Weekend in Florida + Adult Job/School Ramblings

It has been a couple of days since my last post! I was accepted into grad school! I actually called the school and found out, just because I was almost hoping that I wouldn’t have been accepted so that I could do travel nursing longer! But I did. Honestly, I’m not all that excited about going back because these last few months of not having any schoolwork to do has been so incredibly nice. My days off are mine- I don’t have to decide between the gym or homework and I don’t have to try and squeeze cooking in between paper writing. I’m getting ready to get out of the clinical role though and I don’t want to end up having kids and then never go back to school, so I figured I’d do my best to get it out of the way! I’ll be starting in the fall and I’m going for my masters in nursing- healthcare administration and leadership (management).

I also applied for a med surg job here at home. I know I need to get experience other than in ER if I ever plan to be able to manage other areas, although I am way less than excited about this! I have zero interest in med surg and hated being a tech in med surg way back in the day, but it’s a stepping stone and it will be PRN! I won’t be doing it full time. I’ll go between my ER job and another job, so hopefully it won’t be too bad! The HR lady actually called me Friday and said she submitted my job to the ER at the hospital I applied it (despite the fact that I applied for THREE med surg jobs and NO ER jobs). I returned her call today to let her know I’m not looking for ER at all and plan to keep the job I have, but want something different as a second job. She’s submitting my resume to 4 different jobs today, so we’ll see.

The whole interview process and starting a new job thing is really not fun. I kind of like knowing my job and feeling comfortable there.

Enough boring grown up stuff.

This past weekend, Jon and I went to Florida for the weekend! We left Thursday night after work and got there around 1:30am! Friday morning Jon and I headed to our favorite biscuit place (Maple Street Biscuit Company) before heading to pick up his race packet for the Gate River Run on Saturday morning in downtown Jacksonville.

maple street biscuit company

Rebecca (his sister) and kids met us at the expo and we walked around for awhile. It was fun looking at all the stuff since I’ve never gone to an expo before! Jon and I also got to stop by to see the Landing, which is my favorite part about Jacksonville and we don’t go there nearly enough for my liking!

jacksonville landing

After we left there, we stopped to look for some shoes and then all headed to the beach. Jon’s dad was taking the RV out to a campsite for the night and wanted us all to go there, but it wasn’t set up yet. So we grabbed lunch to eat out at Hanna Park (where we froze). It was fun spending time walking along the beach with the kids though!


Jon and Slade, Rebecca’s son.


Ryan, Jessica, and Levi. (Jess is his oldest sister.)

That night, Jamie Lynn brought her kids out as well to the campsite and we all hung out till around 9pm! It was good to hang out with the family since it’s been a few months since we’ve seen them!

Saturday morning I woke up to take Jon and Rebecca downtown for their run. Once they left, I ended up waiting 4 hours for them to get to the finish line. It was a 15k, but it took quite awhile for them to make it to the end! I believe their time was 2:50 or something? I was ready for them to get to me since I had been hanging out alone the whole time!


Slade in rare form- he was quite a handful. (I also had to take him to the portapotty alone… Somebody else please tell me how hard it is to take a 2 year old to a portapotty cause the struggle is real.)

Jon’s family had come to see them along the way at various points, so we all went to eat Mexican for lunch after. Then Jon and I went to take a nap and relax before heading back out to the campsite for dinner with the family. It was good to see all the cousins playing together, but Jon and I still have those moments of “maybe we don’t need kids” when we’re surrounded by 6 kids under 4.

Sunday morning we decided to head out somewhat early. It was beautiful in Jacksonville and I wasn’t excited to leave town, so I asked Jon if we could stop for breakfast first! The food was good, but the service left a lot to be desired and the layout of the restaurant was really poor.

uptown kitchen and bar

Uptown Kitchen and Bar.

We made one last stop to grab coffee (REALLY good coffee) before heading back to Atlanta so that we could spend our evening grocery shopping, gym-ing, and doing laundry (GGL).

Yesterday I had to work all day, but Jon and I went out for Greek food when I got home. It was so nice out and all I wanted to do was sit on a patio! I’m glad we did- I was not disappointed by the warm evening weather!

I slept in until 10 today. Thankfully, I cancelled my ClassPass class last night that I had registered for at 10 am today, because I was not feeling waking up early. After working 3 days in a row last week and then waking up really early all weekend long, I was more than ready for a morning in bed with my cats! So that’s what we had!


It’s beautiful out now! I’m typing this up while sitting outside on my patio with the cats (the eskimo kitty is in heaven- she loves being on the porch!)! I’m about to start running errands for the day and hopefully get in some outside time and some gym time! Tonight I have the clinic that I volunteer at and then I’m back to work tomorrow.

Also, if you guys need some sweetener in your coffee, I recommend maple syrup. I have no idea why I never got on board with this earlier. I quit drinking my beloved coconut creamer though because of the carrageenan, so now I’m using maple syrup and a local grass fed whipping cream that our Whole Foods sells. So delicious.


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Florida + Adult Job/School Ramblings

  1. that traveling nurse

    Congrats on grad school and good luck with that med surg job. Transitioning from ER work to floor work may take some adjustment but I’m sure you will be able handle 6-7 patients in no time at all! It’s good that you’re doing this though because if you want to go into management, no staff would want a manager with no floor experience at all.

    • Right, which is why I’m doing it! I think I could manage an ER, but I just don’t know that I want to do ER. Besides, there are WAY MORE floors than ERs in a hospital! So it really will open up doors in the future, I think! It’ll be a challenge though!

  2. runninginscrubs

    Congrats on grad school! I think you’ll do great once you get a med/surg job but it will be a change of pace for sure! How long will your program be? What are you going for again?

  3. Congrats on school!!! I’m sure you’ll do great in med/surg xo

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