Monday Ramblings: Sick Days

Happy Monday! Mondays are usually my Gravity (total body gym) day, but this morning I wasn’t feeling well, so I had to cancel! My gym days aren’t happening quite so well lately! I went to the gym on Friday and had an awesome full body workout that left me sore (still), so I wasn’t too concerned over the weekend, but I’m hoping to feel well enough to go to LA Fitness later this afternoon.

Despite my UTI on Friday night, I still had a great day Saturday! I didn’t get a ton of sleep through the night so I ended up skipping The Color Run and just meeting all the girls for lunch in Atlanta around 11. The food was decent and the company was good! And it was a beautiful day!

In the afternoon, Laura and I tried to go consign some of my clothes from when I cleaned out my closet, but it’s harder than you’d think. So we just drank coffee on a patio and called it a day!

I headed to my mom and dad’s for about an hour in the evening. I was feeling pretty tired from not sleeping well the night before, so it was a quick visit, followed by an evening spent on my couch watching TV.

Yesterday was a work day. Jon was finally back in town last night (although it had only been two nights), so we went grocery shopping together and made our salmon dinner. For some reason, after I finished eating my fish, I felt disgustingly full. I don’t even know the last time I’ve been full (I’ll get tired of what I’m eating before I get full) but it was miserable. And I felt nauseous and just kind of off. We finished two episodes of House of Cards and I wasn’t feeling any better at all. I felt like my food wasn’t even digesting! Jon felt totally fine, so I don’t think it was any of the ingredients.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to throw up. I decided to take some Zofran since I was tired of sitting in my bathroom waiting to vomit, which helped and I was able to get back to sleep!

I called out of the gym this morning (hopefully they won’t charge me) and stayed in bed till 11:30. Part of the reason I wasn’t motivated to get up was because my to-do list for the day is miserable. I have to call the Department of Revenue for GA and OR because it has been 7 weeks since they received my taxes, but I still don’t have my refund! I also had to call my health insurance company, go to the post office so I can expedite my name change on my password, update our car insurance, and clean the house. BORING.

(By the way, the Department of Revenue said that somebody tried to hack into Turbotax, so now they have randomly selected people to audit and they HAVE TO CALL and speak with them before they release their refund. Apparently, I was selected, but 118 people are waiting to speak with them and they can’t even transfer my call now and I have to call back. WTF. I didn’t even file with Turbotax! And I was on hold for 15 minutes to find that out and they can’t give you a direct number to call back, you just have to be transferred. Please just shoot me now.)

I think I’ve had one of those weeks where everything is a downer! My crown fell out on Monday night and I had to take Tuesday morning off work to have it put back in (however, all the issues I had with my crown are completely gone!!! after 3 years, I can actually eat on that side of my mouth!), I got a UTI and missed the 5k, I felt sick last night, I couldn’t find my ClassPass class on Thursday! I also think my throat is getting infected again, but the antibiotic I’m on for my UTI isn’t one that’ll work for my throat… Fortunately, all my work days have been really good so at least I don’t have terrible workdays on top of that!

Maybe I just needed to complain today! A little woe is me session. Really, my week hasn’t been that bad at all. But maybe all those hours I’ve worked have taken a toll on my immune system. I guess I’ll eat some oranges. Aside from all the little hiccups, things are still definitely going well! I’ll be especially happy if I can manage to stomach some food this morning so that I can make it to the gym later today, but eating sounds really less than appealing right now.


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