shortage, but if you go on their Facebook they are saying it will be back in Costco stores in the next 2-3 weeks. I’m hoping it will be because my container is almost out so I’m alternating between this and whey but I like this better.

    Also, my favorite thing to do is blend this with cold-brewed coffee and ice. It tastes like a healthy frappucino.

    • We still have it at our Costco! Or at least we did a few days ago! Plenty of it! I was just checking to see if they had vanilla and the whole shelf was filled to the top. I’m planning on going over there later today so maybe I should buy another canister just in case! I never even thought about blending it with coffee and ice! I put it in hot coffee once and it was no bueno, haha. But I really liked it iced the other day so maybe I’ll try that!

      • Yeah, protein powder doesn’t work in hot coffee, unfortunately. But it’s great in iced, like a frappe or iced mocha. I wish our costco had vanilla, I ordered vanilla off amazon awhile back but it wasn’t as pricey then…

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