Weekend Recap, Gravity Atlanta, and Monday Funday

I have a lot of thoughts lately that I’ve been considering writing about, but tonight is definitely not the night! I’m in the middle of a three day work stretch and am about to go lay in bed and start reading my book for the night (Ann Rule- Heart Full of Lies- based on a true story of a murder)!

This past weekend ended up being a really nice and chill one. Saturday evening I went over to my mom and dad’s house to spend the night since Jon’s friends were in town. My parents were at their cabin, so it was just me. I enjoyed the Bachelor and Nashville and then ended up going through a bunch of photos in my old closet. My mom has cleaned out almost all of my stuff, but she never threw out those photos. They were hilarious and I spent quite awhile texting my sister photos and laughing at how hideous we were. I seriously didn’t remember ever being that ugly. Thankfully, some things get better with age! I enjoyed sleeping in my old room, even if it has been a guest bedroom for awhile and none of my old stuff is in there. It’s a fun little blast from the past, regardless.

Sunday morning I went to a new gym with Laura! We went to Gravity which uses these bodyweight benches (I have never seen them before- excuse my lack of terminology) where you use a pulley system for strength training. I actually really enjoyed the session! It was all upper body and just pure strength, but I’m really excited to try some of the other classes there on this ClassPass! The instructor was really clear about the moves, thankfully, since I was a little nervous going into it since I never use any sort of cables in my workouts and this just looked complicated! But it was really simple and left my feeling sore today! Always my goal! And it’s convenient to my house too! Perfect!

I ended up hanging out downtown with Jon and his friend, Andrew, afterwards. It was a longer hangout session than expected, but his friend was having a restaurant owner smoke some of his homemade bacon. It ended up being super delicious and worth the wait, but it definitely took up a huge chunk of our Sunday!

Sunday night was spent reviewing our budget and then relaxing! Wonderful night!

I only had an 8 hour workday today, thankfully, since it seemed a little brutal today. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it today, but I was thrilled to walk out of the hospital at 3pm instead of 7pm!

I hit up LA Fitness for a quick incline run (10 minutes) and then did about 25-30 minutes of legs since I did all upper body on Sunday morning. I was in a bit of a hurry since it was our friend Billy’s surprise 30th birthday!

After a shower and Jon getting home from work just in time, we headed out to a Cuban place downtown for the birthday get together! It was a mix of Billy’s work friends and friends that I know from his girlfriend, Crista (one of my best friends). I really like the few friends of hers that I have met, so Jon and I had a ton of fun catching up with them tonight. We had tons of laughs and it just was really nice to have a night out like that. I typically spend time alone with Jon or go spend time with my friends. We don’t hang out together with groups of people too often, but I enjoyed the change of scenery tonight!

We got home a few minutes ago and after this quick (and boring) update, I will be headed off to read before getting some zzz’s before work tomorrow!


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