I’ve been slacking on the blogs later (sorry guys, life happens- and I know nobody really misses me that much)!

Aside from working a ton, Jon and I have been planning a trip! I randomly look up how many SkyMiles it would take to get to Iceland and Europe just out of curiosity every once in awhile. Typically, flights are about 120,000 miles and let me tell you, I’ve been saving up my miles for a long time so that I’d get a free flight out of the country at some point!

I was at work the other week on a slow morning and found that flights to Amsterdam were only 77,000 miles which is incredibly low! The next night, Jon and I went out to have a few drinks (I’m getting crazy in my old age!) and we started talking about how fun it would be to finally take our trip to Amsterdam! Once we got home that night, flights to Amsterdam had gone down to 60,000 points! There was no way I could pass that up! We had a total of 113,000 points in our bank, so we bought another 8,000 points for $300 and scored to flights to Amsterdam for just over $500 (we had to pay taxes and fees too).

Guys! TWO FLIGHTS TO EUROPE FOR $500! Back in 2007, I paid about $750 for a flight to Zurich, Switzerland and that is the only flight I’ve ever gotten for under $1100 to go out of the country. This isΒ a big deal!!!!

We’re leaving next month, so we’ve been spending our evenings trying to plan! We have the rental car booked and three nights in Munich booked, but still have the other nights to plan out. I had to put a rush on my passport since I had never changed my name on it and am eagerly awaiting my fresh little blue book!

Our plan is to explore Amsterdam and surrounding cities, head to Bruges (Belgium), and then head into Germany. We’ll stop in Cologne briefly and explore in Frankfurt, do a few days in Munich and visit Dachau (I’m skipping Auschwitz so I hope Dachau lives up to my concentration camp expectations), drive down the Romantic Road and stop in some picturesque German towns, stay in the Alps in Garmisch and take a cable car to the top of one of the mountains (!!!!!!!!), head down to Innsbruck (Austria) for a day, see Hitler’s Eagles Nest (who knew the views were so incredible!) and explore the surrounding area, spend the night in Salzburg, stop through Nuremberg, visit Berlin, and then head back to Amsterdam. I am so stoked about Bavaria and being the Alps! I was awestruck when I took a train through the Swiss Alps and have wanted to go back ever since!

I can’t wait to be back in Europe for a few weeks! I miss being out of the country and have been wanting to go to Germany for years! While I’m a bit sad that I’m having to sacrifice Iceland this year (no way can I do two big trips in one year), I’m just going to have to set my mind to making it there another time. Iceland is still #1, but they didn’t have flights for 60,000 points and sometimes, money does the decision making. Regardless, Jon and I are super stoked, and we’ll be there over our one year wedding anniversary (or 16 month real marriage anniversary) and this was actually the “honeymoon” that we had planned on taking back when we first got married.

3 thoughts on “EUROTRIP 2015, HERE WE COME!

  1. that traveling nurse

    yay! I’m excited for you! Funny because I have been doing some travel planning too (post to come up tonight) since we have a trip coming up next month. Travel always, always is exciting, right??? πŸ™‚ Although I do agree that money also always is a huge factor in the planning. Don’t worry about Iceland, it’ll happen when the time is right.

    • Can’t wait to read about your upcoming travels too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about people going on trips! I seriously think I was made to travel the world. If only I wasn’t also too responsible and adult-ish and decided to buy a house, go to grad school, and work on baby making, I bet I could get in a lot more trips… 😦 Haha.

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