Travel Nurse vs Staff Nurse! I can’t decide!!!!

I’m about to hop in the shower so Jon and I can spend some time together tonight before I head to bed! But I’m having a total career dilemma!

Jessica (my travel buddy) messaged me the other day saying she isn’t going to go on another assignment with me. Honestly, I saw it coming. I could tell by her texts that something was off and I’m totally fine with it. However, she was my extra push to get me back out there on a third (and last) assignment.

So now, it’s back to me. I have to decide what to do. I have some pros and cons in my head to consider.

1. PRO: I LOVE traveling! I want to see another state (Colorado is high on my list) and if I traveled again, I would save up enough money for Jon and I to either explore the northern states at the end of the summer or to take a trip to the Netherlands.

2. PRO: I’d get experience again in another ER, which I really do love and think is important for my future in management.

3. PRO: My family lives in Colorado and I’d (most likely) have a free place to stay and I’d get to spend time with them!

4. PRO: I LOVED Colorado! Does that go with the love traveling part? Whatever. I love it. I just freaking love everything about traveling.

5. PRO: I’d get to leave my job again temporarily and I welcome any and all breaks from my busy ER at home!

6. CON: I never knew I’d like being married so much and I’m dreading having to go back to being without my husband again.

7. CON: Kassie’s wedding is this summer and I want to be home for all of the events leading up to it! I can’t ensure that I’d make it to everything if I was on another assignment.

8. CON: It may be my last summer off before going to grad school and having a baby, so I kind of want to enjoy the time relaxing at home- with my friends and family. (Also, maybe that is a pro for traveling too- it’s the LAST TIME I will be able to travel like this for many years to come.)

9: CON: If I leave, I can’t work on getting a second job. I just applied to med surg jobs in the area because I need to expand my knowledge base before I get a master’s and want to get into management. I’d like to get comfortable in a second job before going back to grad school.

10: RANDOM: Who even knows if I’m going to get accepted into grad school in the fall?! Not me!

11: CON: I’m feeling ready to get more settled in life- with Jon, with my jobs, with everything.

12: CON: I’m not excited about having to relearn another ER and meet all new people in the workplace again!

13: CON: I’d be at this alone again! No travel buddy!

So that’s the list. Cons seem to win out, but my desire to travel is definitely there. I almost just want to suck it up and get on with it! I started my app for Colorado today (it’s only $50!) but still need to complete it and mail in my verification of licensure to the state of Georgia. I know this is my last chance at traveling for right now. I don’t know if I’m ready to pass that up.

Ugh, decisions decisions!

Off to shower and hang out with Jon!


4 thoughts on “Travel Nurse vs Staff Nurse! I can’t decide!!!!

  1. So I just want to say the pro and con list is a really great idea for figuring out if this is what you want to do or not, and I like that you did that and you really thought everything through- from the wedding to the experience you’d get on the job to possibly having kids. Good luck with making the decision!

    • Thanks! My list is NOT helping though! It’s just all the stuff I keep constantly thinking about and isn’t really leading me to any decision!

  2. Sounds like the cons are all about the adult things and what’s right about your career, the logistics. The pros are all about you and what you currently want. The cons are safe, the pros are fun. You went to Oregon/Washington by yourself, I would not worry about Colorado by yourself, especially since you have family there. And I LOVED Colorado, I would visit there again in a heart beat (despite my asshole ex). Even though I said that the cons are safe haha, I route for the pros. I’m like you were I like adventure and the time to have adventure is squeezing in. And Colorado is damn amazing, you’ll want to get lost in those mountains and you already know haha. I personally think you can’t go wrong in going and when you come back you won’t regret it since it’s short, but if you don’t go, you may regret it.

    Also, I do think you’ll be getting into grad school haha.

    • I did get into grad school! Just got my acceptance letter! The regret thing should have been on my list also- I’d hate to regret i! I’m thinking I’m going to go for it!

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