Quick update on a busy Monday!

I’m just stopping by for a super quick hello! I need to go shower and get packed because I’m going to Texas tonight for a weekend with my sisters! I absolutely hate flying (it’s scary) so I’m glad that Annie and Tank (my nephew) have a layover in Atlanta and we’re flying down to San Antonio together! We arranged our flight home on Saturday morning the same way too! Can’t wait to see my nephew tonight! I haven’t seen him since mine and Jon’s wedding in May and he is seriously just the cutest thing ever. When he skypes with my mom, he says things like, “Gamma, I just really love you right now” and then my mom says, “I’ve loved you all week long, Patrick” and then he says, “I’ve loved you all week long too, Gamma.”


My nephew pointing at “tree feathers” at our wedding.

I worked 60 hours in the last week so that I wouldn’t end up short on my hours for this month with going out of town! It was a tough weekend. I spent 7 hours on Saturday with a hemorrhagic stroke patient (a brain bleed) and I am definitely not a neuro nurse! I actually enjoy neuro patients, but during the week our neuro educator comes down for all of our strokes and I haven’t had to have a critical stroke patient alone in a long time. I ended up going to bed at 9pm on Saturday night because I was so mentally drained. Yesterday I was on our critical hall all day long, which I was less than excited about. We ended up having traumas and cardiac arrests all day long and it was tough. The traumas all were fairly stable and our cardiac arrests didn’t make it, so it wasn’t necessarily long, intensive care, but it was just a demanding day. We had patients on other hallways actin’ a fool, people running down the halls, you know… typical ER stuff, but it was stressing my poor patients out and making my day harder! Thankfully, my patients that I had for the day were mostly set (aside from figuring out admission orders since they were all waiting on beds and transfusing two units of blood), so I was able to help the rest of the hall with their patients. Our teamwork is amazing there and it was nice to feel like part of a big team again, but I was more than happy when 7pm rolled around!

I did make it to the gym on my days off work and went again this morning since I don’t know how much gym time I’ll get in while I’m in Texas (probably none- but my sister wants to go running together). I went to another CrossFit class this past week and I think I actually like the gym I’m going to for it (it’s off ClassPass) because it’s not a real CrossFit gym. It’s a gym with tons of classes and they offer 4 CrossFit classes a day. It’s not that hardcore and nobody there pushes me to try heavier weights! I used 35# for my cleans and front squats for the whole workout and didn’t feel pressured to go heavier (I can’t use anything heavier for squats because of my hip still- I’m not pushing it!). It’s kind of a nice change. I also was still sore from it, so I know I got in a good workout! It was nice to go to LA Fitness alone this morning (without Jon) cause I could work out for a whole hour in peace without somebody asking me when we were going leave! So I definitely enjoyed it today! My body still just feels really tired lately but I have no idea why. I’m not sick at all. Maybe it was the impending doom of being overworked, and now having worked too many hours in one week.

I’m too old for 60 hours in one week. Can’t be workin’ like a 23 year old anymore.

That was a longer post than expected. I decided to drink coffee and I can’t shower and drink coffee at the same time, so I just kept typing. I’ll check back in over the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Quick update on a busy Monday!

  1. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading that, sounds like you have been NON STOP!!! Enjoy your weekend, sister time is the best!! XO

  2. Your nephew is so cute! Just adorable!

    Even working 50 hours at a desk job is exhausting. That’s probably why you’re tired, your body wants more rest. I don’t like being pushed to go higher in weights because I know when I’m ready for it. Then the trainer has to spot you for your last set and to me, that’s not worth it. I want to be doing the work at a pace where I am not dying, enjoying it, and know that I’m actually building muscle.

    Have fun in Texas!

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