Happy Thursday

What a BUSY week! Monday night I got together with my high schools friends for some Mexican food! It was so fun catching up with them! I was definitely needing some friend time and the weather was great, so it was perfect!


Rachel, Kassie, Laura.


Me, Gina.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday working and was honestly just so happy to walk out of there last night! I got out around 7:30 last night, making me go into 17 hours of overtime for the last week (plus, I worked a 12 hour shift last Wed, the day before our “pay week”) so I was over it. I came home and made a quick Kroger run with Jon and I just barely made it through a House of Cards episode before crashing.

I had ACLS today and thankfully it didn’t take too long to finish! I was excited to be out by 3, in time to hit LA Fitness early (I had cancelled my ClassPass class thinking I had plans tonight, but realized I had the night wrong and then it was too late to sign up again)! Then I got in my car and realized I was starving and tired and totally not in the mood to work out. I barely ate lunch (I threw a salad together and tried a new Luvo TV dinner since I was too lazy to cook last night- it was not good so I threw most of it out) and was feeling shaky.

By the way, I really love the idea of Luvo. I’m not a TV dinner eater and all and take them to work with me once every few months. I have had a few other dinners of theirs and they were really good. It was a shame that this was a miss, but I love their philosophy and really support the company. It’s nice to see companies moving towards sustainable resources and trying to make healthier food. They are actually probably my favorite frozen meal company out there. (Disclaimer- They didn’t pay me to write that, nor have they sent me any free meals. But I wish they did. Luvo, are you out there? I know nobody actually reads my blog, but I’m out here. I accept monetary donations for my positive opinions. Just pretend I didn’t say your egg meal was gross. PS- I’m kidding.)

Instead when I got out of ACLS, I ran to Whole Foods and grabbed stuff for dinner. Jon texted me as soon as I left saying he was going to have dinner with his new work people, so I decided to come home and catch up on Catfish while eating oatmeal. I have no idea how I’m going to stay awake tonight! I’m dying for a nap but know it’ll mess up my sleep schedule at this time so I’m doing my best to avoid it!

I hate feeling like I’m wasting a night off from work! Since I work so much, I love taking advantage of an evening off! I could have worked out and still had plenty of time to do something, but my energy level is at a -10. I know I need to cut back on my work hours, but with just buying a new Jeep and pending tuition coming up, it’s hard not to take advantage of being able to work every single day that I want to. Due to our staffing, I haven’t had any shifts rejected in awhile and our staffing coordinator is allowing us to work as much OT as we want. I’m really hoping that Jon and I can save up some big paychecks and go on a quick getaway to the Netherlands, honestly. All these hours will be 100% worth it if that happens!

I’m off to go try and entertain myself somehow. Have a good night everybody!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thursday

  1. Working OT is so difficult even at a job where you’re not constantly on your feet, but that paycheck is even harder to say no to! I volunteered for some this weekend too, may regret it instead of having a weekend but being able to pay off a bill will be great! Never heard of Luvo, will have to try it for work lunches.

    • I’ve seen it at Whole Foods and Kroger so far (but I don’t think you guys have Kroger). I think it’s newer. I really hate working OT but I never seem to be able to stay away from it when I’m home!

  2. runninginscrubs

    Ugh I know exactly how you feel, I hate wasting my days off! I’m working the next two nights so I’m trying to muster up enough energy to stay away but I’m not feeling it

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