Weekend Recap

It’s been a busy but very tiring weekend for some reason! I worked all day Friday and I swore they were trying to kill me- putting me in the children’s ER for 4 hours followed by the rest of the day in our A hall (critical hallway). I have no desire to work with critical patients anymore. And of course, I got one that we had to cardiovert after he became unstable and I was going back and forth between two cardiologists, one ordering who knows what (nobody knew what- and thankfully I questioned it cause we ended up not doing that). And I was just SO TIRED all day! I had such a hard time falling asleep the night before, despite my Benadryl.

I left work on Friday completely drained from the lack of sleep and I think just from working out so hard recently. I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 days a week and I’ve been doing all sorts of workouts, so I think my body is just overworked! I went to bed super early on Friday night and it was fabulous!

Laura and I went to Elevate Your Body again on Saturday morning for our favorite class! I was miserable the whole time! I had no energy! I couldn’t hold myself up and my arms were drained after doing 150 push ups at CrossFit on Wednesday! I was totally not into the class. (Thankfully, I had cancelled my Sunday ClassPass class early, knowing my body needed a break!) We had a really good brunch afterwards that made my miserable workout worthwhile. I had a hash with avocado and tomatoes and eggs! The portion was smaller than I would have expected and the service was very slow and inconsistent, but the food was good enough that I’d go back anyway! So, I think that’ll be a new favorite for breakfast!

Jon and I headed out to have coffee after I showered!


After we finished our coffee, I was wanting to get in some driving time in the Jeep! We decided to take my engagement and wedding rings in for their 6 month check (for the warranty), so I drove us up to the outlet mall!


I didn’t do too terrible, but I did stall out once in the parking lot when I was stopped on a hill! But I corrected it quickly! We walked into a few stores but since we’re trying not to spend quite as much this month, we didn’t buy anything!

We ended up stopping on our way back south to get some Chipotle (fancy Valentine’s dinner) and then I drove us around for awhile to get in some experience and search out some possible areas to look at houses! We ended our exciting Valentine’s Day with some quick grocery shopping at Whole Foods!

It was an early night in bed for me last night. Still totally exhausted!

This morning, Jon and I went to the gym. I did about 10 minutes of inclines on the treadmill and then a few squats and deadlifts and we left. It was the quickest and laziest day I’ve had at the gym! We did some grocery shopping at Costco and then showered as quickly as possible so we could see a few open houses!

The open houses weren’t too exciting and we were both still super tired. We had told my mom and dad we’d go over for dinner tonight, so we stopped by there and ate and left shortly after.

I just cleaned up the house a bit and am finishing my food for work! I think we’re watching a movie and I’d like to be in bed nice and early since I am still pooped! Tomorrow is my first Monday at work since I’ve been home and I have not missed them!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Haha, our Valentine’s Day was lunch at Early Bird Diner. I had a shrimp po boy and he had chicken and waffles. Only slightly fancier than Chipotle! We do Costco dates rather than Whole Foods, though. Costco’s closer. Hooray for being able to drive the Jeep- I can’t drive a stick OR a big vehicle!

  2. Oh open houses that’s fun! Lately I’ve been spending time looking at condo listings online haha. Are you going to sell your condo or keep it and rent it out?

    • I’m going to sell it. We have a 10% cap of units that can be rented out so there’s a wait list, but I don’t think I’d be interested in renting anyway. I have no desire to keep up with a house that we don’t live in and I feel like it could be a money pit to rent if you get the wrong people in there!

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