Looking at Expenses- Boring Adulthood

Happy Wednesday! I’m pretty excited because I had to take my PALS recert class this morning (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and it was scheduled as an all day thing, but we finished in 3 hours! So I get pretty much the whole day off! Not to mention that it was super easy!

Last night, I got home from work and Jon and I decided to watch a movie. We sat down and by 8:30, I was telling him I may not make it through the movie! By 9:10, we were in bed. Lame. This is apparently what getting old is all about.

Another thing getting old is all about- painful joints. My knees have been hurting quite a bit lately and it’s only getting worse! It’s not like I’m doing anything crazy. I do stand/walk for probably 10 hours total for 3 days a week (when I work), but I never exercise over 4-5 hours a week and most of it really isn’t that hardcore anymore! I’m not squatting much, and if I do, it’s not much weight at all because of my hip! So why are my knees hurting?! I may try to take glucosamine and chondroitin, but it was expensive so I’m holding off until we pay off our Amex.

Speaking of paying bills, I decided to actually write in my sturdy ol’ budget notebook since Jon and I have been putting way too much on our Amex (however, we put literally everything but bills on our credit card so we can get miles and then pay it off in full every month). Although I can look online at what we spend money on, I just won’t do it. If I’m looking at it on paper, I tend to also want to minimize that number. My one exception: Grocery shopping. I’ve never tried to minimize our grocery budget because eating organic/healthy isn’t that cheap, but health is important, and in the long run, eating healthy will save money on medical expenses. I’ve always estimated about $140 a week in groceries, so I’m curious to get an average over a month.

But to take a quick look at what I’ve spent so far:

6th- $60.10 at Trader Joe’s

6th- $8.02 at Whole Foods

6th- $21.54 on Gas

6th- $26.00 at Cafe Sababa (unexpected dinner for Jon and me with Kassie and Billy)

7th- $8.18 at J Christopher’s (breakfast with Laura for me after the gym)

7th- $6.42 at Crema (coffee date for Jon and me)

7th- $8.53 at Sprouts (grocery store)

7th- $14.45 at Zukerino’s (for baklava for me, Jon, Mom & Dad, and a work friend)

9th- $28.39 at Costco (all on groceries)

11th- $70.10 at Whole Foods

I thought this was interesting! In one week (I realize it was 6 days, but I won’t go grocery shopping again until Saturday or Sunday), I spent $175.14 on groceries! For TWO people! I’m actually a bit surprised because that’s I felt like I bought our normal groceries in that time and was thinking I spent $30 less- so $120 monthly less. This is where I’m most curious to see a monthly average. I would consider cutting back somehow on that, but I doubt it’d be much. We probably buy 95% organic at home and all our fish is wild caught and meat and dairy is all grass fed/organic… I could probably pick cheaper fruit that organic raspberries in the winter though, but they still taste so good (at $5.99/tiny carton, 3 times a week).

Also in the 6 days, we spent $55.05 on eating “out.” Our week tomorrow will likely end with a coffee date, so that won’t change too much. I don’t think that’s bad for two people for a week, since technically we only had one meal out. But we could cut out the baklava for everybody and perhaps our coffee date (don’t want to though cause I love that new little tradition for us)… And not eat out every single week too (we usually only do maybe once a week).

Gas wasn’t bad. I’ll get a tank tomorrow but that’s about it.

Anyway, we basically decided we need to figure out where our money is going. Since Jon wants a new Jeep and a new house (demanding husband) and we’re talking about getting pregnant later this year, we need to really be able to look at exactly how much we can afford. Not to mention both Jon and I are looking at going back to school in the fall, which for him won’t be too expensive since he has the GI Bill, but I used mine up on my undergrad degree and have no more financial assistance for grad school and I will not take out student loans. I also absolutely refuse to be house poor- there is nothing I want about sacrificing my lifestyle so that I can have a little extra space at home. (Jon and I do differ a bit on this- a spacious house is more important to me, and I’d be totally fine having a kid in our 1100sq/ft condo). I also don’t want to be forced to work full time when we have a kid. So, this is the fun time in our life where we get to look at how much we’ll have to sacrifice in order to basically change our lives in order to have kids (since we would stay in the condo if our future didn’t entail sticky babies). Also, I am trying to open Jon’s eyes a little bit to our “unexpected” expenses (like paying for our taxes, car insurance every 6 months, health insurance, my 100,000 mile check on my car, other car expenses, the dentist visit, hair cuts). He tends to add up gas, food, bills, gym, and then say the rest can go to savings aside from a small amount, but all those random things really add up and are probably a huge chunk of money and take away drastically from what we could be saving.

I think the goal after this month of spending will be to really assess what we can cut out and then try to stick to a set budget. Since our wedding, we have actually managed to save a ton of money, but I see a lot of that going to down payments on the car (hopefully we make a big enough return on my condo that our downpayment on a house will be covered) and paying for my education. Since I’m a total planner/organizer (clearly), this is kind of fun for me (and stressful at the same time, because I think it’s important to be able to save money every month, and this month I think we’ll be doing just the opposite in order to pay off bills). Jon takes no interest in this and I’m going to have to sit down with him this weekend to look at his expenses and add them up too.

This was probably totally boring to everybody else! I’m not too sorry about it though. Now, to go back to being more productive, I think I’ll start prepping some dinner so that I can have Jon throw it in the oven. I’m doing a CrossFit class through ClassPass tonight and am hoping it’s not terrible since my lower body is in sad shape, but I’d have to pay to cancel and I’m not doing that! I’ll muster up something and bear through it tonight.


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