What a lazy feeling week! I don’t know what it is and I’m wondering if I’m going to come down with a cold in a few days or something, but I am so lazy lately! I had to work yesterday and thankfully, it was a really easy Monday for me and I also had a girl training with me (who is an experienced nurse), so it was mostly just completing easy tasks and helping my preceptee chart!  I was pleasantly surprised since Mondays are the busiest day of the week and are usually completely awful.

I was feeling motivated when I left work so I met Jon at the gym! He was about 15 minutes late so I sat on a chair waiting for him at the entrance (I forgot my gym bag at home so didn’t have anything to change in to) and I lost all motivation while waiting for him! I had a fairly quick and easy workout, but it’s better than nothing!

Jon got called in to work as soon as we got home, so I made a quick dinner and caught up on the Bachelor from Sunday night. Bitches be cray. I still don’t know how I got hooked on such a terrible show, but I’m just going to enjoy watching this Iowa farmer find his future wife. Although, I happened to read who he chose on Instagram accidentally and now the suspense just isn’t there.

This morning I was on call so I wasn’t able to plan anything exciting for the morning (as in, a ClassPass workout). Instead, I lazed in bed and then Jon and I went to Whole Foods and I ate a quick breakfast before having my meeting with my tax preparer. Sadly, we aren’t getting back nearly as much as I would have hoped, but I’m just happy that we don’t owe. I did learn that if you’re going to school to continue your education in the field you work in, you can claim it as a business expense. I believe he said something about the expenses being over $10,000, but I will definitely be keeping up with that when I go back to grad school! I’ll check with him when I file next year.

Once my exciting meeting was over, Jon and I made our breakfast casserole again, but this time we made a big pan!


I had a little time to go to the gym this afternoon, but I’m not feeling it at all. I decided to continue giving my body a bit of a rest and I can get back to it Thursday night/Friday morning. I’m about to get ready to go up to the clinic that I volunteer at. Hopefully it won’t be too crazy- they asked me to come specifically because they’re short staffed tonight and I haven’t really gotten the flow down 100% yet (and it’s been a month since I’ve gone)!

Back to work tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then I head out to Texas for a trip with my sisters and nephew!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday!

  1. Your breakfast casserole looks so delicious! I’m glad work went well and that you don’t owe taxes. Fortunately we didn’t owe this year either, we have had to pay before and that sucks majorly.

  2. The cold weather unmotivates me a bit, especially since the sun sets earlier. Hopefully it’s not a cold!

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