Monday: Gym Time, Tax Time, Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I’m currently trying to locate all my tax returns and fill out my FAFSA for grad school. I highly doubt that Jon and I will qualify for any financial aid this year, but it qualifies me for in-state tuition if I fill it out. I also somehow totally missed downloading and saving my 1040 from my taxes this year and have no clue where my GA and OR returns are. Oh, the joys of being an adult. It was so much nicer when my mom filed my taxes for me. Actually, she used to fill out my FAFSA for me too. #momsftw

It was a beautiful weekend this past weekend! I was off work on Friday and stayed in bed till 11:30. Had I not scheduled a ClassPass class for noon, I would have stayed in bed for at least a few more hours. Do you ever have mornings where the only thing you want to do is lay in bed? Give me an 80 hour work week and my first morning off- that’s me. It was a struggle to make it to the gym at noon. I had another Hard Exercise Works class and was less than impressed. With three coaches to help out with our snatch EMOM (every minute on the minute), I felt like the form in the class was terrible. One of the coaches also told me I had good form and I can tell you all with 100% certainty that my form was terrible. I can feel good form. That wasn’t it. That was rough form. Not impressed.

Is it sad that I can’t remember the rest of my Friday? I think that Jon and I may have had a little tiff and I went to bed at 8:30. My lady friend has come to visit me this week and for some reason, I have been insanely emotional. I also was probably still overworked and tired. So, early night it was!

I went to my Cardio Muscle Mix class on Saturday morning and started the day off sweating! I had a nice big ol’ breakfast after and then I took a nap (recurring weekend theme- sleep). When I woke up, Jon was heading out to the Sweetwater Brewery! I’ve been wanting to go and it was such a nice day out, so we went down there. We drove up on some insanely long lines, so we headed to another much smaller brewery. It was under renovation and kind of strange, but we sat outside and Jon enjoyed his beers and I enjoyed somebody’s adorable pup. We left there and walked around downtown Marietta, where we shared a slice of pizza at a cute little eclectic pizza place. After a quick stop by our favorite coffee place, we swung by a park before heading home to make tacos together and curl up on the couch for House of Cards.

Sunday was a nice easy day at work (unheard of on a Sunday!), followed by another night on the couch for House of Cards. We did go grab a bite to eat near our house and then I drove Jon’s new Jeep for about 5 minutes! Sadly, I hated it! The older clutches are so much easier to “feel” what you’re doing and the newer ones feel way more automatic feeling. I actually thought the old Jeep was easier and way more fun to  drive! It’ll be an adjustment to get used to the new one now. Too bad we couldn’t afford to keep his old Jeep too, but we needed the trade in money on it!

This morning was another Monday at Gravity (the total body gym) and a trip to Whole Foods. I just made a big breakfast and now that my taxes are all straightened out, I’ll be cleaning up the kitchen and preparing my meals for the next few days at work! When Laura gets off work, we’re hanging out for a bit. I’m hoping to find a tutu for the Color Run I’m doing this weekend with my work girls!


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